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20+ FREEZER MEALS START TO FINISH | Big Batch Freezer Cooking!

– This is a good way
to start a video, huh? We got some wild and crazy hair going on. I got, look at what’s on my counter here. I got my dishes that have
been drying over night. Then these bowels over, these are from all the freezer cooking I did yesterday, but wait, there’s more. So to celebrate my
brand new, large family, freezer meal packs that are out, pack seven, eight, and nine, that you’ve been hearing so much about, today, I’m cooking up “Large Family Freezer Meals” pack nine, which is the dairy free pack. Oh yes I am. Now I’m gonna pull myself together here, but I have to get this video started or next thing I’ll know, I’ll
be in the middle of cooking and I’ll be like oh, forgot to share all the stuff I was going. So I don’t have anything prepped ahead. I know when I did pack
seven I had cooked the meat the day before while we were
doing our home school day. I just had the meat cooking
out here in the kitchen, and I prepped all the vegetables for that, and I had most of the vegetables
prepped ahead for yesterday when I cooked pack eight anyways. So for pack nine, I don’t
have anything prepped ahead. I think, honestly, the
ground beef that I need is frozen in the freezer,
real good Jamerrill. So, gonna get that out, get that cooking, then it’s hair coloring time. So, gonna get the hair color on my head while I cook the ground beef. Then we’re gonna dig
into all the veggie prep. Probably prep the veggies
while the color sits. Then this momma will get a shower, then we’ll put it it all together. See, that’s our plan
ready, set, lets do this. Turns out, it’s only six
pounds of ground beef I need to have cooked ahead. Actually, I ended up, yesterday, whenever I cooked up pack eight, sorry, my baby’s gonna holler
at me now for a minute, when I cooked up pack eight, I had some extra ground beef. I think that’s what I
was thinking in my head, but instead I took that ground beef, and instead of coming out
with 25 low carb freezer meals yesterday, I came out with about 30. I took that and I stretched it. I made some extra meals, so I gotta get some frozen
ground beef, get that cooking, then we’ll get hair color on this hair, and be on our way. This is how things are
looking from what I cooked up “Large Family Freezer Meals” pack seven. Which was all low-carb meals. And I cooked up freezer meal pack eight, which was also low-carb meals. There we go. It’s actually looking
pretty full Jamerrill, how you gonna get all the 25 meals from large family freezer
meal pack nine in here? Well we will. I have things kinda spread
out as they were freezing. See, those are stack oddly
cause I like to give the pans a little room so they don’t smoosh, so we will condense in here. And then tomorrow, I’m
taking half of what I made, I should have a total of
about 75 or actually 80 freezer meals from cooking
up these three new packs, and I’m splitting them
with one of my good friends who’s also a momma of
many and home schooling and working mom and all of that. She’s got an empty freezer
so after getting 40 meals from all this cooking,
she’ll be ready to go, yay. Actually I’m gonna do a little condensing while I’m out here, real quick. Good way to start the day,
condense your freezer Jamerrill. See, it helps to freeze these
freezer meals if you can lay them on a metal, like I have
a metal baking sheet here, that way they don’t freeze
into your freezer shelves here. So just a trick I learned
from operator error. (country music) Okay, well that sudden inspiration hit, and there we go. I just got everything condensed. So I have a lot of the
healthy, low-carb bakes, like the cabbage lasagna,
beef and cheddar bake, we also have a beef and cauliflower bake, several good bakes up there. Yes, talking hand is excited. Stacked the meatloaves there. I’ve got a drawer full of
low-card freezer meals here. Got a big stack of freezer meals there. These are all dump-and-go crock pot meals, or instant pot freezer meals,
slow cooker freezer meals, whatever you want to call them. This drawer is also full of them. And then over here on the side, I put the stuffed peppers down there. So yeah, we have room now for pack nine. I’m just gonna put his pan back in here, so as we have more freezer meals
to kinda flash freeze today we will do that, yay. So now to get the ground
beef, before I forget. So, as soon as I can get my ground beef where I can pull it apart here, I’m going to cook it in
my big 22 quart stock pot. And I’ll put about a
cup of water in there, put the lid on, run around
and do my other things. (country music) Found a shower, worked
out my life problems, we’re doing well. Hair is colored. Ground beef is cooked. Just hauled in a big bag of food from my garage refrigerators while my hair color was soaking, I spared you guys from that. I chopped up a bunch
of peppers and onions. I got my radishes out,
carrots out, ready to go. So we are able to do these,
whole lot of dairy free meals. The first thing that we’re going to do is the Italian sausage and peppers bake. I need to get out three
9X13 pans for that, and we’ll just do that right now. Let’s go. What I do many times, is for myself, I have many 9X13 and
11X15 glass baking dishes that I’ve collected over the years, many times I do freezer meals that I’m keeping for myself in those. Sorry, lets see here, making a ruckus. And then I keep a collection
of the metal baking pans. I will do some meals
for my family in these, but mainly I use these for when I’m sharing meals with friends. I don’t have anymore 9X13
glass pans available. Another question I get is, where do I keep all of
my glass baking dishes? I keep them all under this cabinet here. They stack well and
what I have in here now is a lot of my larger, I’ll show you here. I have a lot of these bigger,
this is bigger than 9X13. I’ve got a bunch of
these here looking at me. Anyway, trying to keep
it simple and cook along with the 9X13 in the packs. I have four of these metal
baking dishes right now, and I’m going to use these for
the sausage and peppers bake. This recipe calls for olive
oil, I’m using avocado oil because that’s what I have. Just showing you my phone here. Here’s the recipe that we are cooking up and it is for the brand new, dairy free, “Large Family Freezer Meals” pack nine. I can’t believe we made it
all the way to pack nine. Woo hoo. And it has been, almost a
year sense I’ve come out. I came out with packs one
through three last summer, and then four, five, and six, last fall. Here we are again, it’s fall already. Finally pack seven,
eight and nine are out. They’re available for a limited time. You can get the entire one
through nine bundle for 60% off. That makes them right
about six bucks a pack where they’re regularly $14.99. If you already have purchased
the first six packs, you can add on pack seven,
eight, and nine, for 30% off. Those prices are only gonna
be for a few more days so click the first link
in the description below to go ahead and get that
super, awesome, mega deal on all of my large family
freezer meal packs. My family loves this Italian
sausage and peppers bake. It’s super easy, it’s
also a low carb meal. Now, in the pack nine, the dairy free pack that I’m cooking today,
we’re gonna be making about 25 or so dairy free freezer meals. Just gonna do a little drizzle of oil over the sausages here. Also gonna add in peppers. Now, I would like to do
colored peppers in these bakes and have lots of red and oranges, well, however, I have a
bunch of green peppers anyway that needed to get used up. So, we’re going for green this time. It’ll be good. We’re gonna do our onion. The recipe calls for minced garlic. I used up all my minced
garlic with the meals I was doing yesterday, so I’m just gonna substitute
with some garlic powder. And I’m doing a little bit of basil here. We are all good to go with this Italian sausage and peppers bake, yum. Now I just thought I better tell you, the 25 freezer meals that were making. I bet you would like to know what. I just made three pans of
Italian sausage and peppers bake. We’re also doing beef and
broccoli, which is amazing. We’re doing coconut lime chicken, a whole bunch of tuna cakes, beef fajitas, homemade sloppy-joes, our sesame chicken,
zesty Italian pork roast, beef stew, and peppered lemon chicken. That’s what’s going down with
this dairy free pack today. Okay, so next we’re gonna do
the zesty Italian pork roast. Just got some seasoning mix right here. Going to put one of these into each bag. I have two pork roasts
left from a long pork loin. (stutters) Woo hoo, listen to all that stuttering. Pork loin, that I bought at Costco. If you would like to see my large family grocery
shopping haul from Costco, that I did to get
everything for what’s gonna be a total of 80 healthy freezer meals, that will be linked down
in the description below. But instead of buying
individual pork roasts, I bought these, about nine pound loins. Then I divided them by thirds so I ended up with multiple
three pound roasts. I needed those for packs seven and eight, that I’ve cooked the last two days. And I had two left here
for such a time as this. Get in there pork, yes. And then once these are done, sense these are just a
quick little throw and go, or dump-and-go crock pot meals, I will take these zesty
Italian pork roasts and we will wrap up and take
the Italian peppers outside. (country music) Okay, now we will get
these out to the garage and keep on trucking. Gonna go ahead and drain my ground beef. Don’t worry, I’ve got a big
bowl that it’s draining into. That was 10 pounds of ground beef. Whenever we get to do the sloppy-joes, I’m making extra cause when
my kids heard sloppy-joes they were super excited and
sense it’s a little late to get the sloppy-joes
going in the slow cooker, the recipe for that is
included in pack nine, I’m gonna actually throw
it on the stove top. It’ll come together nicely. And by the time they get back
home with hamburger buns, their dinner will be done. That’s our trade off. I have several almost
empty things of mustard. We’ll use those up. I’ve been doing so much cooking,
my refrigerator desperately needs a good clean out. So, yes, light brown sugar,
going into the sloppy-joes, and then I need almost a cup of mustard. And my little bits that
are left in these bottles, we will use this up. For my recipe with the
six pounds of ground beef you need three cups of ketchup. We have our soy sauce,
garlic power, onion power. I’m gonna use this can opener today. Let’s see if it’s playing along. (country music) Okay, so bringing you over here, here’s 10 pounds of sloppy-joes
that we’re gonna warm up on the stove and kids
are on their way home. So we are going to throw together the peppered lemon chicken real quick. I’m gonna go ahead and add my pepper in. Supposed to be about a teaspoon of pepper. Again, we’re doing eyeballing. Lemon, I have a couple
different bottles of lemon juice I’m using up. We’re gonna use up some
of this avocado oil. Now next up, we’re gonna
roll through the beef meals. There’s a beef and broccoli
meal that is so good, so good over steamed rice. There is a beef fajita meal and then there is a beef stew meal. Which, we’re also making
multiples of all of those so I thought we would roll into those and then we have tuna cakes
and another meal after that, but we’re getting there. I went ahead and got the
beef stew bags going. We got radishes in here, fresh
garlic, parsley, carrots. There’s a few more things
I need to add in here. I’ve got two bags of beef stew here. I added the stew meat and the broth. There we go. Pretty, colorful bag. There we go. Now I’m gonna stop for a
minute and get my kids dinner. Okay, so, for the kiddos,
we’ve got this whole tray of sloppy-joes. Then I’ve got a bunch of apples here. I’m gonna have them make their own plates out at the dinning room table. Okay, so I know I’m jumping around on you. Just got kids out in
the dining room eating. I’ve been working on beef fajitas. Benjamin, you’re out here eating apples? Okay, now we’re gonna do
the beef and broccoli. What you can do with
your beef and broccoli, and as the directions say,
you take your broccoli, you put it in a separate bag. I usually add the broccoli
and then a little bit of corn starch at the very end. The broccoli will soften
within 30 minutes. The corn starch, you can
do one of two things. You can remove a little bit of liquid, mix in your tablespoon of corn starch, then whisk it back in. What I usually end up doing is
just sprinkle my corn starch into the whole slow cooker,
stir it around with the spoon a little bit, add the
broccoli, put the lid on it. It all works out. Kids are cleaning up from dinner. I am loading up. I just finished this beef and broccoli. Kids have been coming
through, trying on clothes for an event later this week. I’ve been working on this
coconut lime chicken. I’m moving in super slow motion. I should of got all this done hours ago, while they were gone and I did not. That’s okay. We shall continue. So coconut lime chicken. Got several of the ingredients
in here, except the lime and I’m gonna put some ginger in also. Okay. And then I still have my ginger paste, which is convenient. Okay, so I have made 23
dairy-free freezer meals. I have not done the tuna cakes. I dropped a can of tuna
on my ankle earlier. I’ll show you my efforts. I have my tuna here, but
I’m kinda mommied out. You know how that goes sometimes? Like it’s taken me a
long time this evening. I’ve been stopping for
lots of mommy things. I got kids in front of me,
getting ready for an event and trying on outfits and
stuff that are needed, and my mommy meter is just like, you know what, I’m done,
done in the kitchen. So, I got a whole lot done, cooking packs seven, eight, and nine. I’m gonna take this
coconut lime chicken out, put it in the freezer, and I’m gonna show you where things are. Okay, here’s a look at how
all this freezer cooking has turned out. We’re at between 75 and 80 freezer meals. I’m gonna do those tuna
cakes here, another night, but this is how everything is loaded down. These items, I will move them
off my sheet pan tomorrow at some point. Lemon pepper chicken in the door. Put the fajitas and such there. Just put the coconut
lime chicken there, yay. Don’t forget, there’s just a few days left for you to get the brand
new super mega bundle, that has packs one
through nine for 60% off. That includes the brand new
packs seven, eight, and nine. Pack seven and eight are low-carb. Pack nine is dairy-free
and it still has tuna cakes and you can keep your focus better than me and get your tuna cakes done in one night. But again, this mom is saying, I’m gonna clean this
kitchen and go to bed. In each of the “Large
Family Freezer Meals” packs, you will have the recipes,
the grocery shopping guide, the big batch cooking
guide that holds your hands through all the prep work that
needs to be done in advance. It will have the recipes
and freezer meal printables and many of the packs,
including the brand new seven, eight, and nine pack,
also have the single recipe addition, which includes
another batch cooking guide and another grocery list. So lets say you don’t wanna
do 25 to 30 freezer meals at one shot, you just want to do 10 to 12, like a sensible person,
we already have those directions in there to
slim it down a bit for you. So click the first link
in the description below to get 60% off now, while you can, yay.

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