3D Dinosaur Cake | How To Cook That Ann Reardon dinosaur cake tutorial
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3D Dinosaur Cake | How To Cook That Ann Reardon dinosaur cake tutorial

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and this week we are going to make a dinosaur cake! This is not a cake …
this is a toy that I got from the shops and I got it so I can use it as
like a model so I know what shape to make the dinosaur. You can get all
different dinosaurs in all different shapes obviously but I chose this one
because it has quite a flat base to its belly so that we can make a stand to
hold that up. Obviously it’s gonna be quite tricky because he has very long
neck… the tail is not an issue because that rests down on the cake board, it’s
the neck that’s the issue. without support that’s just going to fall off.
Obviously this toy is made of some sort of foams that’s very light so that’s not
so much of an issue for this but for our cake we’re going to have to have some
sort of support in that neck. So the first thing that I need to do is go to
my computer and draw up a template for each layer of cake and for how we’re
going to support all of this once I figured all that out I’ll print it out
and we’ll come back and make it so you of course can skip that step …
just download the template and go straight to making it but that’s what I
do when I need a template for a cake I’ll go sit on my computer and work all
that bit of it out for you first to make it easier for you to make it when you
want to make the cake. you’re going to need to make two trays of my rich
chocolate cake. now if you new around here the template and all these recipe
quantities and details are on the how to cook that website and I’ll put a link to
that below for you. For the supports I have chosen to go with a wooden board so
it’s nice and strong and then I have three support set up. This little one at
the front here and then these two that are going to hold the actual cake board
up. So you put the cake board on top and you can see those nuts there just hold
it up so that it doesn’t go all the way down and then you want to put another
nut on top of each of those and tighten that up. This is basically gonna hold up
our whole cake so it needs to be strong and secure. You might be wondering what
this little support is for at the front? well that’s actually for this the
support that’s going to hold the neck in place so it’s gonna go over the little
metal support that we had and then slot under the cardboard cake board and then
I’m just going to hot glue gun that into place over the metal support and we’re
joins the cake board there. Then take your template and line up the neck you
just need to bend it to the shape of your template. The great thing about this
stuff is you can bend it and then it stays pretty solid in the position that
you’ve put it in. It’s actually out of the middle of a bendy pool noodle … so a
pool toy that you can bend you just take this out of the middle. They’re not
designed for food use… they’re probably perfectly fine because it’s just plastic
but I’m gonna wrap it in foil just in case. Level your cakes and then add the
template on top and cut around each one. now you’ll have quite a few off cuts but
don’t eat them because I want to use them on the cake later. put a little bit
of buttercream on the board and then add your first layer of cake. All the layers
are numbered so just start with number one and go from there you’ll need to cut
a small area out for the neck. The shape that that is will depend on how you’ve
bent your neck support exactly so I’ll just let you cut that out when you put
it into place. spread some buttercream in between your layers and continue to
stack up your cakes right up to the top one. Place the template in front of the
dinosaur and cut around the shape of your Brachiosaurus there. Once you’ve
done that you’ll just need to round out the top edges so that it’s not so box
shaped and it’s got more of a rounded body coming around the back down to the
sides. Now it’s time to cover the whole thing in buttercream. once you’ve got it
all covered just use a piece of acetate to smooth out the frosting that looks a
bit like a duck to me for some reason! 🦆 Smooth that out, that looks better. Now use the rest of the
buttercream and the offcuts of cake that I told you not to eat to make mounds of
cake around the board so that it’s not just a flat landscape we have a little
bit of interest there. now we need to make the tail. Now not only does it stick
out here but we also need to build up this bit underneath. so slightly dampen
the underneath of the cake board and add some modeling chocolate into place. Make
sure when you’re pressing it you wrap it up slightly around the edges on the
sides and the back so that it’s got something to hold on to. We’re going to
let that chill in the fridge before we lengthen it into the full size tail. Now
for the neck of the dinosaur wrap some modeling chocolate around the foil and
smooth it down where it joins the body so that you have a nice transition from
the neck into the body. Do the same with the front foot. you can use the back of a
teaspoon to smooth over any joins you might have in your modeling chocolate
and you can of course use fondant for this dinosaur instead but you’ll need to
add tylose powder to it so that the fondant doesn’t just sag down. If you
just make like a cylinder of fondant for the other legs and just leave it it will
sag down out of shape so it needs to have the tylose mixed with it or of
course you can use modeling chocolate which is what I’m doing today. For each
leg add a little bit of modelling chocolate in front for the foot and
use the handle of a teaspoon to mark indents for each of the toes. then you
can use a straw to make a rounded indent for the top of the toenail and then cut
each toenail to a point so that it looks like a claw. Let the whole thing rest in
the fridge for at least 30 minutes and then add more modeling chocolate to the
tail to extend its length. add an oval of modeling chocolate to the top of the
neck for the dinosaur’s head and shape it into the desired shape.
This dinosaur apparently had a ridge on his head so I’m just gonna make that a
bit narrower in the middle. now we need to cover the whole body … I’ve never used
modeling chocolate to cover a cake before so I’m going to give it a go
today so I can compare it and see how that works compared to fondant. As far as
doing the joins definitely seems much easier with modeling chocolate to
get nice seamless joins that’s a bit harder with the fondant and having the
legs firm just putting them in the fridge for a little
while is definitely an advantage over fondant because the fondant you have to
leave it for some time for it to firm up like that. But I guess major
disadvantages it’s a lot more expensive well at least is here in Australia so
that’s possibly why people tend to go for fondant. you can colour the modeling
chocolate just like you would with fondant. I’ve made it a tan colour for the
rocks and if you roll it out on baking paper and then just kind of crinkle it
as you mold it around the cake give it a bit of a squeeze there it’s going to
give you a nice crinkled rocky look and a bit of a texture to it. Use a knife to
make indents and lines on the dinosaur’s skin just to really accentuate the shape
just having some lines coming up and around there and now it’s time to add
some color I assume you don’t actually want a white dinosaur… so who knows what
colours dinosaurs really where they could have been blue pink polka dots for we
know, it’s probably not likely but I’m gonna make this one have a yellow tummy
and yellow legs and then add some green along the ridge of his back there. I’m
just using gel colours mixed with a little bit of water to paint this and
then adding a little bit of orange to the top of his head. His toes and feet
look like they need to be a bit darker so let’s add some black to those to make
them look a bit more dinosaurus-ish! And then you can leave the coat just
like that but I want mine to be a bit more mottled so I’m just gonna crinkle
up some foil and press it on gently and then lift it off so it takes off some of
that color in some patches and leaves it in others. Crush up some biscuits of your
choice in a blender …if you don’t have a blender just put them in a plastic bag
and bash them with a rolling pin you’ll get the same effect. Spread some melted
chocolate on to the foil this helps hide the silver and it also makes the biscuit
crumbs stick. Sprinkle the crumbs over the top
and then take two black sugar pearls and press them into each side of the head
for the eyes. Then if you want to you can add a little bit of brown shading to his
body as I said no one knows what color they were so it’s up to you what you do
with your dinosaur. To serve cakes like this that have support boards in them
all you need to do is cut down to the cake board just like you would if you’re
cutting down to a plate with a normal cake … so imagine it’s a plate up on a
stand and then you just pull out the slices and serve it up … that’s it of a
bigger slice you might need to cut that into more pieces! And there you have a
cute 3D dinosaur cake. Thank you so much for watching and thank you especially to
my patreons who support the channel so that I can buy all the ingredients and
everything I need to make cake and film it for you so that you can watch it.
For those of you who have been asking why you uploading every second week now
and not every week? Make sure you head on over to my patreon page and read the
post there that explains why I started a patreon and it also explains why I’m
doing every second week now. So I hope you enjoyed this video … click here for
more of my videos make sure you click the like, subscribe if you haven’t
already share the video all those things helped me out. Make it a great week and
I’ll see you on Friday 💕

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