4C Visions, Season 1, Episode 3: Lisa Baker and Mike Neal
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4C Visions, Season 1, Episode 3: Lisa Baker and Mike Neal

[R.V.] Welcome to 4C Visions
I’m your host R.V. Hight Director of Communications at Central Carolina
Community College in this edition of 4C Visions is my pleasure to
welcome Lisa Baker CCCC’s Dean of Health Sciences Lisa Baker came to Central
Carolina Community College in August 2008 she was active duty in the Air
Force for 13 years she then went on to the Air Force Reserves for seven years
while in the Air Force she had the opportunity to attend dental hygiene
school Lisa holds a Master of Science and dental hygiene education from the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Lisa welcome to 4C Visions
[Lisa] Thank You R.V. thanks for having me on your show [R.V.] Absolutely well your role as CCCC’s Dean entails many parts tell us a little bit about your job and what you
do [Lisa] Currently as the Dean of Health Sciences I think that my job primarily
is to take care of our faculty staff and students and I always like to say and
obviously a few animals since vet tech program falls in there I really try to
make sure that they have everything they need in order to be successful here at
Central Carolina Community College and a few other programs kind of under my
purview are Medical Assisting dental hygiene Dental Assisting Associate
Degree Nursing program our practical nursing vet med tech as well as a few
new programs that we’re starting in the fall such as health information
technology health and fitness science and in therapeutic massage so we’re
growing just a little bit [R.V.] That’s exciting
now obviously with your background in the dental hygiene has to be really near
to your heart tell us about that program and just how popular are those courses
[Lisa] The dental hygiene and Dental Assisting programs are definitely near and dear to
my heart for the background but the programs are incredibly popular and
exciting dental hygiene and Dental Assisting both are really amazing
professions because they allow you to do – pretty much – work to have a family to
work an 8 to 5 job Monday through Thursday or sometimes
just Tuesday through Friday so very flexible professions and the program
itself is really popular with students and patients alike so because we’re
providing a free service for the community in order for our students to
learn than we need patients and our patients receive free dental cleanings
x-rays exams night guards bleaching trays a few different services that we
offer for the community and I would say the student interest typically we have
around 50 applicants for 18 spots we just increase our size from 12 to 18 to
kind of accommodate the interest in the programs [R.V.] And if someone wanted to
participate in terms of taking advantage of that program what would they need to
do [Lisa] They can actually participate in a couple of different ways as far as the
patients we’ll start with the patients the patients can either call us at (919)-777-7780 and they can actually also go
to our website because we have patient materials there as well and they can do
that at www.cccc.edu and just click on our dental hygiene program [R.V.] Great great
now we also have a very successful medical program nursing program tell us
a little bit about the nursing program and what we offer here at the college [Lisa] We
actually have two options for students in nursing as well they can start out in
our practical nursing program where they can start an associate degree nursing
and it’s really just a different scope of practice and it depends on how long
the student is interested in being in school as well our practical nursing is
one year so it’s three semesters I kind of I call it a quick in a quick out in
order to get into the nursing profession and they tend to provide care in
long-term care facilities so they’re really providing care for aging
population as well as anyone who has to be in a rehabilitation type Center they
also have the option at the end of the practical nursing program to transfer
into our associate degree nursing program they have to go through the
application process but they tend to be able to come in at a different level
than if they started just in our associate degree nursing program so they
can work a little while they’re coming back to school and then our Associate
Degree Nursing is five semesters so a two-year program and our Associate
Degree Nursing they at the that they take the NCLEX to obtain their
registered nurse there are in credential and some really exciting developments in
that area right now are we recently completed an articulation agreement with
eleven of the UNC system universities for our RNs to complete their RN to BSN
so they have the opportunity to start with us and go through at least the
first three years of a BSN with us and they’ll complete their last year at one
of those universities which will accept all of our credits from Central Carolina
Community College so it’s incredibly exciting for nursing [R.V.] That is exciting
[Lisa] Absolutely and we tend to accept around 40 students in our associate degree
nursing program per year and for our PN program that’s 30 students per year that
we accept in [R.V.] Wow and I know that one of the great things about the program is
that we were able to place a lot of our students graduates into local facilities
to work I’m sure the job opportunities are really good at this time for that [Lisa] Oh
absolutely they nursing is on the governor’s top our hot jobs through 2020
it’s one of the star jobs in North Carolina it’s definitely in high demand
and our graduates are typically hired I mean even before they’ve graduated they
have job offers in the local area and also all the way through Cape Fear
Valley first health most of our graduates end up at Central Carolina
Hospital because they’re local and that’s where they want to be and
surprisingly enough or I should say excitingly enough they end up being
exactly where they wanted to be because a lot of them will say they come into
the program they want to be a NICU nurse and you’re thinking you know that’s
gonna be a while like this you’re coming into the program you’re gonna become a
nurse then you’re gonna work your way into that and out of our last class we
had a few of our graduates end up exactly where they wanted to be when
they started the program so one of them actually is in the NICU at Cape Fear
Valley right now and that’s exactly where she wanted to be and she did that
based off of her preceptorship experience in the program that’s where
she was precepted by a nurse and then that’s where she was hired so it
definitely is a wonderful profession and opportunity for our students [R.V.] That’s
great now of course as you mentioned before one of our popular programs is
the veterinary medical technology program
which is really popular in his and his well known throughout the country tell
us a little bit about that program [Lisa] Definitely and I’m I always love the vet
med program because I end up over there and I want to adopt every animal that
they have I think you know we’re top five in the nation as far as the program
we’re one of very few programs in the state of North Carolina there are three
currently in the state of North Carolina we are the only program that actually
has on-site animals where FDA regulated as a research facility so we actually
house our dogs cats and other small animals here on-site and then we have a
large animal farm that’s about three miles from where we are here on the main
campus where they act they go and take care of horses and cows and other large
animals so we definitely that I think sets us apart across the state and who
doesn’t love to come take care of puppies and see the puppies when the
students do the puppy walk so we it’s definitely a phenomenal program we
accept sixty four students per year so there’s also a lot of opportunity for
students to come and participate in that program the sixty-four students per year
I would say we were looking to increase that with the new building project that
we have we’re hoping to be able to accept anywhere from 75 to 100 and
increase our program offerings to focus a little more on the large animal side
as well [R.V.] And I know that’s exciting for you to think about the building projects
that we have here on the main campus both for veterinary medicine but also
for the medical programs [Lisa] Absolutely the building projects are going to
definitely open up our opportunities here like I said for student for growth
for our students for programmatic growth as well we’re going to add some
additional programs and the new Health Sciences buildings so it’s definitely
going to be a huge opportunity for our Health Sciences students in college [R.V.] Good
and let’s talk about some of the other programs that are under your
leadership [Lisa] Absolutely like I just mentioned we have medical assisting as
well and medical assisting is actually across Harnett Lee and Chatham counties
we have an associate degree level program as well as a diploma level
program and your medical assistants I always say it’s another one of those
it’s almost like dental assisting and dental hygiene it’s a great profession
for anyone especially if they are looking towards being a little more
flexible with work hours really working at 8:00 to 5:00 no holidays no weekends
that sort of work environment it’s very rewarding I also say medical assistants
they’re really taking care of people across their entire lifespan because
they’re going to be the person you’re interacting with in your doctor’s office
so they’re gonna really take care of people from birth all the way through
the stages of life and so you’re really gonna get to know them very I would say
closely more like a family friend if you will and our medical assisting programs
on top of that we are introducing health information technology this fall and I
always like to say it’s a great alternative for individuals if you don’t
really like body body fluids you want to be in Health Sciences you want to help
people but you’re not really interested in the body fluid side of things and
health information technology is going to be a great option for those
individuals because they’re really taking care of everything that happens
behind the scenes in healthcare so you’re coding so the hospitals and
doctors offices can be reimbursed they also actually make sure that the
documentation is appropriate so whatever the doctors and nurses submit for
documentation they review and then apply that to coding and really in some cases
can make sure that the right procedure happens at the right time so they’re
really a critical part of the healthcare team but they really can stay away from
the messes that can sometimes be in the other part of health sciences [R.V.] Well I
know that this must be you must see a lot of success stories of young people
coming through the programs that just are very inspirational knowing that
they’re helping others throughout the community [Lisa] Oh absolutely
and I always say to you like right after they graduate as a lot of Facebook and
social media and I see all of the jobs that they’re gaining and really the way
they’re giving back to our community and the way they give back here even at
Central Carolina Community College a lot of times after they’ve
been working in the field they come back and they work with us as adjunct faculty
to help us in the hospital setting with our students and/or our dental clinics
and giving back to our community and health fairs and things of that nature
so it’s always neat to see I would say the transition of the students that we
serve here at Central Carolina Community College they come in with a real need to
better themselves their life the life for their family and then afterwards
it’s so neat to see the transition and how they’ve done that and they’ve been
able to be incredibly successful and then continue to give back [R.V.] Lisa tell us
if someone was interested in any of the Health Sciences program what did they
need to do [Lisa] I’d say the first key steps are to start looking on our website to
kind of determine what your interest is so they can do that again at www.cccc.edu
and they can go in our by category and they can look at our allied health
offerings and then they can based on that decide what they’re interested in
and we have contact information on those websites for our admissions counselors
because that’s a very critical next step is coming in and talking to an
admissions counselor who can advise a student appropriately about the courses
they’ll need to take in order to apply for admissions to the programs and we
currently have standardized admissions so that gives students a little bit of
flexibility as well as they’re planning on what they want to do next because we
all change our mind from time to time but that admissions counselor is going
to be key to them being successful and applying for our programs [R.V.] Well thank you
Lisa for being with us today and we look forward to following the all of the
Health Sciences program [Lisa] Absolutely thank you R.V. [R.V.] We’ll be back in just a moment we are get schooled.com you want a college education don’t you know you do
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it was only like five seconds and I’m a really really fast texter so it wasn’t
even a big deal actually she takes me back yet Wow I can’t like no bars in
this place wonder if they have Wi-Fi here [R.V.] Welcome back to 4C Visions
today we welcome Mike Neal who has been with the college for 24 years he won the
2012 staff person of the year and has served as director of student activities
including the athletic program student government activity day Phi Theta Kappa
Honor Society and the ambassador’s program [R.V.] Mike thanks for being with us
today [Mike] Oh thank you so much for asking me to be part of this [R.V.] Well Mike you’ve been
such an integral part of the college for such a long time I want to talk to you
specifically about athletics because I know that’s near and dear to your heart
let’s talk a little bit about the college athletic program and about the
conference that we’re in [R.V.] Sure we are part of the National Junior College Athletic
Association which be the two-year version of the NCAA we compete a
Division three which means we don’t give any athletic aid whatsoever so our
students qualify for scholarships and financially just like any other student
at Central Carolina would so they don’t get anything in particular
other than some t-shirts and a warm-up suit basically for participating in our
athletic program we compete in a conference that involves depending on
sport four teams up to 10 teams women’s basketball right now is kind of growing
in our region so this year we’re the only team but it’s coming we just have
had a recommitment of division levels so hopefully that’ll be changing but we’ve
got men’s women’s basketball and we’ve had men’s basketball consistently since
we joined the NJCAA in 2000 we’ve had volleyball almost every year since then
and Golf has again been probably about eight of those 15 years and women’s
basketball is finally coming back after a year hiatus [R.V.] And I know that’s exciting
and it’s also exciting to think about the schedules for both the men’s and
women’s team of course the women that you’re going to be playing a team from
Australia here in Central Carolina and also our men’s team is going to play
their annual game with the UNC JV team at the Dean Smith Center [Mike] Yeah it’s a great
year we have both teams and we actually started off just last Sunday with a
doubleheader the men played New River Community College out of Virginia and
the women played Fort Bragg Dragon’s Army women’s team it was a great great
afternoon of college basketball we have five doubleheader scheduled through the
course of this year and that’ll be exciting and with scheduling we’ve got
three men’s games this week and next weekend we’ll have three women’s games
so we’re we’re trying to rotate as much as we possibly can but it is it is
somewhat difficult to get all the teams through the gym that we need to [R.V.] Wow
well another one of your duties is to kind of lead be the leader of our
college student ambassadors program tell us a little bit about what is a college
ambassador what do they do and how are they chosen [Mike] The student ambssadors there’s
ten of them and they are chosen from across the college so we don’t try to
pull from any particular program but they’re selected based on their
academics the leadership potential and basically their ability
to vocalize what they’re you know what their beliefs are and such so we select
students through a nomination process faculty are encouraged to nominate
every year we get about 50 nominations and then information sessions and we
interview 20 that would apply and then we pick 10 and basically like I said
we’re looking for is we ask some questions during the interview about
themselves can they talk about themselves the subject that they know
very well if they can do that then we’ll consider them for ambassador and then
through the course of the next three or four months we teach them everything
that they need to know about the college to then go to the county fair or to lead
a tour of the campus until students prospective students and and other
community members about the college they represent the students at graduation as
marshals they also represent the college at various functions yesterday at our
Siler City campus there was a veteran’s celebration and two of our student ambassadors
assisted there so it’s not unusual to have an event for the college and then
two or three or four or five ambassadors will be there so they’re an integral
part of what we do they’re kind of the student face to the community [R.V.] And I know
you’ve had some really great student ambassadors over the years who have
really represented the colleges so well even post graduation [Mike] Well it’s it’s not
unusual for us to hire one of our student ambassadors after they graduate
we have several that have come back over the course of several years we had a
student two years ago left the vet med department we just rehired three more in
adjunct and permanent positions so it’s not unusual I say to have them come back
financially it’s got a couple people as well that have been student ambassadors
[R.V.] That’s super now one of your other duties is to work
with the Student Government Association tell us about that organization [Mike] Well the
Student Government Association it depends on how you interact with them to
what they are for most students they kind of look at that as being the
activity board you know what are you what are we doing we just had activity
day a few weeks ago or yeah we fed everyone we had games and
such in the afternoon and then we have Angel Tree that will start this month
we’ll take people apply for our annual Angel Tree and and such so again those
students think of it as a benevolent organization and then there’s those that
really want to get their their hands into the developmental campus policy so
our our SGA president sits on the board of trustees so they’re very much part of
what goes on here at the college from the administrative level and so one
thing we’re very excited about is that the administration asks the SGA and all
the clubs what they wanted to see in renovations in our Student Center and
and hopefully we’re going to be seeing those you know the Student Center is
undersized for what we need or hoping that it can be reorganized and
potentially expanded to meet the increased enrollment from when the
building was built 25 years ago [R.V.] Wow and I know your current student
government president is also active on the state level [Mike] Yes he is Carlos Sanchez
is part of the State Board I’m sorry the the Executive Board of the statewide
Student Government Association he’s the local interactions chairperson which
means he then represents that board with the state legislature and our
representatives there through the system office so he is constantly talking to
the people who are working on our behalf within the legislature trying to get
what we need at the student level in our system not just at the Community College
the administrative level but they’re interested in the student level [R.V.] And I
know we’ve also talked about I think there’s a plans for a student trail here
on campus that they’ve worked on [Mike] Our student ambassadors as every year we’re
asking them to do a project and this year they came up with an idea to create
a walking trail on our campus they’ve seen you know the dogs being walked
around the vet tech dogs being walking around students and staff walking around
but they felt like we needed to create a recognized trail may make it safe if we
can and we the sidewalk project that the city has
done out front along Kelly or Kelly Drive it really has made that possible
so hopefully this spring you’ll start seeing the the blue paw prints on the
pavement and there will be a trail all the way around the campus and we want to
enhance it with information about the college so that if there if there’s
someone’s use not familiar with the college and they’re walking around they
can see what this particular building houses the programs there and an
encouragement also and there will be incentives for the students so students
walk so many times around the trail they could you know get fruit on Fridays at
my office or you know they meet so many miles on the trail they can get t-shirts
them and such so the whole program is is to incentivize our students and
hopefully the staff side of that will we’ll have some incentives also but
right now the student government and the student ambassadors is focusing on getting
the students involved but as anything else we do at the Community College is
very much about community and it’s hard to differentiate between students staff
and faculty because they’re all part of the community so anything we do for one
is going to be part of what we do for another [R.V.] That’s right
now Phi Theta Kappa is another of your activities that I know you’re involved
in is one of the advisors and tell us about Phi Theta Kappa [Mike] Mark Hall and I were
able to charter our chapter in 2010 and as he said we’ve been awesome since 2010
he took a position at Chatham County campus and so he has stepped down from
that particular role and Dr. Rodney Powell has taken that over so he he and
I share advisor duties any student that has the 3.7 GPA after they’ve completed
12 semester hours is asked to join once they join their GPA can fall to a 3.5
which again is still an a-minus average so we’re looking for good quality
students and we as part of our organization have leadership conferences
that they can go to there’s projects that they’re asked to
participate in so that our chapter can be recognized at the regional level
and potentially also at the national level so it really is a great
opportunity for students very few of the students that join actually do anything
but those that do get involved give very good background a very good training at
one of our students this year is gonna be going to a Harvard program next fall because of her involvement with us
[R.V.] That’s marvelous and how many members do you have in the organization
[Mike] Annually we have between 80 and 110 that will accept membership there are some
dues that are involved it’s 85 dollars however we have plenty of people who are
willing to subsidize dues for students so if a student wants to join we try not
to let any financial issues be a part of why they can’t join we really want it to
be open as much as they as they can but I don’t know why more don’t because we
send out between three and four hundred invitations every semester [R.V.] Wow Mike I
know that in your position that it must be very gratifying to see the students
so involved in campus life [Mike] It really is Dr. Marchat several years ago at a
meeting kind of in passing said he’d like to see us have more organizations
so I kind of took that to heart and have created an environment in which new
organizations can can grow and flourish in the last three or four years we’ve
tripled our number of clubs on campus and each year somebody tries to come up
with a new way of doing something a new club one of the neatest ones that had
such a great success on our activity day was our great wall society that has come
out of our Confucius Classroom so it’s it’s a neat way that our students kind
of look what can we do to enhance what we’re learning in the classroom [R.V.] Mike
you’ve been one of the veterans here on campus in terms of longevity
what makes Central Carolina so special [Mike] What has always made it very special is
is the people I always tell people that I work I don’t work for the college I
work for the students and I think each of us that have been here a long time
view that is probably our primary thing we work for the students you know
graduation is is very bittersweet I love seeing the students
be recognized for what they’ve done at the same time I hate seeing them go
because I’ve I’ve become a part of them and they become a part of me and it it
is really a wonderful experience annually to go through that and
orientations kind of is that front end graduation as the back end [R.V.] Well Mike
thank you for your service here at the college and thanks for all you do and I
know that you welcome our viewers to come out to some athletic events here at
the college [Mike] Certainly our schedule is posted on our website [R.V.] Great well thank
you Mike and thank you viewers for being with us today on 4C Visions we look
forward to seeing you next time you

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