5 Viral Kitchen Hacks TESTED Hit or Myth?
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5 Viral Kitchen Hacks TESTED Hit or Myth?

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m
Ann Reardon and today we are going to put some kitchen hacks to the test to see if they
are a Hit or a Myth. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and
press that bell so you get notified of new uploads. Hack Number 1:
Says if you need a squeeze of lemon don’t cut your lemon in half and juice it, instead
roll the lemon on the bench pushing down to burst all those little juice vesicles inside
the lemon, Then take a skewer and poke it in the end
of your lemon. Now you can squeeze your lemon and out comes
some juice. This seems to work pretty well, we’ve got
about a tablespoon of juice but now no matter how hard I squeeze it, I can’t seem to get
any more than that out of it, we’re about to split the lemon if I keep squeezing it
any harder. But the lemon is still contained so the theory
is that it will stay fresh and then you can cut that open later and get the rest of the
juice out of it. So if you just want one squeeze or a tablespoon
of juice or less this hack is a HIT. HACK number 2: when you’re making a cake and
you add the flour do not over mix it, you want to fold it until it is just combined
and you can’t see any more flour. So let’s experiment with that and tip half
of our cake mixture into one tray. And then with the other half we are going
to put that with an electric mixer and whip it on high speed for 2 minutes to mix it really
well. And then pour that into the exact same sized
cake tin as the one that we just folded in. Look at that it looks heaps lighter. It is the exact same cake mixture made at
the same time, this one is just lighter because of all the air that has been whipped into
it. Now let’s bake them side by side so the oven
temperature is the same, the position in the oven is the same. And they look pretty similar while they’re
baking, they’re both rising well. They look good so far. Once they are cooled, I’ve just leveled off
the tops so that we can take a look inside the cake. This is the one that was just folded in and
it has a nice soft springy texture and it is very even throughout the whole cake. Now the same cake that was whipped for an
extra 2 minutes is looking completely different it is quite dense in some parts and it doesn’t
have as many little air bubbles through the cake. Now most people won’t study the look of your
cake, so what difference does it actually make when you eat it? Let’s taste the dense one, and now the airy
one. Well they taste exactly the same in terms
of flavour but the texture is quite different as you’d expect. One is quite dense and a bit stodgy in your
mouth and the other one is fluffy and so much better. So not over stirring your cake batter is a
HIT. Kitchen hack number 3: if you add too much
liquid to your buttercream it will split – so instead of it looking smooth it has this weird
lumpy appearance and it doesn’t pipe well at all. The hack to fix split buttercream says to
add an extra cup of icing sugar and whip it on high speed for at least a minute. Well would you look at that, it looks better
than it did before when it was split. That’s pretty good, I don’t think most people
would notice. It might be a bit sweeter so you could add
a little bit of salt to the icing to overcome that. So don’t throw it out if you split your buttercream,
add more icing sugar. That hack is a HIT! Kitchen hack number 4 says if you make a cake
and you cover that in a layer of buttercream then what you want to do next is take a hair
dryer and with it set to warm just blow on the cake and it will make your cake look shiny
and smooth like fondant. Well let’s test that out. Blowing on it doesn’t seem to be making it
shiny, we are getting some butter splitting from the icing and pooling at the bottom but
that is making it look worse not better. Let’s keep going maybe we just need a little
bit more… uh oh now the frosting is starting to come off, it’s peeling off the top layer
back to that crumb coat underneath. That is kind of cool if you’re going for a
zombie look! But not other than that. Let’s try the other side, you can see that
butter melting out of the icing there. Imagine if this was a wedding cake and you’ve
just ruined it! This hack is definitely a MYTH. Baking hack number 5: says when you make icing
instead of putting it straight into the piping bag put it onto some plastic wrap first so
you can reuse the piping bag and save money. So put the frosting onto some wrap and then
bring the two sides over into the middle. Hold each end and give it a spin to twist
up the ends there. Take one end and tie it in a knot so the icing
doesn’t escape back out of the top there when you squeeze on it. And then take the other end and cut it off
fairly close to the icing. Place that into the piping bag, shake it down
and pipe. Well it certainly works for piping but does
it keep the piping bag clean? Let’s try and pull out the rest of the frosting
and the piping tip and yes that looks pretty good to me, there are a couple of tiny bits
of frosting on the bag that you could wipe off. But how about costs? I bought these piping bags in bulk on eBay
for 12c each. And this length of plastic wrap costs just
2c. So if you’re using a lot of colours especially
and you need lots of piping bags for the one cake or if you have more time than money then
this hack is a HIT. Hit that subscribe button and let me know
what other hacks you’d like tested. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.

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100 thoughts on “5 Viral Kitchen Hacks TESTED Hit or Myth?

  1. Hello there Ann~

    I guess you already know maybe, but I saw something that really surprised me yesterday..

    Yesterday, I was watching The Emoji Movie..there's a part where the emojis travel into Youtube App…One of your videos is featured there…which is "Magic Chocolate Lava Cake"…

    I don't know why, but I feel kinda amazed that the team production of "The Emoji Movie" acknowledged your videos…

    As always, I'm a huge fan of yours and always watch your video almost everyday…have a good day!

  2. that hairdryer one, the idea behind it is to just lightly surface melt it, from appearance it seems like you have to strong blow on it or is to close? or perhaps it just plain and simple do not work.

  3. The second one isn't really a hack, it's just a rule of baking. It applies to a lot of baked goods, not just cake.

  4. My experience with "overmixing" is exact opposite. For a sponge cake, if mixed just until combined, it's heavy, dense, and brownie-like; if well beaten, with air mixed in, it's light and spongy. So it depends on what you want to bake.

  5. OR you can just buy a piping bag made out of cloth with some plastic lining, which can be reused and washed. I have mine for 15 years now and i did not waste any plastic because of that.

  6. Title : " Hit or Myth "
    Literally nobody:
    Not even john cena:


  7. I used to watch your channel as a kid because my dream was to be a chef, your crazy ideas inspired me. I've been feeling pretty stressed lately and to my amazement! Your still making videos! Back to the kitchen I go😊 thank you 💕

  8. OMG, the piping bag hack, love it. Wish I'd known about it when doing all that baking back when I was in my LMT school for my class. So many colors, so much work, so much cleaning of my reusable pipping bag!!! ><

  9. The hack with the piping bag is a hit especially if you have to add more icing afterwards. Also, thanks to the wrap, it is easier to put the icing in the bag. I'm sick and tired of trying to insert a spoon in the bag, smudging the bag and my hands because the bags are never wide enough to push the content towards the tip without getting your hands dirty

  10. Sometimes I forget that there are disposable piping bags. My mom has reusable ones. She’s got a big tool box of frosting tips and other decorating tools. I may have grown up a bit spoiled!

  11. So, I'm absolutely using that plastic wrap piping hack, not to keep the piping bad clean, but because I hate filling piping bags and that will make it WAY easier!

  12. If u use a high Density paint roller that is clean and roll here cake frosting on you can I have to go fast and light with it it makes it have a glossy finish I saw this on a YouTube video for a camo cake and I actually tested it out myself and that’s the only way I will roll my frosting on now you do have to do a crumb coat and let it chill for a bit

  13. For the last one, it’s probably most cost effective to buy reusable piping bags. It’s a little more up front, but if you do a lot with piping bags it’s totally worth it.

  14. The Piping Bag Hack also works Great by allowing you to premake your Frostings and Storing Them In the Fridge until Needed, Or Storing Left Over Frostings!!!

  15. i gues they never myth huh?
    youve got a life hack i bet it dosent work yaa
    we gon find a better hack and we wont need ya

  16. 1. this "don't waste my time" whisper on the Myth, damn hell awesome XD

    2. the plasticwrap hack are awesome to use it as multi color decoration 😀

  17. Obligatory comment to promote the channel because the algorithm will favor this video and channel more with the addition of my comment.

  18. I dont even bake (never did never will but i love eating cakes) but i love ur vids
    Very entertaining and informative!

  19. 4:23 Is your butter splitting? I heard somewhere that you can use icing sugar to fix that. Not sure if it is legit, though

  20. I actually heat my cakes for the shiny icing all the time. Using a blower seems bad in general, all I do is place it in a mild temp heated oven for like 15-20 seconds. The oven is pre-heated to the point that it feels nice and warm in your skin, but not burning or the 'wave' sensation of heat and switched off. The reason the icing peeled is because of the air pressure pushing it away from the impact point. The oven makes it shine evenly throughout.

  21. I don't see why not just wash and reuse the piping bags though? I bought a package of disposable bags well over a year ago and I've only touched three of them so far cuz I just wash them after. It's not that hard.

  22. I love that most of these really work! It gives the whole video a really positive vibe. When there's too many fake hacks in a row it feels kinda negative and like sad, ya know?

  23. IK everyone and their brother has made this joke before but I simply cant help myself so. HITORMYTHIGUESSTHEYNEVER MYTHHUH

  24. I can't imagine who would think that heating up buttercream wouldn't ruin it. Clearly a "hack" designed for clicks by someone who's never actually cooked anything.

  25. Hit or myth
    I gueth they nevwer myth huh
    You got a boyfwiend
    I bet he doethnt kith ya
    He gon find another girl and he wont mith ya
    He gon skirt than hit the dab like wiz khlifa

  26. piping bag one might be good when making marshmallows. since its so sticky when i pipe it i cant reuse the pipingbag cuz i cant really open it properly. also, i need to look up pipingbags in ebay xD cuz they are hella expensive

  27. I was expecting that you will say the hairdryer hack is a HIT if you're looking for a zombie theme cake…
    A bit disappointed lol

  28. The last hack using the saran wrap was my favorite because I always make a huge mess when I put frosting in the piping bag! I would just love to have my frosting go in less messy. Am going to try. Also thank you for the great video.

  29. The saran wrap piping bag is what we used at Coldstone decorating caked. We used a whipped cream type of icing that was mixed in batches of plain white. We used this tip so we could mix up special colours then tuck any unused wrapped up neatly in the freezer until the next cake

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