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2016 02 07 A Who Then Is This Andy Baker 28161643205

1 look if you had your Bible term of three
more chapter four chapter 4 if you’re new with us today we’ve been going
through the book of Mark for several weeks now and will continue as we move
forward into this new year and into 2016 and as we begin looking at this passage
I want to introduce it by reading a song before we get our texts and the song
that you just that we’re gonna read as the one you just heard that that that
bomb Iran but I want you to listen intently and pick up on the power and
the authority that is being ascribed to the Lord within this song and process in
your hearts how it correlates to the story that we’re gonna read today the
story of Jesus and so listen to this song as I read it before we get to our
main text others went to sea in ships conducting trade on the vast waters they saw the Lord’s works his wonderful
works in the D he spoke and raised a tempest that stirred up the waves of the
sea rising up to just see sinking down to
the depths their courage melting away an anguished they reeled in staggered like
drunken men and all their skill was useless then they cried out to the Lord in their
trouble and he brought them out of their distress he still the storm to a murmur
in the waves of the sea were hushed they rejoiced when the waves grew quiet then
he guided them to the harbor they long for let them give thanks to the Lord for
His faithful love and his wonderful works for all humanity let them exalt
him in the assembly of the people and praised him and the Council of the
elders you see as we’ve just heard in this song and as we study from our
passage in mark for today we’re left with a very firm truth that Jesus is the
god of Psalm 107 who’s still the storm to a murmur and whose when the waves of
the sea were hushed you see we live in a culture we live in a society even a
church culture that questions who Jesus truly is and as we studied in March
chapter for the society and culture of this time in which Jesus was living is
not much different than our culture today we’ve seen them question who is
Jesus who is this guy who is he really and we see that even today and if we had
a poll a variety of people from all different parts of life from all
different walks of life all different parts of this country and this world we
would come to the conclusion that people believe Jesus to be a variety of
different things they believed him to be a variety of different people but the
ultimate purpose of what we’re gonna see today in March after form in this story is that Jesus does what
only God can do Jesus does what only God can do Jesus
does what only God can do because Jesus is God in the flesh God incarnate God
with skin and bones and this is the first series of historical accounts that
we’re going to look at that bear witness to Jesus as a miracle worker we’ve seen
already that he is a miracle worker over a variety of things but what we see
today is that he has the authority over nature we’re going to see in the coming
weeks that he has the authority over demons he has the authority over
sickness he has the authority over death and what we also see today is that Jesus
God orchestrates events in the lives of his people he orchestrates events in the
lives of his people to increase their face to increase their trust he does
this in the lives of the Apostles the disciples that we will see today and he
does this in our lives as well and as he does this he builds our trust and he
points our attention to his ultimate authority over all things all things and
so if you would please stand with me as we read more chapter four verses 3541 on the word of God reads and Mark
chapter four verses 3541 on that day when evening had come he said to them
let us go across to the other side and leaving the crowd they took him with
them in the boat just as he was and other boats were with him and a great
wind storm arose in the waves were breaking into the boat so that the boat
was already feeling when he was in the stern asleep on a cushion and they woke
him and said to him teacher do you not care that we are perishing and he awoke
and rebuked the wind and said to the sea peace be still and the wind cease and it
was a great call he said to them why are you so afraid that you still no faith
and they were filled with great fear and said to one another who is this even the
wind and the sea obey Him let’s pray together God in heaven were so grateful
for your word we’re so grateful for the opportunity to look to your word and
operate God that is your word is proclaimed in this place this morning
near Spiritwood communicated communicated to the hearts of your
people know that you would sanctify that you identify that you would regenerate
that you would bring salvation God that this would be a time in which your
spirit doesn’t work in the lives of all of us and as we leave here today we would
leave completely changed knowing of your great authority this in Jesus name Amen baby seat in so
as we begin looking into this passage is important again understand that God
often orchestrates events in the lives of his people to grow to increase their
faith and their dependence upon him and in looking at this story one thing that
we always ask as believers and we always ask as a church when coming to a text is
what does this text me within its context what is the original intent of
this story supposed to communicate to God’s people because you see there are
there are there are not many stories within the Bible that have been poorly
applied more than this one this story has been poorly applied
throughout all of history by a variety of creatures to mean something that it
does not necessarily mean you see oftentimes you may hear a preacher take
this passage and put put forth the overall point that they that they make of this this
says Jesus will get you through all the storms of your life and we hear that and
while that is warm and encouraging and happy that is not necessarily the point
of this passage this is not necessarily what God is communicating to his people
in teaching us through this passage and while she just does help us get through
the storms of this life in this passage it was intended to maximize the
disciples understanding of who Jesus is and their understanding of the sovereign
all-powerful lord it is to maximize our understanding the reader’s understanding
of who Jesus is and how sovereign and how all-powerful he is and it’s intended
to point our attention to the fact that Jesus possesses the overall sovereign
power and authority over everything the overall sovereign power and authority
over every single thing and I hope that is what we see here this morning and
when jesus is sovereign power being at the forefront of our minds I think that
it’s important that we first consider the first part of this passage who led
them into the storm who led the disciples into the storm at the seamers
35 on that day when evening had come he said to them let us go across to the
other side and leaving the crowd they took him with them in a boat just as he
was you see Jesus when we left him in a boat teaching from a boat because the
crowds were so large the crowds were pushing in so tired what he would do is
often sit in a boat just push off shore so he could speak to a greater variety
of people and so Jesus already in a boat from teaching says let’s go I’m tired
i’ve been teaching a long time let’s move home and after a full day of preaching and
teaching he now gathers his people for much-needed rest and he suggests that
they cross to the other side of the sea towards the region of the gear scenes
you see here’s why we’re going to see this next week Jesus had a divine
appointment Jesus had a divine appointment with a man possessed by
demons in which we will see next weekend so Jesus knowing of this divine
appointment because he is the all powerful all sovereign God says let’s go
across let’s move on I need some rest and embarking on this journey a serious
wind storm began to cry now we’ve had some wind storms around here recently
haven’t we we’ve had some serious weather so far this year and we’re
talking about a windstorm here in this passage were not just speaking of a
light breeze we’re not talking fifteen twenty mile an hour winds that may just
be an afternoon breeze here work talk in hurricane like winds maybe not as
intense as Katrina but we’re talking intense winds and the way to the sea was
in the way that the land was around it the women often push down as it was as
it was down a mountain in create these giant windstorms degree would render
this a hurricane like or even Matthew and his account an earthquake like wind
storm now maybe you’ve been in a boat when a great wind storm came up probably
not very very fun and so here’s this great windstorm here’s this great storm
that has arisen in which waves continue to pour into the boat continued pouring
over into the boat this was something fears that’s come up this was something
serious the wind is howling they’re taking on
water seemingly about to go down but didn’t catch Jesus off the floor know and we’ll see that just a moment
this didn’t catch Jesus off guard he led them into this storm Jesus led them into
this storm and at this point the disciples had no idea no idea that this
terrible measurable storm was going to be a vehicle for teaching a vehicle for
teaching them about God and about Jesus and about the power that he possesses
they had no idea and so while this storm was raging while Jesus led them into
this storm the storm was essential this storm was essential for their spiritual
development this storm was essential for the development of the disciples and
followers of Jesus you see here’s what I know many of you know this without
difficulties without trials without stresses without failures we would never
grow to be what we should become as far as disciples of Christ without these
things we miss out on a large part of who Christ is and you can think when
everything’s good and everything is good we don’t necessarily express a need for
Christ but when stuff hits the fan where do we turn we turn to price without these
difficulties we would fail to grow into what we should become so storms storms
are part of the process of spiritual growth will see this
analyzed of the disciples as these are divinely ordained moments and there are
divinely ordained moments within all of our lives divinely ordained moments within all of
our lives in which God is working in the everyday circumstances to teach us and
when God is leading us in everyday circumstances to reveal to us who he is
who we are but more importantly who we need that is Christ he’s doing this with
the disciples today you see many here will affirm that it is in the most
difficult times of life in which God truly doesn’t work within us you agree
it’s within the most difficult times of life in which God truly doesn’t work
within us revealing to us our helplessness and his power in order to know who
Christ is we have to come to the end of ourselves we have to realize we are
utterly helpless in this world apart from the power of God even the
unbeliever the atheist someone who does not look to God or look to Christ or
anything like that is utterly helpless apart from God because it is God that
sustains their bodies to take in air and sustains their lives to continue living
let’s consider a similar truth here you see there’s a story in the Old Testament
about a guy named Jonah many of you know this story about Jonah Jonah is a
parallel story to this if we think about it this particular story of Jesus has
tremendous implications when we parallel it with Joan in what this means for who
Jesus truly is the story of Jonah we teach our kids often times and we know
it joanna was called to go to Nineveh and
share God’s grace with people in in Irvine he didn’t want to go so we hopped
on a boat and a great wind storm arose and Jonah was asleep in the boat and
then the guys were trying to figure out the crew what’s going on there they’re
going crazy they’re going nuts they’re confused they’re scared they’re
terrified and it comes to a point where they go looks we gotta find out got cast
lots and figure out whose God we need to pray to eventually joan is just throw me
overboard and stop they throw Joan overboard the wind stops he gets wanna
buy big fish get back out three days later carries on the mission of God we see similar story line here and we’re
gonna step by step through this as we go through this passage in a story of Jonah
Jonah 14 uses very similar language to describe a great storm that had arisen
Jonah 14 but the Lord hurled a great wind up on the sea and it was a mighty
tempest on the sea so that the ship threatened to break up the Mariners were
afraid and cried out to God does Jonah in Jesus were in a boat their boats were
overtaken by a great storm in the language used is almost identical and as
we walked through the story and see how Jesus has stubbornly led the disciples
into the storm the next huge huge huge in don’t miss this you miss anything
else today don’t miss this point is the second thing I have to say it’s Jesus as
God incarnate do not miss if you miss anything else today do not miss the fact
that Jesus is God Jesus is God incarnate we see this in
verse 38 to 40 but he was in the star on a sleep on the cushion and I woke him
and sent him teacher do you not care that we are perishing and he awoke
rebuked the wind and said the see peace be still and the wind ceased and it was
a great poem and he said to them why are you so
afraid you still know the Bible firms and the church has always a firm and
always believed that Jesus is fully God and fully man we’ve all heard there what
does that mean what does it mean for Jesus to be fully God and fully man this
means that Jesus is 100% God and Jesus is 100% man its wild to think about when
you break it down but this is the truth and the only qualification to his
humanity is that he was without CNN because he had no sin nature how did he
have no sin nature he was born of the Virgin Mary was the holy spirit in which
Jesus was conceived he didn’t have the nature of Adam because he had no earthly
father he had Joseph yes but he was not born of an earthly father which makes
him 100% man 100% God and in this particular instance we see
that Christ was fully man you seen the Bible repeatedly affirmed Jesus got
hungry Jesus got angry Jesus cried he had sorrow Jesus died we see that on the cross and here we see
that he was tire he was weary and he went to sleep CNN extremely exhausting days so much so
that he slept through this brutal storm sleeping through this store while this
storm is so brew and he is sleeping Jesus was fully human but here’s what
Jesus had Jesus had complete trust in the providential care of the father how
does he sleep through the storm complete trust in the providential care of the
fog you’ve seen people that are dealing with very very tough things and why
you’ve seen people face cancer you’ve seen people face death you’ve seen
people go through a variety of things in there are often those who embrace it is
call Ms Cohen can be with the utmost just Solemnis almost it’s like it
doesn’t shake them at all you know why people have complete trust
in the providential care of the Father we have complete trust in the
providential care of the Father will sleep through storms of this life and a
surly physically necessary but we will be call due to storms in this light all
we need to know Jesus sleeping on this boat this wasn’t a cruise ship this
wasn’t a you know pretty steady don’t feel the waves arrived in tight ship
this was a boat that was rocking in the midst of this storm and presumably based
upon what we know from history about these boats Jesus was asleep in the open
air he wasn’t in the game then the captain’s chambers are now in the cabin
he was in the open air getting drenched with water and he’s asleep is crazy he’s
soaking wet here potentially getting drenched with water but he slept soundly
on the hard wooden planks with the small cushion small pillow and the disciples are
terrified terrify the storm you see we must know this though these are not just
some random guys out in the middle of a boat in the ocean is it not me I went out the window blew
five miles an hour I’d be freaking out when you get back to land here these are
trained fishermen these men are used to this these men know exactly this sea and
they spent their lives in boats and and and and this and and and they’re
terrified at this storm is it just the average Joe these are guys that usually
don’t get terrified but this storm has terrified it would be like to watch
Deadliest Catch Discovery Channel I love that show it is I’ll stay up all night
just watching that show but this is like the cruise on those boats you seen
hurricanes go through the Bering Sea on that show and you just see regular
storms come their way and these boats are doing awesome you offshore guys know
this these boats are doing some of his stuff right here and they’re out on the
network and not a moral body water splashing in on freezing cold water and
this that and the other not worried about the disciples here gettin
terrified of those guys get there they’re used to all this stuff are used
to the crashing of the waves they’re used to the to the storms in the winds
and they’re terrified service feared for their lives as Jesus slept soundly why
does God incarnate God in the flesh God incarnate knew that his time and not yet
come jesus knew that his time had not yet calm and he sleeps soundly soundly
she knew exactly what he was doing famous missionary Lottie Moon you’re
familiar with her name as it’s an offering we take up every year said I
have a firm conviction that I am immortal into my work is done I have a
firm conviction that I am immortal until my work is done jesus knew this and essentially we are
immortal until our work on earth is finished what does that mean that means
we have a mission to complete until we die and leave this earth and until we
complete that mission the mission that the Lord has laid out for us
individually we will not die but when he appointed time has come in the mission
has been complete we will jesus knew he had to work to complete on the cross he
was confident in his father’s promise to see him finish and the disciples were they do they wake
him up verify questioning his love questioning
his compassion quick question in his care for who they are they are panicking
why we lose faith in the ones we trust we panic they lost faith in the one they
trusted they lost faith in Jesus when they lose faith in Jesus when they have
lost their faith they’ve begun to panic when you lose faith in the one you trust
the one that has authority and power over all things when you lose faith in
his providential care you panic in the cycles did this you see you and I do the
same thing don’t we do the exact same thing when the storms of this life
combination us and we lose faith in Christ we begin to panic because we do
not think that Christ has control of this we do not think that God has
control of this and they had lost faith in Christ and they were panicking
they’re requesting his love they were questioning his concern for them they
said teacher do you not care that we are perishing boldly boldly rebuking price
do you not care that we are dying that we are perishing that we are about to
give way they lash out against Jesus why they see
how helpless they are in the situation they lash out against use of tsetse it
hurts me hurts me deeply when I see myself in the design is often do not see
myself and the disciples when hard times come away when times of uncertainty come
my way oftentimes on lash out when go god are
you even there you cared you even seen you don’t love me anymore and you been
there have you been there you go there you begin questioning the love of god
why you lost sight of lost faith in the one that you trust Jesus has proven
himself over and over to decide we’ve been studying here says he’s healing
people he’s teaching he’s he’s he’s he’s he’s raising people up who can’t walk
all of these things yet when caught by surprise when
squeezed by divisive trouble they seem rather than have faith that we do the
same thing sure rather than have faith Prince of
preachers Charles Spurgeon said this god is too wise to err too good to be unkind
leave off doubting him and begin to trust him or in so doing you will put a
crown of faith on his head and I say let’s not doubt christ let’s not doubt
christ in unbelief as the disciples did when the storms in this life come our
way around him in faith why because he possesses all authority
he has all control we see that right here burst 39 Jesus awoke and rebuked
the wind he said to the sea piece he still sees there was a great
call Jesus awaits Jesus calms the storm by his were Jesus has the power
Hurricane Katrina one of the worst storms in history we remember it very
well most of you do Jesus had the power to speak the word
peace peace deal and that storm that hit land that’s how much power Jesus has tornadoes ripping through this part of
the world jesus could say peace be still and that tornado cease that’s the kind
of power he has think about how he you judge Hurricane Katrina was in the
damage that it brought he could say if it was his well peace be still and it
would disappear so much power he possessed how much power he possesses he
raises the dead against site to the mind he keeps this earth on its axis allows
the principles of gravity to hold you and I do it so that we don’t float away
he sustains the universe he sustains the Sun he sustains the galaxies we don’t even
know about power power he does all those things and
we think he can’t see a small store powerful jesus’ he possesses all of this
power should we let him control every aspect of our lives he’s ruled the
swelling of the sea when its waves rise you still dim sum 65 537 my awesome
deeds you answer us in righteousness O God of our salvation you are the trust
of all the ends of the earth and the for this see who establishes the mountains
my his strength being burned in with my who steals the roaring sees the roaring
of their waves in the tumult of the people’s he is unlimited he is
all-powerful he reviewed snowstorm in the same way he refutes the demons
literally be muzzled zip it possesses this tower authority and you know what the response
of the wind and the waves are immediate call why their master has smoked the master has spoken and they obey a
tremendous tremendous tremendous salvation in what God has done for me up
to you need story sitting back here Thursday for the sheriff’s department
luncheon and then in my early day I went saved as a team and I was wrapped up in
things in this world and getting in trouble and all these other things with
this guy walks in on Thursday is a share from our county sheriff’s deputy Jim and
I know you said you look for me he said that to me and I know you said in August
2005 you are free at 2:30 a.m. on Broadway Dr you pulled me over I said
and you pulled me over that day change my wife some trouble I realize
when I was in handcuffs that it was not that I was controlling my life at that
point officer McNeely was controlling my life
at that point and I looked at him and I said God use you to change my life powerful as I wife two kids one on the
way up after the jurors have been a mystery for seven years as you hold me
over August 2005 213 more on Broadway Dr I said I’ve got the police report I can
show it to you sit in the right-hand drawer in my desk back here that I keep
right there told those guys the story all of us what
you do is important raise the dead spirits lead a raised that day piece be steel and the storms obey Him
says I want relationship with you instead of sending you to hell display hurricane-force winds stopped
with a single word only God can do this so Jesus must be gone only God can do
this so Jesus must be gone this is the direction in which Jesus would drive his
disciples he went from addressing the storm an address to addressing the
disciples why are you afraid you not have faith that unites seen what I’m
able to do do not trust in who I am and miserable don’t understand they can’t
comprehend and they they won’t comprehend fully until Jesus ascended
into spirit descends upon them in Acts Chapter two in the eye of the storm rather than
trusting Jesus disciples accused user per cent in there are you up there are
you then they even care even care about me even care about my family what do you
do in the midst of the storms of your life you trust Christ is the outcome is out of your hands are
you accuse him of not loving you are doing what is good for you sea trials and difficulties are divine
appointments to strengthen our faith we don’t always understand them we don’t
always have the answer God uses these things to strengthen our
faith in drawers to him and show us his goodness you see the real threat to
faith does it come from a lack of knowledge wise don’t know enough about
the Bible doesn’t come from a lack of knowledge it comes from doubt and fear
we must always know the Christ as supreme authority over all things and
again in Jonah the similarities tremendous Jesus in John are both asleep
during the treacherous storm both stories the sailors are terrified at the
storm they wake up the sleeper in both they proclaimed that they were going to
die and in most cases there was a miraculous
divine intervention in the sea was called jesus calmed by His Word Alana
conduct by the sacrifice that he made throw me overboard both stories here’s
the kicker in both stories the sailors even more terrified and they were before
the storm is gone even more terrified and here’s the final thing the fear of
God outlays the fear of anything else a fear of God outweighs the fear of
anything else verse 41 and they were filled with great year said one another
who then is this that even the wind and the sea obey outweighs the fear of
anything else you fear the LORD your fear man man can just destroy the body
not destroyed soul in the disciples those closest to Jesus so far in his
ministry are left looking around wondering who is this who is this guy that he can do these
things that the storm the sea in the win obey Him with fear not worried about the storm
anymore they’re not terrified of the storm anymore they’re filled with fear
it who Jesus is God standing for a fear God and ironically the terror of the
disciples Jesus has done this is not their initial three-year anymore it’s
not a fear of the store in in in in the presidents of the supernatural the
presence of the supernatural is more frightening to humanity than the most
destructive natural disasters presents love of Christ the presidents of the
Spirit of God the presence of God is much more frightening to humanity than
the most destructive natural disasters Jonas him so much throw me overboard almost
like an even I don’t even want you see or encounter or or or talk to God and
then just throw me over more apples are better able to handle the possibility of
their own death in the possibility of being in the presence of God and that leaves us with this question
who then is this question before the disciples the question before March
reader is this who is this and what their fear will your fear of God and who
Christ is lead them to put their trust in him fully will it lead him to do that
and we see that after Jesus has died in resurrected the disciples going and
going in and and preaching and teaching and being martyred and all of these
things though this incident exemplifies the
divine glory of Christ as the creator in control of this natural world it also
listen it also reveals his compassionate care he didn’t allow the disciples to
perish frightening storm in the spied in spite of the disciples failing for a
sovereign saver rip save your rescue his followers of Christ loves his speech
compassion towards his feet even in the most difficult storms of your life even
in the hardest times of your life concerts and shows compassion to his
people are not enemies of God your adopted sons and daughters so what about joan is this all of the
comparison with LinkedIn we look at the rest of the story in jesus’ you
Matthew’s Gospel chapter 12 hours 41 Jesus is this the one greater than joan
is here see Jesus is referring to himself very familiar with the story of
Jonah Jesus is saying I am the true Jonah Sunday I will call the storms and
still the waves I’m going to destroy destruction I’m going to break
brokenness I’m going to kill death how can you do that you can do there was
when he was on the cross was thrown willingly like Jonah into the ultimate
storm under the ultimate waves the waves of sin and death in Jesus was thrown
into this storm the only storm they can sync you and I
storm of sin and death the only storm that can see you and I
the storm of eternal justice paying for what we owe our wrongdoing storm wasn’t gone til it’s wet Jesus
away joan is storm is gone because Jesus it
is finished it swept him away into death and in a sign of Jesus bowing his here
into the ultimate storm if this site is burned into our brains if the side of
the gospel is burned into our brains in burned into our hearts and at the core
of who we are if it is truly resonating within us if it is Barry its roots in
and growing within our hearts you will never say God you don’t care about me and as soon as you do if you do as soon
as you do you remember the gospel course God cares about you look at the cross
look at the cross as soon as these storms overtake us if the gospel is
planted deep within us say god don’t you care we may get swept into that lie but will
be quickly reminded yes yes I do care look at the cross cross leads us to
obedience you know listen if you know that he did not abandon you and the
ultimate storm what makes you think what makes you
think he’s going to abandon you in the much smaller storms that you’re
dealing with now is he’s compassionate he will return and steal all the storms
for eternity Jonah was in the belly of the fish for
three days off after three days he was regurgitate added vomited back out onto
land to carry out his mission that God had laid before him taking the news of
Jehovah God to a people who haven’t repented of their sin Jesus was buried in the belly of the
earth for three days raised on the third alive at the right
hand of the Father today calling people to place their faith and trust in him be redeemed for their sin never to be
left alone for I am with you always trust in Christ today trust in christ why what he’s done for
you I’m across as he possesses ultimate authority

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