प्रेशर कूकर केक | How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker | No Oven Cake Recipe In Hindi | Seema
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प्रेशर कूकर केक | How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker | No Oven Cake Recipe In Hindi | Seema

Namaste. Welcome to Swaad Anusaar. I am your chef, your host, Seema. We have always had cakes baked in an oven. But, did you know that cakes made in a
pressure cooker is equally soft and tasty. So today, let’s make a pressure cooker cake. First, let’s take the cooker. Detach the whistle. Also, remove the rubber. Let’s switch on the stove. First, add salt. You can either add sand or salt.
This helps in keeping it hot. Just like we preheat an oven,
we’ll preheat the cooker too. Let the cooker heat on a low flame. This is the cake tin, let’s
grease it with some oil. Always grease your cake tin with oil. Because you can’t add butter,
the butter burns. Now, add some flour. Let the flour spread evenly. So that the cake doesn’t stick
to the bottom. And remove the excess. Our cooker is hot enough. Our cake tin is also ready. Now, let’s make the cake batter. So this cake… Usually when we make
a cake we use cup measurements. But today, we’ll use weight measurements
for this cake. First, weigh the eggs and then accordingly
take the rest of your ingredients. First, we add butter. This is 165 gm. Then, add sugar, 165 gm. Now, add 3 eggs t this, one at a time. All three eggs have gone in. This 165 gm flour. Add 1tsp baking powder to it. 1/4 th tsp baking soda. 1 tbsp cardamom powder. Mix this well. Now, slowly add this to the
egg and butter mixture. Now, I’m adding 2-3 tbsp milk. Now, add the batter to the cake tin. Let’s put the cake tin inside the cooker. The cake has to be cooked for 5 minutes on a
high flame and then 45 minutes on a low flame. 45 minutes later. Our cake is done. Let’s poke it with a knife and check. If the knife comes out clean, it indicates
that the cake is ready. If it is not, then the cake is still undone. Let’s remove it. The cake has cooled down. Let’s remove it. Our Pressure Cooker Cake is ready. You can see that it’s turned out soft. Do make it and let us know
how it turned out. Till next time, goodbye.

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15 thoughts on “प्रेशर कूकर केक | How To Make Cake In Pressure Cooker | No Oven Cake Recipe In Hindi | Seema

  1. Aapki pressure cooker me cake banane ki itni aasan receipe dekh kar lag raha he ki oven bekar khaeida. ☺
    Aap jo beech beech me useful tips deti hai wo bahut labhdayak hoti hai. Regards

  2. very nice mam m apki dishes ki faan hu sach mam agr cake tain na ho to iski jgha kiya use kre

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