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🔵 Indian Naan In The Ooni Pro Pizza Oven नान रेसिपी

fled my friend haha so recipe testing
today my still warm yes I’ve always wanted yes I’ve always wanted to tend to
her but the closest I’ve come to a tandoor is the Ooni pizza oven that we
have and I thought let’s try to make nan because inside in the oven I can’t make
nan and so I’ve I’ve looked all over for a starting-point recipe and engine was
in the kitchen last week yeah she left us this cookbook there’s a naan recipe
inside and I thought I’m gonna give it a go
so my shapes aren’t that great but it’s soft mm-hmm oh it’s wonderful but the
texture and flavors are right on mm-hmm so with a lot of help from man John
here’s what I did credit where credit’s due my friend yeah
so in the stand mixer I started out with flour and I used all-purpose here sugar
salt and yeast and I’ll talk about the yeast a little bit later I stirred that
all together and then I put in yogurt and this is full fat plain yogurt in the
dough in the dough cool stuck that on the stand mixer and started the stand
mixer on low and then poured in the water and I just let the dough hook pull
in the flour a little bit at a time just like I do with brick so I didn’t mix it
all at once it just sort of pulled it in and pulled it in and pulled it in and
when a ball formed that’s when I started timing the kneading process did you find
you use less water than a usual bread because of the yogurt or yes pull the
dough out and it felt fantastic on on on the countertop made it into a rough fall put a little
bit of oil in a ball oiled the dough covered it and set it aside for about an
hour and a half just before the dough had fully risen I set up the unis we’re
firing up with charcoal today and then I put a couple of lumps of wood in just to
get some nice rolling flame and a little bit of smoke after it had doubled in
size it was about two hours because it’s a little bit cool today cut it into six
pieces and then I tried to shape it and as you as you can see that is the point
where I fell down in this whole procedure okay so they’re not restaurant
shape but they’re still certainly edible and shareable and once I sort of fashion
them into teardrops I fired them into the Ooni and they took about 60 seconds
pulled about just like I did with the pizza pulled them out turn them around
put them back in and if you haven’t already subscribed please subscribe now
and smash that notification bell so you find out about our new videos as soon as
they come out and then just before they were done I flipped them over just get a
little bit of charring on top and then brought them inside so now what I need
is something that we do so that with but the dough is fantastic I’m very good
this is probably the best I’ve ever made none and that’s a combination of a great
recipe to start with and the the wood-fired oven so I’m curious though
mhm because we’ve you’ve made naan before just for our own yep you said
you’ve make a lot of bread the yogurt it’s the Unruh fascinated with the
in the recipe so the yogurt adds fat and acid and both of those things will sort
of soften up a little bit have we ever made it with a we have made it with
yogurt before naan recipe seemed to be all over the map some of them have yeast
and some of them don’t have yeast and I know pretty sure that the ones that
don’t have Easter because people are afraid of using yeast don’t fear the
yeast so they use other leavening agents and it makes it a little bit tougher but
today I knew I was running out of time and you’ll notice that when I was
cooking these it was pretty dark inside cuz you know we’re in Canada it’s fall
it’s dark early I was running out of time so today I tried this and so it’s
it’s Pizza Pizza East I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the Pte we’ve never used it
before I’ve never used it before I decided to use it today for two reasons
the yeast granules are ground much finer so it will so it dissolves quicker
mm-hmm it’s a more aggressive type of yeast
apparently inside it’s got different so in those little granules it’s not just
yeast there’s other stuff in there so there’s nutrient to get the yeast going
when it when it first goes so it has a different kind of nutrient and it has
something called the dough relaxer so if you’re using it in a very short period
of time like I had to crank these out in two hours the dough is really nice and
soft and smooth yeah so what’s next well sorry I told me time matter I think next
is I’m gonna keep making I’m gonna do this a couple more times and see if I
can shape them properly I should probably spend some time in an
Indian kitchen and figure out because they get that really nice teardrop shape
you know practice my friend it’s what I’ve ever seen
wow it is very very tasty it’s tasty it’s cooked really well and it’s tasty
and and I think I really do think that cooking it in that pizza oven makes a
difference makes a huge difference yeah yeah because in the past is problem
personally used to be done it on the barbecue a lot better on the barbecue
I’ve done it on Iran I like a pizza stone in the oven
it just it’s not the same so I’ll put the recipe at the end give this a try
don’t fear the use if you have any tips on how to make shape

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