बटर चिकन रेसिपी | Butter Chicken Original Authentic Recipe By Chef Harpal Singh
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बटर चिकन रेसिपी | Butter Chicken Original Authentic Recipe By Chef Harpal Singh

Hello this is Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi there is one request that i keep on getting from a long time People tell me that you have made the Butter Chicken Recipe video in English, why don’t you make the video in Hindi, so that whole of India can make it easily This is the original Butter Chicken Recipe which I believe can be made easily the whole of India will relish this its very simple some things are technical that you need to remember and carefully follow first of all in a pan take some oil not much around 1 Tbsp only in that we will add green cardamom and mace take 6-8 green cardamom break and add, so that it does not burst very important tip, please remember break open like this and add mace do not take much small ones like this they are called blades mace is the outer covering of nutmeg when nutmeg dries the covering skin comes out that we have added as it starts to brown a little the very important thing here is that we have to take tomatoes and roughly cut them it is important to cut it small 6-8 tomatoes will be around 1 Kg keep an eye on the garlic we need to add tomatoes when garlic brown The very important thing here is do not add water if you add water then the color will not be good next step sing , dance and add salt as per your taste and health when tomatoes become mashed and pulpy the color become bright you have to cook till the moisture is released and the pulp becomes concentrated and the tomatoes will become bright , do not add water this is very important add Red Kashmiri chilli powder it will increase the brightens more we will cook for 1 mins more and then blend it now it is all ready and i will turn off my induction you also manage the gas flame at home from high to low as required while blending make sure the mixture is not very hot open the knob to release the air cover the blender with cloth and blend so that the mixture does not spill you can blend little at a time and keep it aside. I have blended the mixture all together now its time for next step for next step we have to take some oil in the pan i have few green chili here . take 2-3 green chillis and cut into juliennes this I will add to the oil ginger is a little strong so once we saute it will be better now next step this gravy that we have blended we will strain it do not add water, look at the color tomato skin and cardamom skin will be left as residue we will now cook on low flame first there is one more thing to do along with this as per the quantity of tomatoes we need to add approximately 3 Tbsp butter after adding butter you need to cover and cook for 6-8 mins the gravy spills to do not forget to cover and cook till the gravy is cooking i will cut the tandoori chicken on bone tastes really amazing how to make tandoori chicken is available on my YouTube channel you see how to make in various gadgets like frying pan, pressure cooker, oven I am making this for maximum of two people I would say that if there is one healthy man he can finish this by himself here the gravy looks great Mix well the gravy spill but not to worry after adding fresh cream cook for 1 mins the color become light in beginning but later as it cooks it starts to darken now we will add chicken after adding chicken we will cook for a while now after adding chicken and cooking for 2 mins finally we will add kasoori methi without this butter chicken is incomplete this looks really great I have turned off the induction we need to add honey to balance the sourness of tomatoes that balance you will understand when you taste it the balance of sweet and sourness is important this is now ready one very important part about butter chicken is that this gravy if oil separates then it is spoilt this is an important tip for all Professionals to serve i have a beautiful plate here there is one more important tip about butter chicken especially in north India as I said first tip is that the oil should not separate from the gravy the second one is that gravy when served on plate should not spread do not chop coriander just garnish with a sprig now enjoy at home restaurant style do not need to go anywhere just stay tuned to my channel for interesting recipes

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68 thoughts on “बटर चिकन रेसिपी | Butter Chicken Original Authentic Recipe By Chef Harpal Singh

  1. Bohat changa. .oor badiya. .sadi Muu bich pani aagae. ..ooo vaeya jii. .kya Swedish banae he

  2. Sir ap kab tomato cook kar te ho 6 to 8 minutes k lia tab flame kayse tha? I mean mediums or low or high?? I am confused about the flame..

  3. I have followed your recipe since last 4 years and the butter chicken comes out very good. Thanks for sharing cooking temperatures as suggested by me previously in my comments

  4. Ekdam simple process bataya apne paaji

    Lekin gravy na phate uske liye kya karna hai?

    Aur aap aaj kal gaate nahi?

    Namak shamak

    Namak shamak😄

    Thank u for sharing

  5. chef can you please tell the shahi paneer recipe as it cooked in restaurants. I mean exactly the restaurants recipe

  6. Hello Chef please teach Puran Sing mutton & keema kaleji. I know only you can as you must’ve tasted it many times.

  7. I have two questions chef:
    1. To make boneless, can we replace to chicken tikka instead?
    2. For veg people, can we use same gravy to make paneer makhni?

  8. Harpal ji i m your follower for the last five years approx. and tried many recipes of u , I want to talk to you , many things to say and share , sir how ? Respond

  9. Hello chef.

    I dont have the provisions to make tandoori chicken, can I use normal chicken with some kind of marinade? Or should the spices of the tandoori chicken I shall add separately in the gravy?

  10. Good day chef !!
    In the end you said pudina and instead used corriander leaf .. please confirm the garnishing..

  11. Hello Chef … need 1 solution … we don’t have javitri available in japan! What is alternative ingredient? We have nutmeg powder .Thanks 🙏🏻

  12. very nice video sir..ekdom mouth watering..
    but I wanna ask you one thing that why are you use honey? is it necessary?

  13. Sir mera ek sawal hai. Chicken curry banate samay Chicken pieces kitna time tak pakana chahiye ta ki soft rahe, kaisi aanch rehni chahiye? Ghar mai chicken resturant jaisa nehi banta. Hard ho jata hai.

  14. Thank you not only for showing us the different versions and methods of all these recipes but also cooking a butter chicken quantity that is suitable for one person such as myself, it also makes it an easier recipe to learn in smaller quantities 🙂 +1 New subscriber from Australia, Oh and thank you for chosing a healthy method over using dyes to colour the meal.

  15. Bhaji. I hv been watching your recipes from more than 4 yrs now.All my friend circle relishes the dishes I make following your recipes. So simple and yet full of taste. It helped me a lot , since there are not many good places here in US for authentic Indian food, unless you are in california. Would like to see Lamb chop recipe for grilling. Thanks

  16. Sir whenever I make this the gravy turns out to be sharp and tarty.. not creamy sweet like restaurants.. and I have followed your recipe to the T.. kindly help

  17. Thanq so much sir , waise iss wale butter chicken mai , butter chicken masala daal sakte hai ya need nahi hai ..???

  18. नमक शमक नमक शमक डाल देते है …..नमक शमक😊😊😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏

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