122: Которский залив, тайны. Буреки, бурек с творогом. Гранатовый сок. Мамула. Голубая пещера. 12+
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122: Которский залив, тайны. Буреки, бурек с творогом. Гранатовый сок. Мамула. Голубая пещера. 12+

Mysterious tunnels in coastal rocks Kotor Bay how many of them and who built. Modern technologies and proven for centuries, face on the streets and those with other. Future hotel in the fortress where people were tortured, we swim to an island called Mamula One of the most favorite dishes in the Balkans secrets from the local hostess. Is it worth it visit the blue cave, our opinion as quite experienced travelers’. Greetings dear viewers enjoy autumn in Montenegro the weather forecast beautiful 20 degrees, bright sun, I can’t even open my eyes in the sun. But in the morning it rained like a wall and there was even hail, in General, share impressions of this autumn are the brightest what we remember what was interesting hope you, too, for themselves will find something useful. If Yes put likes to us it is very will help, thank you in advance look. On Maritime borders of Montenegro and Croatia there are interesting sites. So called the blue cave, Mamula Fort, mainsail for submarines. See everything it can only be from the sea, you need to take boat and go. We cross the entire Gulf of Qatar. the wind is so strong that it is necessary windbreakers to take for a walk, although warm. Will impress grotto about which so many say. First the opening awaits even before the release of the open sea from the Bay of Kotor Peninsula Archer. We came to the bakery this is the best way when to eat before lunch far away, feed the children. It’s Burek it’s called a beautiful meat pie can be with cheese, with greens on all space where once was the Ottoman Empire this dish is entrenched. And not for nothing we his fond how much? Ah that with meat let us to take? thanks The dog also came in for a Burek beauty. puff pastry pie it’s only different from our pies the fact that the meat in it is distributed evenly between layers of dough. Here here we bought for 20 Euro cents Local consume its with yogurt similar to our kefir very tasty and simple. We will ask the Montenegrin hostesses how they cook it at home. Many settled in Montenegro it is affectionately called village. Montenegro is good with mountains and sea technology is not why you should come here and so it’s really great to meet here these benches are solar powered, which serve to recharge gadgets. here such benches can be meet on the embankments in different cities Montenegrins. when there are the most powerful storms, in the autumn with dangerous areas some benches remove. But near the old town of Budva one was left right at the water’s edge. you can sit and enjoy the views of the Harbor, and the phone is charging at this time. “do not leave unattended your devices.” This bench monitors the air.
– Kitty, shall we charge? kitty charged already. she knows there’s fish.
Such grottoes for there are submarines here more than one. Under some data construction of this bunker beginnings back in the early 20th century Austro-Hungarian empire. Its naval forces to 1909 to 1916 there were more than 60 submarine. Wow, we stopped by bunker for submarines! such an echo! and these are concrete walls. that is not just cut into the rock, more concrete and fixed the grotto. The bunkers on the territory of modern – There are three pieces. The depth is up to 30 meters, and the length from 80 up to 150 meters. “See, children, here are the submarines swim away. Why swim? Hide from the enemy, for repairs, for expectations of the job. Some divers come here specifically for diving with lanterns. In the time of Yugoslavia everything on its coast was equipped with 15 tunnels for submarines. Autumn. It’s time to collect grenades watched for the first flowering bushes to eat it all impossible need to to do juice and preserve surprisingly in stores Montenegro presses for grenades similar to those that actively used in Turkey Israel and Egypt at an adequate price was not. Puzzled as the locals process this fruit. Once at the weekend we go down with the children to the sea. little known trail where the wild grows pomegranate is abundant in Montenegro. And right in front of us is a picture. As on Montenegrin garnet, also garnet? Speaks Serbian Speaks Serbian Speaks Serbian and we have the patent, Yes, Yes, Yes. It’s a recess special. A liter of juice Montenegro offered us for 5 euros on the Internet about 10 euros per fresh pomegranate juice. He speaks Serbian. He speaks Serbian. Here they are technology proven for centuries! In this footage the place we are going now see in reality, want together with us? see this feature film entirely even sake of you expensive viewers I couldn’t help but love horror movies. By Serbian Director Milan Todorovic released it in 2014 called Mamula. That the boat came out of the Bay in the open sea was clear even to me, a man who grew up 1000 km from the sea. Such a drive! here is the island of Mamula, once it was called swallow island, but from the middle The 19th century was renamed after the construction Fort’s General Lazar Mamula Viceroy Austro-Hungarian Dalmatia. Needed fortress to protect the Bay of Kotor from attacks from the sea. We had a flight here, I would say not even the entrance and approach! therefore, it was impossible to hold the camera. The waves are very strong and the boat is small. shaking badly. Speaks English. In defense helped and two location of Fort Arza on the Peninsula Lustica and on the opposite side entrance to the Bay Cape of Prevlaka modern borders with Croatia. In world war I the Austrians turned Fort Mamula into a prison and on the sad events did not end there. In world war II was here concentration camp, Italian fascists organized. Before that there was a fortress for protection local territories, built Austro-Hungarians, now here do hotel to be finished by the project in 2020. The diameter of the fortress is 200 meters and height 16, on the island preserved buildings bakery, staff of the tower, spiral staircase in all this history the prospects are confused with the hotel. History was not afraid Egyptian Swiss investor the largest in Montenegro. The hotel here planned 5 star, meanwhile still prisoners of concentration camps are alive who survived all the horror in the walls Momoli. Commemorative events are held annually events. Would you like to stop to enjoy the sea. where once tortured Montenegrins patriots? please write to comments. Beets as well make them local Housewives, we saw it with our own eyes thanks to SoaD and the World that invited us to visit. Surprised that rolled out with a rolling pin only the bun, and then work with your hands. She stretched the dough with her fingers. meter sheet: focus, hocus pocus now look class, super, Yes, you represent! also looks well done Sophia it is also likes hiding. 20 minutes in the oven and Burek ready. Without yogurt can not do. Well what blue cave, who more tall tales with us. Because of but the captain said it was possible it will be difficult to get or not even get let’s see if he takes a chance. Speaks English. super Sit down! A guest from Japan admires the color of the water. Fish eat here? It can only be a shark? The color of the water of course amazing, hard to believe no lights. I’m in awe, just have I love it! Really different grottoes seen, but it is very impressive, very spectacular here is this blue cave! When you swim here the color of the water illuminated by the sun from another entrance into the grotto amazing [music] that’s all for now, thanks for being with us in the next releases would like to also with you to visit Bosnia in Albania already were, are looking if who still not saw. It should also be about the North of Montenegro. talk. Sign. All you good day! [music] [music]

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