🔵 Better Than Naples Wood Fired Neapolitan Style Pizza Recipe
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🔵 Better Than Naples Wood Fired Neapolitan Style Pizza Recipe

First we fire up the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven and get it real hot. We’re using charcoal today. Back in the kitchen we shaped the dough and that pizza dough recipe is elsewhere on our Channel. This pizza dough is super easy to shape,
first coat it in flour, put it on your bench and then press the middle with
your fingers to form an outer ring and an inner flat spot. Carefully pick it up
and it will pretty much stretch itself to the right shape and size. Back outside
Julie swapped the doors on the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven, and we’re just about ready to go. Start it
out with some crushed san marzano tomatoes, not sauce just straight-up
tomato. Then I ripped up some fresh mozzarella and put that on. Tore up some basil leaves and spread
them evenly on top. Put on a squirt of olive oil and then
took it outside to the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven. Once in the Ooni i turned the pizza a
couple of times to make sure that it cooked evenly. In about 90 seconds or so
the pizza was done! There you have it! All right pizza in the Ooni woodfired pizza oven. Of course we’re having wine first… but that’s ok.
I’m gonna take this piece because I like the extra little burnty bits around the
outside. mm-hmm! so for the first pizza we went with a more traditional Neapolitan
style, Neapolitan-ish mm-hmm standard fare yeah so really simple just a couple
of ingredients. Three gradients, four ingredients, the dough?!
Five ingredients! We’re up to five ingredients! Well It went from simple to complex. Are you gonna mention how many versions you’ve made? mm-hmm. Okay. This was not the first one… This is the first one we are sharing with you. So never having cooked in a wood-fired oven or having never cooked pizza in a wood-fired oven,
there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve. mm-hmm. So while this is the first
pizza that we’re showing you, we’ve had that oven for about a month, we’ve eaten
pizza about every four to six days for about a month now. About a month putting them in making sure that we can get the crust right, making sure that we cook it
right. Oh you can’t make it too hot – oh yes yes you can can make it too hot! instant flames it was really impressive but not very good pizza. No as soon as the pizza
went in it was on fire. I wish I’d had my camera for that one! This one worked out we finally figured it out so
we’ve got the recipe we figured out the dough the amount of water. So you watched us put this together and we’re eating it. There are separate videos that go
in-depth into making the dough that will go in-depth into shaping the dough and
then we’re gonna do more videos with different toppings and I’m you know I’m
really impressed with this oven. It’s a lot of fun. I will say we’ve tried a few other things
too which we’ll share with you in the near future as well.
Been a lot of fun testing it. Alright! Let’s have some pizza! Wood Fired Neapolitan Style Pizza In The Ooni Pro || Le Gourmet TV Recipes

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  2. Stop it! LOL, I am so hungry and that looks so amazing! The flame at 1:53 would make a good Yule Log video 🙂 I really love seeing the pizza oven in use… a bit of a learning curve but I'm guessing well worth it. Thanks.

  3. Awesome 👍 .. will you be uploading a video of the non portable Portugese oven ? Also in as far as indoor electric type ovens .. do you have any recommendations .. I was looking at the Breville Pizza oven .. the pricey one .. think it around 1200 CAD .. have you heard about it .. I've looked into it and will wait for more videos to make a final decision in as far as indoor portable pizza 🍕 ovens .. still have not decided as to which outdoor (Portugese/Italian) wood fired/gas 🔥 fired (dual fuel) portable .. ThanX 👍 you have been a great help .. also this OONI seems to be getting the results of perfect Napoli StylZ 🍕 .. seems to be multiple fuel friendly .. Regards 😎

  4. Neapolitan is my favorite kind of pizza. We’ve made it on our outdoor BBQ grill with fair success. I going to look now if you’ve done a review /tutorial on your Ooni pizza grill. Pleeeeeaaaassee. If you can bake bread in it. Too, it’s a must have for me. Xojennyinseattle is

  5. Hi guys! You're having my number 1 favourite channel nowdays in YT. Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome content! 🙂

  6. Great video, lovely dough too!

    Have you ever considered modifying any part of the process or the recipe?

    For example adding a small amount of balsamic vinegar and salt to the sauce, or even some brown sugar.

    Also, using rock salt on the hot stone of the pizza oven to help give the base a crisper feeling – but still maintaining that authentic taste?

  7. I am a 20yr pizza chef and I just toured south Italy. No less than 8 samplings, 7 were cardboard and 1 was pretty good. All locally recommended. I guess I'm not a fan of neopolitan. But this has me curious to make that perfect one. Thanks 🙂

  8. Just for clarification, this is a Margherita pizza.
    A Neapolitan pizza it only tomato, dry oregano and just a touch of fresh minced garlic.
    Anyway it seems a really good dough but maybe the oven wasn't too hot. How much time do you cook the pizza?

  9. Fantastic article by Napoli Pizza you may enjoy about the Neapolitan pizza – worth a read https://www.napoliwoodfiredpizza.co.uk/neapolitan-pizza

  10. as nearly always, especially when so-called chefs put a recipe on you-tube, marketing is above substance. oops you forgot to mention that fermentation time, and method and temperature affects amount of yeast in the recipe.

  11. Really great / yummy looking pizza ! Congrats.
    How long does it take for this oven to reach the correct temperature once you’ve put the burning charcoal ?
    Any difference with wood only ?

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