21 Questions with Chef Sally Chiu-Hildebrandt
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21 Questions with Chef Sally Chiu-Hildebrandt

(upbeat jazzy piano music) – [Interviewer] Chef Sally! Wanna do 21 questions? – Sure, but you gotta follow me. – [Interviewer] Okay, let’s get started. Who makes the best chocolate? – Toronto chocolate makers. I love ChocoSol, Soma’s great too. – [Interviewer] How does
white chocolate make you feel? – Depending on the day,
underrated, overrated. – [Interviewer] Wait,
no, is that chocolate? – Yeah, this is all chocolate. A couple pieces I’ve made,
a couple student works too. – [Interviewer] So, chocolate or vanilla? – I’d say lemon. – [Interviewer] Huh. So this room is what, 2500 square feet? How many chocolates
would fit in this room? – I’d say too many and not enough. – [Interviewer] Why do some chocolates cost so much more than others? – It really depends on
the quality of the bean, how it’s produced, as well
as the welfare of the farmer. – [Interviewer] What inspires you? – Anything and everything
that I find beauty, drives me crazy, gets me excited. – [Interviewer] Favorite thing to bake? – Tarte citron. – [Interviewer] What was the
last gift you gave someone? – I’d have to say chocolate. – [Interviewer] If you were a dessert, what would you be and why? – Again, tarte citron. Sweet, tart, smooth, a
little bit flaky like me. – [Interviewer] What do you
think about when you’re baking? – Happy thoughts. – [Interviewer] Okay, I’m
going to say one word, you tell me the first
thing that comes to mind. Chocolate bar. – Chocolate bar’s two words,
but I’d say couverture. – [Interviewer] The most
interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume? – I’m a mad DIYer. – [Interviewer] The zombie
apocalypse is coming, who are three people
you want on your team? – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,
Bear Grylls, and MacGyver. – [Interviewer] Okay,
you have to sing karaoke. Your go to song? – A-ha, Take on Me, acoustic version. – [Interviewer] Best piece of
advice you’ve ever been given? – Perseverance is key. Never give up. – [Interviewer] Okay, what’s the story behind this Instagram photo? – Oh, this picture a very
active fermented dough from Chef Matt, and I was the very first to discover it that next morning. – [Interviewer] What flavor of
ice cream is most underrated? – Spumoni. – [Interviewer] I’m intrigued. – You should try it. – [Interviewer] What are
you watching at the moment? – I love watching YouTube
videos, Tiny Home Living. – [Interviewer] What words do you live by? – Every experience is an experience. – [Interviewer] Who is
your celebrity look alike? – Oh gosh, Charlize Theron. Can’t you tell? – [Interviewer] I can see that. That’s a wrap. – Thanks, I gotta go now guys. (upbeat jazzy piano music)

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