🍕Pizza Oven Tools & Hacks | 🔥CAUTION 🔥Dangerous Hack
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🍕Pizza Oven Tools & Hacks | 🔥CAUTION 🔥Dangerous Hack

A lot of people ask me, “I bought a pizza oven, what’s the best tool to use?”. Somebody recommends this tool. Somebody recommends that tool. Somebody recommends…. Forget it! Buy them all! You never know, it always changes. I will give you an example. That’s a claw. What’s a claw for? Who
cares! You got a claw. This claw is perfect for
pulling a lasagna out with a pan. Poking the wood. Moving the wood around and if you don’t like the wood, as you can see this one certainly got a bit of a workout you can go and get a metal one. Let me show you what that looks like. There’s your metal one. I just took a
piece of steel, hammered it down. I don’t even know what this was…oh this was conduit from a from an electrical job site. You can see how I just tried to pinch it hammer it and that’s my claw. That’s the metal one that doesn’t melt. I like my wooden one. Gloves. Everybody talks about gloves. There’s an insignia here but we’re not going to show it are we? No. Gloves, you neat gloves because you may not have tough hands like this.
Check out these tough hands! Oh! They say let me make a pizza for you! Anyways,
there’s the claws. Now that’s a small paddle. I don’t know what guys use the small
paddles for but I’ll tell you what I use them for moving the fire around. Moving
the wood around, sometimes rescuing a small pizza that gets in the back of the
oven because the big paddle sometimes doesn’t do it. Sometimes Mr. Clumsy over
here, has a really tough time but that’s your big paddle. Have as many tools, as
many weapons as you want and I have no idea what they call this? The
panzarotti flipper? Whatever! I use it all the time. This is a great one. Brand new, the other one got used too much, end of story. Okay
and I do not support this! I would suggest you don’t get one because it’s
just compressed gas but I use it all the time and I love it. It speeds things up. As long as my hand is in front of it and my
hand is first. I never put the bottle in. I keep the bottle back if my hand can
take it (the heat), chances are, the tank can take it (the heat). I didn’t read that anywhere. I didn’t learn that anywhere. It’s kind of like just the
way I roll with it. I haven’t blown anything up in my face yet so as far as
it stands, I don’t recommend it because I don’t want nobody getting hurt but I put
me on the bottom of the food chain. If I get hurt it is what it is. But it certainly speeds up wooden matches. Alright. The most important and the
quintessential thing is your air compressor. Good thing I turned off but that’s okay, here we go. Now, before I show you how my air compressor works, my door is closed. You can’t close the door unless you got a mature fire going. Red
coals. Red coals it doesn’t matter that they’re smoking and that’s making it hot
and that’s keeping it maintaining it if you open the door just a little bit
allowing for a draught you’re gonna put air on it you’re going to
create a flame. The flame isn’t going to make it hotter, a lot hotter but here’s
the deal. You open it up, you create too much of a flame and go through your
wood at record time but you’re also going to raise your temperature really
super fast. If you listen to it, it sounds like a jet
leaving and all of a sudden it starts to go down a bit and that’s where you know to
stop because at some point, I think you’re actually putting the fire out.
Let’s listen. I could hear it drop off a bit. What I
know here, is I created a pretty good fire. Just with air. And again, I’m going to
say this everybody says make sure you sweep the floor of your oven. Why? Because you don’t want this ash in your food. Why sweep when you can blow? There you go. There’s more. And if you really want to clean it up put a lot of air because the
ash is just going to go through the chimney anyways and then it’s your neighbors problem not yours. That was a bit not nice was it? Anyways, let’s do it again.

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  1. Hi, Jeff here from Man vs Pizza Oven. People ask me which tools I use for my wood burning pizza oven, which I share in this video – including a top hack that I love, that many would consider stupid or dangerous. But hey, my goal is to master my OWN pizza oven. In this series, I share my pizza oven successes, failures, hacks, tools and tips with our wood burning pizza oven community. Please share your feedback, tips, hacks or video ideas here in the comments below. Thanks for watching. 🍕

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