A Day in the Life of Claude Baker
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A Day in the Life of Claude Baker

CLAUDE: I did have
a member that called in looking for
an MRI to be completed, and the cost was
exorbitant for her. She was like, I want
to get this done, but I’m just not
sure where to go. Hi, I’m Claude, and I’m
a Benefit Value Advisor. Part of the role as a
Benefit Value Advisor, I can help find that
quality, low-cost provider for her. She was just
over-the-moon excited when she went from maybe paying
close to $3,000 for the MRI, I think we got it somewhere
around $800 for her. So she was very
excited about that, and that was awesome to be
able to deliver that to her. So the most important
thing that I do as a Benefit Value Advisor is
create the trust between myself and the members that call. We can do cost
estimations for them, making sure that they’re
going to the most cost-efficient place for
their services and procedures in their area. We can also set up their
appointments for them, handle any pre-certification requirements. A lot of them are very confused
with the language of insurance. It’s very complex. So I try to make it really
simple, really easy. That’s what we’re all here for. We’re here to just, again, solve
those issues for our members. Just drive that
home and make sure that when they walk away at the
end of the day, they can say, you know what? ‘I was well taken care of.’

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