🔵 1938 Depression Era Meat Loaf Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking
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🔵 1938 Depression Era Meat Loaf Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends it is Sunday morning so
we’re going to do another one of our pre World War two post depression or
Depression era recipes out of these community cookbooks that we have and
today we’re going to use my favorite recipe published by the stainer Sun in
1938 and we are going to make meatloaf I have to admit I am a sucker for meatloaf
so already in this bowl I have two pounds of ground beef and one pound of
ground pork and to that I’m going to add two eggs has anyone noticed if you live
in North America that grocery stores just don’t sell medium ground beef
anymore or any sort of ground beef that has fat in it the only thing you can get
now pretty much is extra lean or lean you have to ask the butcher and I use
that term very vaguely you have to ask the butcher to grind beef for you and
even then they sort of look at you like you’ve got two heads why would you want
ground beef with any sort of fat in it because fat is flavor and fat sort of
helps the cooking process and if you don’t have fat everything is just dry
and hard to eat so after the two eggs I’ve got a cup of milk and I’m using
whole milk homo milk three percent milk it’s called homo or three percent here
in Canada after the milk six soda biscuits rolled fine I’m gonna use a
mortar and pestle and break up these soda biscuits you could crack these up
any way you want you know food processor or a rolling pin in a plastic bag I
think this is gonna do the trick for me this is gonna be a lot of meatloaf mrs.
D B must have had some very hungry farmhands to feed in go the crushed soda
crackers and next in a teaspoon of poultry
seasoning you can tell me that I may have led a very sheltered life when it
comes to eating meat loaf but I have never had a Meat Loaf recipe that used
poultry seasoning as the seasoning this is a first for me I’m really looking
forward to it because I love poultry seasoning breakfast sausages amazing
now salt and I’m gonna put the pepper in next even though it calls for something
in between the salt and the pepper usually those two things go together on
the recipe next in is half a cup of tomato soup now I’ve had a debate about
this it’s 1/2 a cup of cream of tomato soup I’m assuming maybe incorrectly that
what she is referring to is Campbell’s condensed cream of tomato soup do I put
it in straight from the can in its condensed version or do i water it down
with milk or water like you’re supposed to or do I just assume that the milk
that I’ve already put in there is enough liquid that looks like a lot of liquid
I’m gonna go with I’m just going to pour in the tomato soup and see what happens
if I need to add extra liquid later I will but I have a feeling I won’t need
it so can of Campbell’s soup here is 284 milliliters cup is 250 milliliters so a
little less than half a can of tomato soup and onions cut fine in they go now
we mix and the only kitchen tool for mixing this is your hands so just get
right in there you don’t need gloves just make sure you’ve washed them
beforehand everything it’ll be fine yeah it’ll be a little bit squishy and it
might not look pretty but this is the way you do it so the instructions say to mix well and
shape into a loaf now I’m assuming from that that I’m not shaping it into a loaf
pan I’m gonna shape it into a loaf on a baking tray so big lump onto the baking
tray and we’ll shape it into a loaf apparently my loaf shaping skills are
pretty good so I’m just gonna wash my hands and get rid of this bowl before
the next step now we pour a quarter cup of cream of tomato soup on top before
putting it in the oven looks good into the oven so fresh out of the oven one very large
meatloaf it is a big meatloaf steamy steamy I touched the middle pant the
wisest thing I’ve done today okay looks moist does I’m mom so let’s let’s
see it’s hot that’s fine only take a tiny bit on currently I’m not gonna take
a tiny piece interesting taste like meatloaf
it tastes like meat loaf yeah it’s it’s got that onion flavor that savory kind
of flavor there’s no okay so this is meatloaf for
people that want to taste meat yes there’s no overpowering sauce or spice
mix or no no it is it is very standard meatloaf yeah yeah so can you put on a
sandwich yes and so in the context of when this recipe would have been made
1938 um I imagine this see what you’re saying there wasn’t a tex-mex trend you
know rural Ontario know what you’re trying to say and I’m so I’m thinking
back and I see my grandfather pulling up to the back door on the tractor coming
inside my grandmother yelling at him to wash his hands washes his hands in the
laundry tub comes in and sits down for dinner but dinner is noontime yes
there’s a new dude dinners at noon it’s lunch sack of bread to stack a bread
slice of this slathered with mashed potatoes filled with butter and cream
you got the bread there was always I don’t know about on your table but there
was always a bowl of molasses not at dinner but yeah we would have molasses
at supper so dare time there’s always molasses he dipped his bread in the
molasses corn syrup or corn syrup yeah it’d be
dark dark corn syrup and you would eat this and then depending on the season
there would be either fresh beans from the garden or canned beans from last
season and he’d put it all on top piece of bread slathered with look and all
together and he’d eat it all together and you wouldn’t you wouldn’t eat a
scoop of this and then a scoop of something else you would eat it all
together and so the flavor of this was more you wanted the beef flavor because
it was gonna be mixed with everything else yeah that’s funny cuz my
grandfather kind of ate the same way he would just kind of put it all in one
pile in the middle boom and you would eat it everything was a casserole in the
end so if if you’re looking at this in the lens of today a lot of people would
say bland but looking at it how it would have been eaten then but I should don’t
find a bland no we don’t know but I can I can hear the screaming of the
commenters how blind it is because a lot of people today expect a lot of other
flavor a lot of other flavors put in all at once I think this is a very
serviceable meatloaf I think it’s a great place to start so many Labor’s in
it you could play it you could really you could really ramp this up and make
it and make it today which you know it’s just a basic meatloaf so thanks for
stopping by so you can soon bring lots of friends yes you

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  2. You guys are awesome I love your attention to detail👍🏻 you really make it relaxing LOL and easy to follow along, I subscribed and God bless from Ohio

  3. Moooom, can we get some meatloaf? Mooooom the meatloaf! Fuck! I never know what she is doing back there.

  4. Bland? That seems like a perfectly fine meatloaf to me.

    If your meatloaf is 'bland' then clearly you haven't seasoned the meat well enough.

  5. slather it with ketchup next to some bread or pasta, on top of some tadders drowning in stuffing and gravy, or even like you say on some bread with your choice of *no answer is wrong here*.
    meat loaf as intended
    as an ingredient 🍷 😩 👌

  6. Don't laugh, at the end when you show the page from the cookbook, the recipe for Spanish Steak on the right side looks like something my 88 yr old father has described to me that his mother used to make.

  7. "it tastes like meatloaf" lol. ( but, i have been on the other side of that.. "um,. what is this mess" )

  8. I didn't know about the ground beef in Canada, but here in Georgia 80/20 is the normal. We can even get 75/25. If I get 90/10, I only use it when it is in a dish that has a lot of liquid with strong flavors.

  9. Growing up, we would have never used more than a pound of meat, even though there was usually always fresh beef or home raised pork around. my parents/grandparents bulked it up with a couple of eggs, rolled oats, stale bread and crackers, then covered it in catsup.

  10. I live in the Seattle area and have no problem finding prepackaged ground beef with plenty of fat. I routinely buy it. It tastes much better, but you lose some content as it melts off while cooking. But it makes great meatloaf.

  11. Here in Omaha, Ne you can get high fat ground beef. I've seen 73/27 ratio. There is no issue with 80/20 in our stores.

  12. It sounds like the recipe that I grew up eating. It looks like the one that I grew up eating, too. And, it will make TERRIFIC cold meatloaf sandwiches the next day for lunch!!

  13. I have noticed that about beaf its why I just mix in some sausage with it works real nice in chilli too.

  14. I worked at Reinhart Vinegar in Stayner and I remember the more senior employees calling the noon day meal as dinner. I also remember my boomer parents eating bread with corn syrup or maple syrup like your grandfather. Thanks for the memories

  15. That actually looks like quite a luxury for the Depression. Then again, I have been told that grits and tomato gravy is Depression food, but it's still my favorite breakfast.

  16. Hearing you talk about your grandfather's eating bread with molasses things me off my grandfather. He used to take a plate and pour molasses on it and dip his buttered bread in it and take a bite with a bite of cheese and chew it all up. That was a common late evening snack we shared when I was young. I never thought it was common enough to hear others talk about it on YouTube. He and my grandmother are from the Gaspe born in the 1930s

  17. I have always wondered what meatloaf tastes like it’s not something that you can get or see in Ireland looks nice 😺😼

  18. All the grocery stores here in the Phoenix metro area all sell Ground Beef by the percentage of lean in the grind, and there are 4 common percentages, 96, 85, 80, & 73%. Sometimes you'll also get a 93% or a 90%. I think it's brilliant, because they are also now starting to sell ground pork that same way, by the lean/fat percentage.

  19. Not only is fat the flavour, it's where all the nutrients in meat is, all the (keyword coming up) FAT soluble vitamins, people think meat isnt nutritious but if its good wquality i.e grass-fed/pasture raised, ALL animal products are extremely healthy, healthier than any vegetable or fruit

  20. To compensate for the lack of fat in today's ground beef, I add Mayo to meatloaf and burger patties. Oh, and my grandma used ketchup instead of tomato soup on her meatloaf, but otherwise basically the same recipe.

  21. Random thought about the poultry seasoning, any seasoning mix can be used to flavour almost anything. I find curry powder can be a great addition to anything savoury I am cooking, and you don't have to put in much, just a teaspoon to half a teaspoon adds a little background support.

  22. Unfortunately I live in a household where I'm the meatloaf guy…..my wife? Not so much. This looks terrific. I'm a big fan of bland too. "Fan-O-Bland"? But I'm soooo with you re no fat ground beef. It's the flavor, the juiciness, and also if you are in the depression…. needed calories.

  23. Nothing special about the recipe. And it's so delicious. I'm also a big meat loaf fan and to me, it's the ground pork that really makes it. Thanks!

  24. Needs 2 or 3 cloves of garlic. Other than that, it's my meatloaf recipe. Oh, and I top mine with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

  25. We call it artificial rabit in Lithuania. Falšyvas Zuikis. It has to be cold. We would not use tomatou soup. It has to be harder and in a form of body of the rabbit just without legs and arms. And species of poultry would give more resemble of rabit meet than red meet.

  26. I made meatloaf for dinner tonight and then this video came up. I've highly modified my mother's recipe and now it's only 30% meat and uses Minnesota wild rice, celery, onion, etc.

  27. My grandma has a similar version, but with ketchup instead of tomato soup, and adding crushed up cornflakes instead of the soda biscuits.

  28. Why would a butcher be surprised if people asked for more fatty ground beef? Any butches worth his money would know that hamburgers and meatloafs need more fat.

  29. Dinner at noon time? French Canadian? Hearing someone call supper "dinner" tilts me… Being schooled on French, diner is lunch, souper is supper.

  30. hmm here in California, we can get 97, 93, 85, 80, 73 (I think) % lean to fat. Though usually made w/ off cuts, not necessarily a specific cut

  31. Meatloaf was considered a way of stretching meat, especially if bread crumbs and potatoes are added. Vegetables are sometimes mixed in to get kids to eat them.

  32. Here in Australia ground beef (beef mince) is graded by fat content. 5 stars is very lean and the lower you go the more fat there is.

  33. ground beef, , saltine crackers (crushed) 3 eggs, diced onion, diced mushrooms, diced green bell peppers, salt & pepper and garlic (spice or minced), ketchup, mix well and shape then put a light coat of ketchup on top for a glaze. could substitute oats or bread crumbs for the crackers. Bake and serve – perfect!

  34. Thanks for the video!
    Out here in BC Real Canadian Superstore had 3 kinds of ground beef: regular, lean and extra lean… the regular stuff has a pretty high fat content.
    I also love poultry seasoning and have been using it in my meatloaf recipes for many years (I like Club House, the brand you used, but prefer McCormick).

  35. Feels like you could have used the rest of the can of soup to coat it. Doubt it would make much of a difference but did the bit you cut off have any of the sauce on it from the soup?

  36. When I was married, once when I was invited to my wife's grandparent's house for dinner, her grandmother made meatloaf. My wife commented that she did not like meatloaf. Her grandfather said, "Well I don't like meatloaf either. Your grandmother made though, so we'll eat it." Her grandmother said, "What do you mean you don't like meatloaf? I've been making it for forty years because I thought you liked it. I don't like it either." They all just sat there looking at each other in disbelief. I said, " Well I like meatloaf, but don't make it just for me." After eating her meatloaf I knew why none of them liked meatloaf. Luckily she never made it again.

  37. I'm starting to think that is where this cooking craze is going wrong today. People had forgotten how to enjoy a simple basic dish. They now want the "wow factor" in everything always trying to top the next thing. 🤷

  38. Even back in my childhood (1950's-60), ground beef was still dry and less interesting than the fattier ground pork/ground beef mix. Yes, it makes a large meatloaf…BUT…some families liked the timesaving aspect of having cold meatloaf leftover for making noontime sandwiches. My grandfather had a custom thrashing crew that harvested beans and grains for other farmers: my father worked with him…and learned to 'not feel hungry' whenever the farmwife offered meatloaf to the crew: Dry and overcooked with the cheapest meat the thrifty wife could find. Your recipe is fine. These days, I like Alton Brown's meatloaf from his GOOD EATS cookbook series. It uses finely diced carrots as well as onion and he offers a tomato-chili-brown sugar glaze that fills in the sweet-tart spectrum of flavors.

  39. “The only ground meat you can get is extra lean or lean”

    I forgot for a second that you are in Canada. You can sometimes find 60/40 ground beef in supermarkets here in the US usually though it’s 70/30 or 80/20.

  40. The meat was so different then! You can honestly NOT FIND good hamburger unless you raise the animal yourself with no added antibiotics

  41. alot of meatloafe hahaha who are you wimps me i cud have ate probley close to 1 4th to hafe it n im a 130 pound runt who eats all day an night

  42. YouTube put the thumbnails for this video and for 6 Hour Sourdough No-Knead Bread right next to each other, and the two looked almost identical.

  43. So, here we go again with two countries separated by a common language… If I'm understanding this correctly …In Canada Lunch is considered Dinner? And Dinner is considered Supper?! So what is breakfast called??? And I still can't get over the bag of milk! I've never seen or heard of a BAG of milk. Very Canadian.

  44. Ok, Glenn, this is my family recipe. Never heard of this cookbook, but this is exactly my family recipe. Down to the measurements. 😃

  45. STILL the food industry is heavily invested in low fat. It enrages me, frankly, they are so slow to catch up with the science. But hey, we don’t like experts do We! 🙄 I would never touch anything with low fat on it. This looks fab.

  46. We always had 'rolled oats' in our meatloaf to stretch it. Also, a couple strips of bacon and brown sugar on top of the ketchup.

  47. Perhaps I'm naive in the ways of people who cook, but how else would someone mix a meatloaf but with one's hands? The same for kneading bread dough or buttering a cake pan. The meatloaf recipe is more or less how I've made mine for the past forty years except I use ketchup instead of tomato soup. Tastes great.

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