A little talk and a whole lot of bacon bread!
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A little talk and a whole lot of bacon bread!

alright we are going to make some bacon
bread but first I want to take a minute and talk about a couple of things I’ll
be right back the lady that keeps walking through my campsite asked me to
put my tent away so that’s next but what I want to talk about was embracing
things you can’t change and adapting I guess I am gonna have to embrace google
plus there’s just no way around it and if you don’t leave certain boxes checked
on the settings you don’t get any notifications when people have left a
comment on your video anyway it’s a it’s a real pain in the butt but it’s just
one more thing that YouTube has forced us to endure and adapt to so I’m going
to embrace it I’ve already done some remodeling on my page and tweaking on
the boxes that i have checked now that I understand which now that I understand a
little more which ones I need to have checked in order to get my messages and
in order to comment and anyway my youtube name has changed slightly it’s
google plus made me change it to bc truck brad and then they just changed it
my youtube channel to bc truck Brad so I went back and I figured out how to
change it to something else I can’t be just bc truck what I which I was since
2006 just bc truck that was me and then when I had to do the Google+ thing they
wouldn’t let me use just bc truck so i had to put something else in there and i
put vc truck Brad in the google thing the google+ thing and then they changed
my channel to pc truck Brad so now I went back to Google+ and I changed my
name to bc truck uh it’s what is it rebuild repurpose
repair which is kind of what I’m all about DIY how to that kind of thing I
won’t classify myself as a prepper I do prepare for unforeseen emergencies
catastrophes disasters whatever whatever that might be and but I’m not a doomsday
prepper I don’t hope for the worst so I can use my fancy equipment which I don’t
have any fancy equipment but uh you know there’s a lot of channel you know what
I’m talking about there’s a lot of channels out there the guys with attack
vests and you know the assault weapons and I’m sorry did I say assault weapons
I meant black rifles you know what I mean I’m not downing anybody else’s
channel you know everybody has a place here and everybody has their own
interests that’s just not one of mine I like being prepared and self-sufficient
and I don’t hope for or expect the end of the world so moving on uh what else
was I going to talk about Obamacare at first I despised the man I still don’t
love him but forcing something on American people and not just forcing
something on them but finding and taxing them if they refuse to comply it’s just
so on American it makes me want to vomit but there’s no way around it unless you
know a whole bunch of Republicans get elected and they can do away with it my
wife and I had blue cross blue shield with dental and optical and I paid to 17
a month for it it was damn good insurance will have been cancelled so my
wife has got on the Obamacare website about 40 or 50 times and two or three of
those times she was successful that actually putting information in and
getting somewhere with it and the first time our insurance was going to
over a thousand bucks and then the second time it was 800 bucks the third
time it’s 400 bucks and then we finally found some that had high deductibles and
you know a bunch of crap it doesn’t cover for like a hundred and thirty-six
bucks but it will not let us and roll so here we are my wife just got through
with cancer I have some medical problems that I don’t discuss and we’re uninsured
so now what do we do we have expensive medicine we have to buy I don’t know
we’re stuck and we’re stumped and we’re screwed so here we are without medical
coverage without the ability to buy our expensive medicine and my life just got
through cancer and we have to have constant tests done to make sure that
it’s not coming back and now we’re without insurance that’s how this works
so I’ve decided to embrace embrace Obamacare but unlike Google Plus and
YouTube there’s just no way to get involved you can’t it won’t let you
purchase the insurance it won’t let you get in and enroll and or just average
folks if we’ve done it 40 and 50 times and been unsuccessful how many other
people have done this and been unsuccessful how many other people have
lost their insurance anyway moving on the next video we’re going to start the
bread I’m sorry I had to do all this talking I I don’t normally do talking
vids but let’s get after some bread and you know what’s going to be going to be
baking bread you give you baking bread let’s get after it all right let’s get
started I’m going to zoom in here this is real bacon bits and uh it’s a two
point eight ounce jar which gave me a little over half a cup so i’m going to
put two and a half cups of flour home back you back in two and a half cups of
flour a little over half a cup of bacon bits a half a stick of butter 2
teaspoons of sugar and then i’m going to show you the secret ingredient here in a
minute Oh one-and-a-quarter cups of water here we go I’m kind of excited
about this one I’ve been wanting to do the bacon thing for a while all right you ready for the secret ingredient
Louisiana Hot Sauce and I don’t know how much i’m just going to squirt some in
there and we’ll go from there next time if it ain’t hot enough I put a little
more in and I’m saying probably four or five glugs one two three four five all
right let’s stick it in that bread maker and I’ve seen a couple hours okay I got
it out of the oven and it come out really good the bacon is spread out
really nice in here and let me bring in you can see all through the side of it
the bacon got distributed really nice okay i have my taste tester here if you
would be so kind as to give that a taste did you wash your hair I wash my hands
are you sure I did yeah oh it smells good hmm or think ok so I’m bacon can you taste
the hot sauce yeah I put about five plugs hot sauce in there this is good i
would make this again would you meet this again bacon bread yeah yeah ok next
time I’m going to do something with onions I don’t know how yet I don’t know
if I’m going to grow them or just cut them up raw and put it in there but
we’ll see thanks for watching tastes good

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42 thoughts on “A little talk and a whole lot of bacon bread!

  1. hi, brad I just seen on youtube, everyones videos are on (ps3youtube.com) and some else is making money on are videos payable through paypal, asking for donations. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WIFE. we do not care for Obama either.

  2. You know, the Deerlick Creek camp sites have 50-amp electric hook ups. You could bring that bread maker and this recipe. Just saying.  🙂

  3. over 5 million people have lost their insurance, that how many…to hell with obuma and obuma care……..i'll die first

  4. Dang it! You're making me want (need) to purchase a bread maker. 

    I loved when your wife said, "Did you wash your hands?" ……..Women…..; )

  5. My 84 year old Mother has Aetna as secondary insurance. She paid premiums for 20 years before she retired and before she started using it much. They are paying $2000 per year on her meds. After a yearly deductible of $1500, they pay the entire 20% that Medicare doesn't pay on all her medical expenses. Aetna has paid multiple 10s of thousands of dollars towards Mothers medical expenses in just the last 3 years alone. Medicare has paid 100s of thousands. We got a letter last week that said they could no longer afford to provide peoples medical insurance.  They said something about because of the huge rise in medical charges and a fund that was about to run out. Said in a years time, she would not be covered anymore but that Obamacare would now be her provider…. Doesn't seem legal that they can change the rules like that after Mother faithfully paid her premiums all those years…. Must have been some fine print in the initial policy that Aetna never bothered to point out when they talked her into buying the insurance all those years ago.

  6. Love the bacon bread, I will have to try that!

    I've spent more years without insurance than with, mostly due to money but I hope you guys can get something settled.  Maybe O's new dealing with the insurance companies will allow you to get un-cancelled.

  7. Your not alone, five million have lost their insurance.  Too many people are saying this is a disaster, we need to stop saying that.  This is exactly the plan of Obamacare to destroy the insurance and economy, it is working perfectly.  Jobs lost, people getting cut down to 25 hours or less, working perfectly as designed.

  8. I hate they changed youtube but went ahead and gave in. Sorry about your problems with insurance, it's a mess and will only get worse. And by the way I'm pretty sure bacon in a title is illegal since nobody will not watch it..LOL!!!!

  9. This insurance issue is just unacceptable! My Mom's side of the family have lost insurance as well and can't get on Obama's insurance to save there lives. It's a real mess which might (in the end) help us get rid of it all together, or at least get it fixed. Make that bread at PS 14 and you'll be the hit of the party!  

  10. Hey BC, i have watched your channel for a long time and really enjoy it. I am starting to think that maybe you like bacon a little? lol. Anyway im sorry to hear that you have fallen victim to the crap that is being spread all over the nation.

  11. I lost mine through my job and i have a disabled 4 yr old so i have had to get a second job just to hope by the time im dead ill put a dent in his bills.

  12. Republicans aren't the answer. They're almost as bad as Democrats, and in some ways they're worse. When they're in control they do the same things. The idea needs to be voting out anyone that isn't a Constitutional Conservative, and supporting those that are. Professional politicians need to go, too. I'm gonna change my Youtube name again, too. 

  13. The bread sounds good.  Have you ever tried Crystal Hot Sauce?  It's a Louisiana style and my favorite.  Good stuff.  Keep up the good videos.  Talk at ya later.

  14. 2 thumbs up for the bacon,,,oh yeah,, and not to be too controversial obummer care is the beginning of the end… just my opinion of course.  

  15. Why don't you fry up your own and chop it up.Oh, I forgot who I was commenting to ,it would not  make it to the chopping phase.See Ya:)

  16. That really sucks. The first day obama care was available 6 people enrolled. I hope and pray you and your family find out how to get insured. God Bless You and Yours

  17. It's more than ok to fry up your own BACON for the bacon bits.

    You can use the BACON juice that comes from fryin' the BACON instead of the BUTTER

    'Thing you can use instead of the hot sauce is cayenne pepper

    You also might consider a half T-spoon or so of salt

    Washing your hands is totally unnecessary.  Please pass that along to that woman that walks through your campsite.

  18. Hey buddy, try with garlic, it's better than onion, at least for my taste 😉
    And for first part of the video, do you have any "private" insurance companies which covers medical treatment? Like, we have some insurance companies mostly used for car insurance, but they have an option for medical insurance, and they are connected with few private hospitals which then treat you "for free".
    I hope that you'll find the way for medicines, and I wish I can help you with that, my friend. God Bless you all 🙂

  19. Sorry to hear about the insurance issue, that sucks.  It is a shame a lot of folks are gonna experience the same thing and yet I bet nothing changes.  See you at PS2014!  Bacon Bread…Brilliant!  Looked awesome

  20. Man I don't know why you guys are having so much trouble with google plus. All of my messages and responses to any comments goes right to my gmail account, BTW if you google usa prescription coupon there are coupons for up to 75% off for those with no coverage. You should be able to print off two per computer. I think you need to fill a prescription and then change your number at the pharmacy to use a second one… perfect if you have cell phone numbers. (that used to work check into it friend)

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