2019 Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook Off Review | Nevada Homes for Sale
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2019 Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook Off Review | Nevada Homes for Sale

– Hot ribs to the warmer! – [Men] Hot ribs. – Hey everybody, I’m Phillip Goodman, from the Nevada Real Estate Group at Kelly Williams Group
One, Inc. in Reno, Nevada and this is the recap of the 2019 Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook Off. (music) The event takes over Victorian Square in Sparks every Labor Day week, bringing together rib masters
from all over the country. I caught up with some of the people who make the Best in
the West Nugget Cook Off the premier summer party. First, I got to meet some of the talent that rocked the Plaza Stage. The Wesley Orsolic Band, based in South Lake Tahoe, Wesley Orsolic and Liz Broscoe were thrilled to be included in the rib cook off for their first time. Now, I read in your bio
that you were LA based, what part of LA? – Well, you know, I’m actually from Croatia, originally. – I was gonna ask about your accent. – Yeah, I moved. Yeah, that’s right. I moved to LA long time ago and I spent some time there and then I kinda to be honest
with you, didn’t like it. So, I moved a little bit to
Vegas, didn’t like there. So, I moved to San Francisco. In mean time, I travel with my other band and ended up in Tahoe, ’cause I played in Tahoe quite
a bit with my other band, and I just love it there. So, yeah, we ended up here and we love it. You know, this is our first gig, actually, in Reno. We do quite a few gigs in Tahoe. Around that area, North
Shore, and you know. Truckee and all that area. But we’re really excited to be here. – Now we’re talking to Liz Broscoe, the drummer for the Wesley Orsolic Band. What compelled you to be a drummer? – I started drumming when I was 10, my brothers used to tell
me I drummed in my sleep. And I just got into it
in high school and then I continued on through
college and 40 years later, I’m still doing it. – And who are your favorite drummers? – Steve Gadd. – From? – Steve Gadd is a well recorded artist, played with Paul Simons, Steeley
Dan, John Bonham, of course. – Oh sure, Led Zeppelin. – Yes, and Karen Carpenter
was my inspiration when I was a little girl. – And that’s where we get the mix of your drumming and your singing
on many of these tracks that we’re hearing today. – Yes – Oh fantastic, so how did you get connected to your Wesley?
– To Wes? – We met in another band
in Tahoe 20 years ago, and we left that band and started recording albums and cumulatively we’ve got
about seven albums we’ve done on and off together. So it’s been 20 years of working. – Well you can definitely feel and hear and sense the synergy with
all of you guys on stage. It’s been a fantastic performance here at the Nugget Rib Cook Off, you should definitely
check out their website, and go see one of their shows in Tahoe. And hopefully you’ll be back down the hill here in Reno, performing again.
– Oh, we hope so. (upbeat music) The Wesley Orsolic Band set the stage for a jam-packed weekend filled with delicious food and lots of local vendors. These tents were stocked
full of Nevada gear, home decor, art work, jewelry,
and other unique souvenirs. Finally, as the weekend came
to a close on Labor Day, the awards ceremony gave
some rib competitors the bragging rights they came here for. Cook off winners are
chosen by a panel of judges consisting of city officials
and local executive chefs. These judges are sequestered
in a Nugget ballroom where rib runners will
retrieve the competitors ribs and bring them to judging panel. The runners issue the
competitors a numbered ticket that corresponds to the
rib tray being delivered. This makes the process an absolute secret, until the winners are revealed onstage by the number on their pan. – Alright, let’s get some winners crowned here, we’re going to
start off with best sauce. It looks like our rookie
contestants here, Git-R-Smoked coming out strong with best sauce, come on up here guys! (audience cheers) – [Phillip] This was
Git-R-Smoked’s first year at the Nugget Rib Cook Off. Owner, Kevin McFarland
talked about what goes into an award winning sauce and business. – A lot of hard work, a lot of sugar, we’ll just leave it there, sugar. Some of the events we’ve catered, I mean we do everything
from the Wing Fest, all the way down to the Reno Rodeo. All our food is cooked on site, so we can cater a party from 20 to 10,000 people. – 10,000? – 10,000. – 10,000.
– How many smokers do you
have for 10,000 people? – Six. – [Phillip] Where did the
logo concept come from? – It was a dream I had one night, so we incorporated it
into our barbecue rub, and then from there the wife said, “Okay, let’s turn it into our main banner.” – You dreamt that Godzilla and a pig merged together and decided to cook? – Henceforth, Porkzilla. – Porkzilla, so I was close! Excellent. Here are the rest of the winners. – Okay, ladies and gentleman, we have 12 professional judges to come in and pick the actual
winner, but in my mind, you guys are the winner,
this is the real winner, this is the people’s choice
for the third year in a row, Back Forty Texas Barbecue. Come on, let’s hear it for these guys! (audience cheers) Okay next, we’re going to
have our fifth place winner. Locally here, Famous
Dave’s, come on up guys! (audience cheers) Comin’ up next, we have our
forth place winner of $1,000. Austin’s Texas Lighting,
give it up for this family, Come on up, guys! (audience cheers) Congratulations, Texas Barbecue Lightning! For third place, we’re looking
for ticket number 5-5-4-7-5-3-3. Okay, let’s hear it for
Hole in the Wall Barbeque! Come on up, folks! (audience cheers) Okay next, we’re gonna crown our runner-up. Okay, looks like Checkered Pig
is your second place winner! Congratulations! Okay now, for the information
you guys are all looking for, not only is this winner
get the tallest trophy, they get $10,000, but most important,
they get bragging rights as the number one rib cooker
in the 2019 Rib Cook Off. Okay it’s official, back-to-back winners, Montana Barbecue Company! Let’s hear it for ’em guys! (audience cheers) – It was an exciting win for Montana Que as they accepted their second
consecutive championship trophy for Best Ribs. Owner and operator Tom
Moua, was more than happy to talk with us with this year’s trophy. I am with the back-to-back
grand champion, Tom Moua. Tom, congratulations! – Thank you. – I was talking with Randy, the director of
communications for the Nugget, and they haven’t had back-to-back champions in decades. How does it feel? – Oh man, I’m so shocked right
now, you don’t understand. I’m on cloud nine. – Well, once again you’ve
put out a spectacular product, the line is
through the village again. Did you do anything
different or were you able to mimic exactly what you did last year? – You know I always try
to mimic it, every time, I cook ribs the same way. I never change the recipe, I keep it the same. Like I always tell people,
if it ain’t broken, why fix it, right? So even if I don’t win, I
will still do the same way, ’cause it’s won me more times than lost. – Now, of course, the first thing I did when I got to the Rib
Cook Off, the first day, was to come after your
bison ribs, and there was something a little more magical this year about the ribs that you
you’re going to tell me about. – Yeah, on the Bison ribs, you
know they are a little bit special, I had my son
help me make the rub. And I mean it’s kinda
oops, but actually we did a little more flavoring to
it just so we can bring out that sweetness, of that
meat, of that bison rib. – And it was fantastic, and a steal at only $5 a rib, do you have
any left today as we’re nearing the end of the Rib Cook Off? – Man, we’re probably, being
honest with you, probably gonna run out, like you know, today
we weren’t expecting a win, so we kinda just kept it
conservative, because we don’t wanna get hung up with a bunch of ribs, so yeah we always try to be conservative, we try to just cook it to
where we think it’s gonna be enough, and that’s
you know, then you will have to wait until next
year to get us again. – Well I can’t wait for next year anyway, I hope that you win a third. Congratulations once again. – Thank you very much. – Always a pleasure. Tom moua, Montana Que, don’t miss it! After the awards ceremony, Randy Kennedy, the director of communications
at the Nugget Resort Casino, revealed what
makes the Rib Cook Off run so smoothly, and safely. – We know from past years we serve 240,000 pounds of ribs, that’s a couple years
old now, it’s probably closer to a quarter of a million pounds of rib. So, 125 tons give or take, of ribs go out at this event. This is our 31st year of the event, we’ve had all kinds of
different crowd estimates over the years, we know it’s
a few hundred thousand people, over the six days at the event total, so, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of four to 500,000 people. – [Phillip] I’ve heard the estimates around a half million mark, talk about how
you coordinate with the city, and make it such a safe environment too. That’s been one of the key
differences I’ve noticed, with giant trucks parked at the end, huge police presence, everybody
feels very comfortable here. – Well it’s a little
bit of a different world we live in these days, and safety is first and foremost on our mind. It’s difficult to coordinate
something this massive that’s also this open, I can’t say enough about the
Sparks Police Department, the city of Sparks, the council
people, they are out here all the time, tirelessly. – [Phillip] Well I certainly
enjoyed every moment of the Rib Cook Off,
and I hope you did too! If you didn’t make it out this
year, the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook Off will
be back again August 30th through September 5th of 2020. Make sure you hit the like,
subscribe, and notification button so you don’t
miss more event recaps, as well as our monthly series, “Things To Do in Reno.” For the Nevada Real Estate
Group, at Keller Williams Group One, Inc in Reno, Nevada. I’m Phillip Goodman.
I’ll see you around town. (blues music) ♪ You say that it don’t matter ♪ ♪ You say that it don’t count ♪ ♪ Love is all that matters,
or your bank account ♪ ♪ Now I know ♪ ♪ See it in your smile ♪ (outro music)

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