Пышное тесто для любой выпечки🥨 | Соблюдайте эти правила и ваше тесто всегда будет пышным!👩‍🍳🍞🥞
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Пышное тесто для любой выпечки🥨 | Соблюдайте эти правила и ваше тесто всегда будет пышным!👩‍🍳🍞🥞

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to pamper your loved ones with delicious and lush pastries! We will share with you thirty culinary tricks and subtleties of dough preparation It will be super useful for beginners, and experienced cooks will be able to check whether they are doing everything right Number 1. Add to the dough potato starch diluted. So your pies and buns will be very lush and soft. They will not lose these properties and the next day. Number 2. Be sure to sift the flour for the dough. This is perhaps one of the most important conditions for delicious and appetizing pastries. The sifted flour is enriched with oxygen, and impurities are removed from it. Number 3. In the dough for bread, pancakes, pies and pancakes, add semolina. Need only a tablespoon with a slide of 0.5 liters of liquid. By the way, this unit of measurement is called “zhmenya”in Russian. The dough will not dry out and becomes stale. А это особенно актуально для хлеба, оладий, пирогов и блинов. Number 4. In addition to milk, add half a glass of mineral water to the dough. It can be prepared at home. To do this, dilute a teaspoon of soda, citric acid or vinegar in half a glass of water. Baking becomes even more lush. Number 5. In the room where the dough is prepared, there should be no draft. Air waves contribute to the formation of a stale crust. Number 6. When kneading the dough, use products of room temperature. Products straight from the refrigerator slow down the rise of the dough, which can spoil the pastries. Number 7. If you are preparing a dish of yeast dough, it is important to remember one rule. All liquid should be warmed up to 30-35 degrees. At a temperature below, yeast loses its activity. Number 8. Always wipe your hands dry before touching the dough. Number 9. Before baking, allow the dough to completely dissolve. It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes. If you do not allow it to rise and immediately put in the oven, there is a risk that the pies are poorly baked and will not rise properly. 10. On a baking sheet, the pies should be baked over medium heat, so that the filling does not dry out. Number 11. In yeast and butter dough is best to add melted butter. Otherwise, it will only worsen the very structure of the test. Number 12. Try to cook pies with milk! They are very tasty and fragrant. And the crust becomes very appetizing, shiny and beautiful color. Number 13. Yeast should be fresh and have a pleasant alcoholic smell. You can check their quality in advance. Prepare a small portion of sourdough and sprinkle a layer of flour on top. If in half an hour cracks do not appear, the quality of yeast leaves much to be desired. Number 14. Excess sugar in the dough does not lead to anything good. The dough quickly blushes and can even burn. The fermentation of yeast dough also slows down, which can lead to the fact that the pies are less lush. 15. Fats, softened, are usually added at the end of kneading the dough. This improves the fermentation of the dough. Number 16. Ready-made pies will be more tender and crumbly, if the dough put only the yolks. Number 17. High pies should be baked only on low heat. So they are better baked. 18. The dough for a pie baked on a baking sheet should be rolled out as thin as possible. The taste of the filling will feel even better, but the filling is the” highlight ” of the pie. 19. To the bottom of the cake was dry and not crumbled, sprinkle it with a small amount of starch. Only after that you can safely spread the filling. Number 20. The dough should not redevelop. This impairs its taste characteristics and quality. It is enough to put it for 3 hours in heat. Number 21. Cakes of yeast dough can be lubricated with milk. In addition, if desired, you can add cumin, poppy seeds or salt. Number 22. Closed pies must be lubricated on top before baking. This gives them a delicious blush and gloss. Great for this milk, sugar water, beaten egg. 23. Pies that you plan to sprinkle with powdered sugar, also need to be lubricated with oil. It will give them a pleasant and appetizing aroma. 24. The more fat in the dough and less liquid, the dishes are more crumbly. Number 25. If you put a lot of soda in the cake, you can spoil it. It will get a darker color and acquire an unpleasant smell. 26. If you wrap a rolling pin with a clean linen cloth, it will become even easier to roll out a thin dough. Number 27. Is the dough too wet? Never mind. Put a sheet of parchment on it and roll it right through the paper. 28. If your pie is made of shortbread, then you should take it out of the molds in a chilled state. 29. If you want to add delicious raisins to the dough, then it is necessary to roll it in flour beforehand. 30. If the dough has already come, and you can not yet put it in the oven, then do not despair. Cover it with well-moistened paper, after shaking off the water. We hope our advice was useful to you If Yes, then put like and do not forget to subscribe! We wish you lush and delicious pies! Thanks for watching! Please, Subscribe! Like! Like! Like!

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