A restaurant where robots are the chefs
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A restaurant where robots are the chefs

Oh hey, uh…didn’t notice you there! Just doing a bit of reading; it’s…it’s pretty intellectual, pretty heavy stuff, I don’t – I don’t
really think you’d appreciate it. Anyways, the other day I saw this article
in The Washington Post describing a restaurant where everything is cooked by robots. it just so happens that that restaurant is here in Boston, and it’s called Spyce. So naturally, I thought
‘holy shit, I have to go, I have to see this’. And luckily it’s like 7 o’clock,
and I really need to eat dinner, so I’m gonna go check it out. Spyce came about with the innovation of
a group of young robotics engineers who built a prototype of the robotic chef
during their time at MIT. They partnered with famed French chef
Daniel Boulud to create Spyce, which, like any good
millennial-appealing concept restaurant serves healthy, fast-casual bowls. There are actual humans that work at the
restaurant, but it’s essentially just for the purpose of helping customers with their transactions,
as well as garnishing the bowls before calling out the customer’s name
so they can retrieve their meal. I ended up getting the Latin bowl; it was pretty good. The taste reminded me a lot of the homemade
Chipotle bowls that I used to make. The place was pretty crowded, especially for
like 8:00 p.m. on a Sunday night, So I assume they’re doing pretty well, and
the robots can keep up with the demand. Although the concept of this place is cool, right now I really only just see it as that – a concept. It’s pretty cool, but I don’t see
robot chefs becoming a thing anytime soon. There are just so many human elements to food that it doesn’t seem to be quite there yet. But, it is an interesting way to eat dinner.

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  1. Honestly, your videos are so great. You definitely deserve more views. You clearly put a lot of work into these videos with the research you put into them and also just the amazing shots. I can’t wait to see your Channel grow even more!

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