Abhisapta Prem | অভিশপ্ত প্রেম | Bengali Romantic Movie | English Subtitle | Tapas Paul, Satabdi Roy
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Abhisapta Prem | অভিশপ্ত প্রেম | Bengali Romantic Movie | English Subtitle | Tapas Paul, Satabdi Roy

Good morning. Hey! What happened? Will you remain busy
with the newspaper? Sister-in-law,
this boy is so handsome. Sister-in-law, the bank gave him
a five hundred rupee note bundle.. ..instead of hundred rupee bundle. But, her returned the money. He is stupid. He returned 40,000.. He is not stupid, he is honest. Honesty of this kind
is rare these days. Puja dad is calling. I’ll return soon. What a beauty! Let’s trap her. “You are beautiful.” “You are beautiful.” “You are beautiful.” “You are beautiful.” “Shayamali!” “Lady with a slim waist
passes by swaying her hips.” “Her dark tresses float like waves.” “My heart burns with desire.” “Love me today.” “My heart burns.” “Don’t stay away.” “I wait for you day and night.” “Day and night.” “Shyamali!” Do you see this? “Why are you so beautiful, Shyamali?” “I can’t control my heart.” “Why are you so beautiful, Shyamali?” “I can’t control my heart.” “Your kohl lined eyes..” “Your kohl lined eyes win my heart.” “Shyamali! Shyamali!” “I’ll sing my first love for you.” “Do you understand my emotions?” “Your beautiful smile..’ “Your beautiful smile
makes you beautiful.” “Shyamali! Shyamali!” “Lady with a slim waist
passes by swaying her hips.” “Her dark tresses float like waves.” “My heart burns with desire.” “Love me today.” “My heart burns.” “Don’t stay away.” “I wait for you day and night.” “Day and night.” “Shyamali!” “Shyamali!” “Shyamali!” Rascal! You’ve made a blunder, baby.
You’ve made a blunder. Where will you escape
tomorrow morning? Hello, madam. Bibi. Bibi. Is breakfast ready? Are you hungry? What nonsense are you saying? Are you hungry? Yes, I am.
Serve me quickly. She is hungry. It’s hot, have it. I mean the food is hot. Eat it. Good morning, Rana. So you’ve come now.
– Bye. Morning, Puja.
– Morning. Who is that boy? He is Rinki’s elder brother, Deep.
– Oh! Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Rinki..
– Yes. ..I was waiting for you.
– Why? Do you’ve Prof. Das’ Economics notes? Yes, but in my house.
– No problem. I’ll go to your house
after the class to get it. Ok.
– Let’s go. Serve us. Move. Sabu.. Sabu.. Sabu! There’s no alcohol in it.
It’s finished. Sabu! Sabu!
– Yes, sir. Get a bottle of liquor for me. We don’t have any more liquor. What nonsense!
Go and make a bottle for me. Ratan, how much more will you drink?
– Shut up! Bloody fool! Sir, we really don’t have liquor.
– Is it? I can see lots of bottles of liquor. Why are you saying that
you don’t have liquor? Go! If all the water in the pond
was liquor and everything around.. ..would be food,
I would finish all of them. Right. If you can satisfy this
man you’ll get everything. You’ll get everything. Are you sure?
– Yes. Are you sure?
– Yes. Are you sure? Salutations to liquor! Salutations to liquor! Scoundrel! Sorry. Sorry. Don’t mind. Just a minute. Salutations to liquor! Deep, try for a government job. Mother, it’s not easy
to get a government job. Mother, look who is here. She is my friend Puja, the
daughter of Rudra Prasad Choudhury. Oh!
– She is my mother. It’s ok. Have a seat. Puja, he is my elder brother Deep.
– Hello. Hello. Sit and chat, I’ll leave. Sit and chat, I’ll get snacks for you. No, aunt. Don’t bother yourself. It’s not a problem. You’ve come directly from college.
Sit and relax, I’ll be back soon. Transform all the things
around into snacks. It’s impossible. If I grant this boon
the world will be destroyed. Ask for something else. No, lord. I don’t want anything else Fulfill my wish. Lord! Fulfill my wish or I won’t let you go. Lord! Lord! Oh no! lord has vanished. Mr. Chakroborty.
– Hello, sir. Hello. The turnover of our company
has reduced from last year. It has reduced to 200
crores from 300 crores. Sir, we’ve exported less
to overseas market this year. It’s the main reason
behind the decline. What’s the reason behind this? Sir, we didn’t have
enough ships this year. So, transportation was a problem. This is the reason behind
the decline of business in Europe. Damn it! Why didn’t you
share the problems with me before? Well, I’ll sort the problems. Sir, we need at least three
maximum capacity ships this year. Go and discuss the matter
with finance Director. Go. Ok,
sir. Stop the car. Stop. Where are you going alone?
– I was going nearby. I’ll drop you.
– No, thank. I’ll manage. Puja, you look absent
minded these days. It seems that you are in love.
– You are right. I guess the boy is from our college. Someone must’ve teased you
and he must’ve fought the goon. So, you fell in love with him.
– No! Shut up. You go for regular morning walk. While you were walking
alone on the deserted roads.. ..some goons kidnapped
you and took you to the forest. You started shouting for help. And then.. when he.. Do you think my life is like a movie? Then who is the boy? Tell me. Deep da! You’ve chosen the best. But, nothing is working out. Does Rinki know about it?
– No. How do I tell her? Ok. Calm down. I’ll handle it.
– Pompi! Let’s go. Stop! Where are you coming from? I went to Pompi’s house
to attend veneration. You should follow a timetable.
– Sorry, dad. Come. Puja, why are you late. I think something is wrong. Sister-in-law,
you are too intelligent. I share everything with you. I’ll share this with you too. Sister-in-law, I love a boy. I don’t know
if you’ll accept the relationship.. ..if you know his financial status. But, he is an ideal man. Puja, when you are so concerned
about his financial status.. ..how can you value his ideals? We can’t accept this relationship. Sister-in-law, don’t be so stern. I lost my mother when I was small. I never got mother’s love
but you’ve showered motherly.. ..love and affection on me. Puja, why don’t you understand? Your dad and elder brother
won’t accept it even if I do. Now tell me who the boy is. The boy whose photo was
published in the newspaper. Sister-in-law.. You’ll be responsible for everything
not just the picnic arrangements. Such a huge responsibility? Remember that Puja is our good friend. “Since I saw you, I feel lost.” “I’ve lost sleep since that day,
I want only you.” “Since I saw you, I feel lost.” “I’ve lost sleep since that day,
I want only you.” “It’s not forced yet I
know you are the one for me.” “How do I convince my heart?” “You don’t know what I feel.” “I feel blessed when you answer me.” “I’ve lost sleep since that day,
I want only you.” “I feel thirsty.” “I go to quench my thirst
at the sight of an oasis.” “But it’s only a deception.” “My heart and soul are thirsty.” “I wish to have you close to me.” “I’ve lost sleep since that day,
I want only you.” I told her.
– Is it ? I’ll be back soon. Look there. Come. Deep da, the scenery is so beautiful. Let’s go. Do something. Go with Rinki. How was the picnic?
– Fantastic! I’ll remember this picnic
throughout my life. – Ok. Puja, has your plan succeeded?
– No, sister-in-law. It isn’t easy to win over his heart. What shall you do now?
– What shall I do? I’ll win over his heart,
after all I’m Puja. Sister-in-law,
he looked so handsome today.. ..that I just wanted to kiss him. I’ll slap you.
– Yes. The place was so beautiful. I suggested that we
go and enjoy the beauty. Do you know what he said?
– What did he say? Go with Rinki. I wanted to teach him a
lesson that he’ll never forget. Do anything but Puja won’t spare you. Respected Deep da, I don’t know
if I’ve the right to write to you. But, I had no other
option but to write. I lost myself in your thoughts
the day I first saw you. So, I can’t think of anyone
else except you as my life partner. I hope you won’t dishearten me.
From Puja. Rinki, come here.
– What is it? I told you that this is not right . It’s your decision. If you don’t accept the
proposal just write to her. Why are you getting angry? Pompi, I am really worried for Puja. Brother is very adamant. I don’t think Puja will succeed. She is Puja. She is very stubborn. It’s a fact that Puja
loves your elder brother. She’ll achieve what she
wants by hook or by crook. You are talking as
if her vow is unbreakable. With time we’ll know the outcome.
– Ok. Brother, what are you thinking of? Puja shouldn’t have fallen in
love with me after knowing the truth. Love follows no logic. Why don’t you understand that Puja’s
father will never accept this relationship? Why are you so scared? Puja is ready to leave
everything for you. Don’t refuse her true love. Rich people play with the emotions
of middle class people like us. I don’t know about Puja’s
father but Puja is different. Dear Puja, I was surprised to get your
letter but I didn’t get carried away. I know that your love is pure. But, we can’t disregard
our social status. You proposed me because
you were infatuated with me. But the infatuation won’t
last long when you face.. ..the harsh financial
crisis that we go through. So, I suggest that you
forget all this. From Deep. What happened, Puja? Has this one letter shattered you? Write a befitting reply. Come and have dinner first. I’m not hungry, sister-in-law. Why are you hurting yourself?
Come and have dinner. Don’t disturb me.
I told you I’m not hungry. Dear Deep da, you don’t
know what I’m going through.. ..so you think that my
feelings are just infatuation. If I could explain my condition
to you then you couldn’t have.. ..called it mere infatuation. We may be apart physically
but mentally I always feel.. ..that I’m close to you. This is an amalgamation
of dreams and reality. Deep da, I’m not a child who
has taken a rash decision emotionally. One can’t take important
decisions of life based on emotions. You don’t know that my
life is valueless without you. I request you to come
and meet me near the temple.. ..at 10 in the morning tomorrow. My mental condition isn’t good. I don’t know what step
I shall take if you don’t come. From Puja. Mother, there may
be lapses in my prayers. But I’ve faith in you. Out of the faith I’ve in
you please don’t dishearten me. Please make Deep fall in love with me. I don’t wish for anything else.
Nothing else. Puja! I love you. I love you.
– I love you too. I also love you, Puja. Puja, I’ve hurt you. No. You haven’t hurt me. You don’t know that it is
something that no wealth can buy. Lack of it makes
the heart feel deserted. It’s you. I’ve spent many sleepless
nights and nights without food.. ..to hear these words from your mouth. Only God knows what I went through. I know, Puja. I know. Only God knows what
I was going through. I loved you but couldn’t
express my feelings to you. I think you aren’t unaware of it. Never leave me and go. Never. I won’t go, Puja. I won’t. From today you are mine and I’m yours. “Our life is full emotional turmoil.” “As we tried to walk
on different paths..” “..we’ve missed many moments
of life as we tried to ignore them.” “Unknowingly.
Unknowingly. Unknowingly.” “Our life is full emotional turmoil.” “As we tried to walk
on different paths..” “..we’ve missed many moments
of life as we tried to ignore them.” “Unknowingly.
Unknowingly. Unknowingly.” “We were on the either
sides of a mountainous river.” “We’ll bridge the gap today.” “Our life will be beautiful again.” “Our life will be beautiful again.” “As two hearts unite.” “Our life is full emotional turmoil.” “As we tried to walk
on different paths..” “..we’ve missed many moments
of life as we tried to ignore them.” “Unknowingly.
Unknowingly. Unknowingly.” “Why did you stay away from me?” “I don’t understand.” “I’ll never stay away from you again.” “Why did you stay away from me?” “I don’t understand.” “I’ll never stay away from you again.” “It’s a promise two hearts have made.” “It’s a promise two hearts have made.” “We pray that no emotion
breaks this promise.” “Our life is full emotional turmoil.” “As we tried to walk
on different paths..” “..we’ve missed many moments
of life as we tried to ignore them.” “Unknowingly.
Unknowingly. Unknowingly.” “Unknowingly.
Unknowingly. Unknowingly.” “Unknowingly.
Unknowingly. Unknowingly.” “I’ve loved you.” “Let me whisper
something in your ears.” “No one should find it out.” “Tell me.” “You are very naughty and shameless.” “It’s not yet time for it.” “It’s not yet time.” “Let me whisper
something in your ears.” “In the ancient times the sages..” “In the ancient times the sages..” “..became fathers before marriage.” “Don’t hurt me, dear.” “Our love is not
like that of the sages.” “We are bound by
rules of the society.” “Let me whisper
something in your ears.” “I can’t bear it anymore,
don’t delay.” “Don’t burn the fire of desires.” “I can’t bear it anymore,
don’t delay.” “Don’t burn the fire of desires.” “The river merges with
the ocean despite hurdles.” “Love doesn’t follow
the dictates of the society.” “Let’s unite now.” “You are very naughty and shameless.” “It’s not yet time for it.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” “It’s not yet time.” Mother!
– Who is it? Oh you. Why are you troubling yourself? Let me do it.
– You don’t have to do it. Let me try.
– Crazy girl. You are not used to it.
It’ll be difficult for you. Could you say this to Rinki? Don’t say such things. Ok. I won’t stop you. Do it as you want to. Sister-in-law, what am I seeing? What is it?
– Come and see. Rinki! Rinki!
– What is it? Go and give tea to your brother. Why are you telling me? Tell
your future daughter-in-law to do it. Rinki, you are too much. Don’t feel shy. Take it. Will you fight or give him tea? Ok, I’ll give it.
– Ok. Rinki! Tea for you. I won’t regret if I die after
drinking the tea from your hands. No! don’t say such ominous things. Hello. Yes. Raj here. Sir, this is Gupta from Bombay.
– Yes, tell me. Sir, the goods are supposed
to reach Bombay dock.. ..but they haven’t reached yet. Why are you informing me now? I already sent the
draft fifteen days back. Sir, we’re helpless. I had a talk with the
MD just few minutes back. That’s not my look out. The things should be delivered
within 21st, Mr. Gupta. Ok? Bogus! Hello.
– Who’s speaking? Magic Fairy?
– Have I done magic on you, Deep? It’s not just me but you’ve
done magic on Rinki and mother too. They can’t think of anyone except you. Have you finished with your lecture? Now tell me how you are.
– I’m good. How are you?
– I’m good. Pompi, how are you? You haven’t come to
my place for a long time. Have you forgotten me? What nonsense are you speaking? Yes, brother is nearby. Do you want to talk to him? Oh! Now I know.
– Yes. Yes. Brother has left. I forgot to tell
you something important. What is it? You’ll feel bad. Come on, tell me. No, I won’t tell you today.
Maybe some other day. Don’t test my temper. I’ll break the telephone. Puja, you can’t understand.
It’s something different. Come on, tell me. Promise that you won’t tell anyone. No, you won’t be able
to keep the promise. You must tell me. Come on tell me. The fact is that..
give me a sweet kiss. Shameless fellow! Please Puja, give a kiss. What about your kiss? There’s a man outside. Doesn’t matter. Kiss me. “ILU. ILU. ILU.” “ILU means I Love You.” “I love you.” “ILU. ILU. ILU.” “ILU means I Love You.” Bibi. Can you go to
the market and buy fish? What are you saying, madam? I’ve forty years of experience.
Why can’t I buy fish? I can buy any variety..
mrigel, chital (varieties of fish).. Shut
up! Go quickly. Carry the shopping bag. Two vegetable chops. Order something better.
– Chop is absolutely fine. What are you staring at?
– At you. Is it the first time
that you’ve seen me? So, the love birds
are enjoying a nice meal. Deep da, I hope you are fine.
– Yes. I hope you are also fine. You must give us a party today. No. Party for what? Shut up, stingy girl . I’m talking to Deep da. I’ll ask a question. If you can answer it
correctly I’ll spare you.. ..or you’ve to give us a treat.
– Ok. I’m ready. Tell us a name of
something which is known.. ..by the same name throughout India. Come on, think. I can’t think.
– Not me. Ok. Waiter, menu. Five plates of chili chicken. Order two for me.
– Six plates. Five plates of chicken roast. Five plates of chicken biriyani. And.. five coffee. Ok? You’ve placed the order.
Give the answer. The answer is stamp, inland letter,
post card, envelope etc. etc. Oh
no! Come on, go. Go. Gabbar Singh has said that
the person who fears is dead. Look! What beautiful flowers. Is this my grave? No, Puja. This are the flowers
offered to you by your devotee. “My heart wishes for love.” “Don’t forget it. Don’t forget it.” “My heart wishes for love.” “Don’t forget it. Don’t forget it.” “My beloved,
what kind of wish is this?” “My heart also only wants your love.” “I’ll always be engrossed in you.” “I wish I always love you.” “I’ll always be engrossed in you.” “I wish I always love you.” “You are the light in the darkness,
the strength of mind.” “You are the sole support
of my life, dear.” “My beloved,
what kind of wish is this?” “My heart also only wants your love.” “In life and death, I’ll be with you.” “I’ll be with you in every lifetime.” “My beloved,
what kind of wish is this?” “My heart also only wants your love.” “My heart wishes for love.” “Don’t forget it. Don’t forget it.” “Don’t forget it. Don’t forget it.” “Don’t forget it. Don’t forget it.” Mr. Bhattacharya.
Welcome. Please be seated. You seem to be very busy.
– It’s a part of my life. Right. But, concentrate on your family too.
– Why? I had heard about it but I saw it today.
– What? Your daughter Puja is romancing.. ..the clerk of Jansanjog company. Is it a fact?
– Yes. What? An ordinary clerk? How dare he? So I would suggest that you
concentrate on your family too. Lets not discuss it anymore. I’ll leave now. Bye. Thank you.
– Thank you. Duke.
– Yes, sir. Choudhury speaking.
– Yes, tell me. Go to the house of Deep,
a clerk of Janasanjog Company.. ..and threaten him. What’s the matter, boss? My daughter Puja.. Ok. I’ve understood.
I’ll do the work. Ok. Good. Deep, if I die on your
laps I’ll die a peaceful death. Don’t say such things, Puja. Don’t you feel scared that
your father might catch us? Why should I be scared
when you are with me? Puja, will I be able
to ever repay your love? And what about your dad?
– Forget him. Why should we worry about him? I’m ready to face any adversity. Puja, reality is very harsh.
– Don’t break down. The day I first saw you, I
surrendered my heart and soul to you. I’m ready to face
any adversity for you. What are you doing? Leave me. Leave me. Mother! Help! Mother! What are you doing? Leave her. Leave her. What are you doing? Leave her. Don’t you’ve
a mother and sister at home? Mother! Mother! Mother and sister? We are widows. Old woman, you are dreaming of making
Puja your daughter-in-law. Right? Your daughter’s life will
be ruined before that happens. You’ll get thousands of sons-in-law. All of us are your sons-in-law.
What do you say, partner? When your son comes home
tell him leave Puja or.. ..we’ll burn down your house. Nothing will be left.
Let’s go. Yes, let’s go. Come. Remember my words. Darling. Oh darling. Someone will see us. Let them see. So what?
– Leave me. I say, leave me. Leave me. No.. Shame! Shame! How can my daughter go
around with an ordinary clerk? She didn’t even think
of my reputation. I never stopped her from doing
anything as it would hurt her. But she.. Dad, she has crossed all limits
because you and Gouri have pampered her. I’ll make her forget her love. Don’t comment without
knowing everything in details. Shut
up! You’ve pampered her. These days she lies even to me. We shouldn’t aggravate this issue. Stop! From where are you coming?
– From the library. Don’t you feel ashamed
that you are lying? Speak the truth.
Where did you go? You thought that
we would never find out? Remember that you’ll get
the harshest punishment from me.. ..if I hear any word
against you from outsiders. This is my first and last warning. Don’t forget our status. Go inside. How did this happen? Don’t worry. Some men came and asked
for a donation of thousand rupees. How can we give thousand rupees? When I told that I won’t give
a rupee more than hundred rupees.. ..they broke everything
before they left. Do you think I’m a fool? Tell me the truth. I’m sure that Roy Choudhury
must’ve sent goons here. I won’t forgive them. Mother! Mother! Speak the truth.
How did this happen? Forget all this? Don’t create any further problem. Mother, I’ll go and meet Puja today. I’ll go and sever all ties with her. I’ll sever all ties with her. Brother, please don’t go. Puja isn’t responsible for this. Brother! Boss, I’ve done the job. I’ve scared them so much that they’ll
fear taking Puja’s name in future. What’s wrong, Deep? Why do you look restless? I had told you. I wouldn’t have faced
all this if you listened to me. What has happened? The goons hired by your father
have destroyed things in my house. They misbehaved with
my mother and sister. Can you tell me how can people of
a civilized society behave like this? No, Puja. No. It won’t be possible for
me to continue this relationship. Please don’t go, Deep. I’m really ashamed
at father’s behavior. Forget this behavior for me. Rich people think that if
they regret their wrong behavior.. ..the matter will be resolved.
Isn’t it? How could you say this? It’s not your fault. It’s the fault of my stars. Say anything you want
to but don’t leave me and go. Don’t leave me and go. Please leave me, Puja. Leave me. “You are my life and death.” “You are my life and death.” “How will I live without you?” “You are my life and death.” “You are my life and death.” “I can’t explain my feelings.” “I can’t explain my feelings.” “Please feel my pain once.” “You know the pain
of a bird without wings.” “You are my life and death.” “You are my life and death.” “I express my love
for you through my song.” “I express my love
for you through my song.” “Try to feel the pain of my heart.” “You know why my
heart feels restless.” “You are my life and death.” “You are my life and death.” “How will I spend
my life without you?” “You are my life and death.” “You are my life and death.” Stop! Where did you go? To meet Pompi. Don’t you feel ashamed to lie to me? Who is the boy? He is Deep,
the son of late SP Nilam Dutta. What? Choudhury, halt or I’ll have to shoot. Boss. Boss. Run away with them. I’ll handle him. You go away with them. Go. Quick. I told you to leave this business. Promise that you’ll bring Puja
and raja up through honest means. I promise you. I promise you. Arpita! Arpita! Arpita! Arpita! You’ve gone too far against my wishes. I never went against our wishes. I don’t wish to do it in future too. But let me take the
decision of my future. What do you mean? Was the behavior of
the hired goons justified? If you still keep ties with
him the outcome will be dangerous. If you wish his well-being forget him. Dad, you don’t know how Deep is. He is the son of
a honest police officer. He is a man of principles. He may not be rich like
us but he has a great personality. I’ll be happy with it. But that isn’t enough for me. The company where Deep works
as a clerk is dependent on me. It’s my order. You must forget Deep. Please forgive me, dad. I can’t change my decision. Puja, if you go against
my wish it’ll be harmful for Deep. We’ve made promised
before the Almighty. How can you harm us? You are not the Almighty. Puja, don’t argue with dad. Gouri, please try to convince her.
– Come with me, Puja. Nothing in this house
happened against my wish. It won’t happen in future. Did you meet Puja?
– Yes. You’ve taken the right
decision by refusing her. No Rinki. Her tears washed
away my anger and hatred. I couldn’t refuse her. I couldn’t. Brother, I can’t support you. I had supported you earlier
but now I’m saying that.. ..being in a relationship
with Puja is like playing with fire. What are you saying, Rinki? I know that truth is
harsh and so you are shocked. Why will we get insulted for you? Rinki, please listen to me..
– Don’t say anything about Puja. Rinki, I beg of you.
Please don’t be harsh with me. I won’t be able to live without Puja. Please let me live. Let me live. Modern Devdas. So you were pulling my leg. Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. We’ve made promised
before the Almighty. How can you harm us? You are not the Almighty. How can you harm us? You are not the Almighty. How can you harm us? You are not the Almighty. Yes! I’m not the Almighty. You tell me.. you tell me. Can I ever accept the worthless boy.. ..whose father killed Puja’s mother? As a result today I am.. No!
No! I’ll destroy his family. Yes! I’ll show him the outcome
of going against Choudhury family. Good morning, dad.
– Morning. Have a seat. Well, can you call Deep here? I’ll forcefully get
him here if you want. No. No need to do that. He shouldn’t guess anything. Okay, dad. Hello, sir. You are Deep,
the son of late SP Nilam Dutta. Yes, sir. Like father like son. Do you really love Puja?
– Yes, sir. But, did you ever think whether
you are worthy enough to be with Puja? Sir, in love.. People in love don’t
think of such things. Right? Stupid fellow!
Don’t you feel ashamed to brag? Listen! I’ll tell you something. Tell Puja that you don’t love her. Or I’ll teach you a good lesson.
Understand? Don’t leave me and go.
Don’t leave me and go, Deep. This is impossible.
– Stop it! I said get out. Get out. Ramu, come here. If I hear that Puja has met anyone
on her way to college I’ll shoot you. Come in, Deep. Be seated. I’m very sorry to give this to you.
I’m helpless. I had already guessed that
something like this would happen. Deep, you know that I’m
doing this against my wish. Thank you, sir. Uncle Ramu,
stop the car near the waterfall. No. Your father has ordered
that you shouldn’t meet Deep. You know uncle Ramu
that Deep is waiting for me. How can I go away without meeting him? You’ve to go, daughter. I’ll be in trouble if I
disregard your father’s orders. Uncle Ramu, you’ve raised me.
You never hurt me. Have you forgotten those days? But, I can’t stop the car, daughter. You address me as daughter
but you don’t think of me as one. All these days you’ve cheated
me with false affection. Today I’ve realized that
you did it for your personal gains.. Don’t say anything further.
Don’t say anything. I didn’t mind your words. Go. Go. Puja, I’ve got a heavy blow today. What happened? Your father called me home and.. What did he do? Tell me. Tell me, Deep. Puja, that’s a long story. I’ve lost my job because of your dad. Don’t cry, Puja. You must be thinking
that I’ll leave you and go. But, I accepted my ill-fate. Do you know what I feel like doing?
– What? I wish to live here forever. I wish both of us live like
two trees and sing songs forever.. ..beneath this vast sky. We’ll enjoy both the
sunlight and the frost. Won’t it be great fun? Puja, listen to me. Puja.. I will never say such things. Why will we be two separate trees? You’ll be the root
and I’ll be the tree. I’ll live as long as you live. When you die, I’ll also die. Puja.. Brother, why are you feeling sad? We’ve father’s pension to support us. I’ll take up few tuitions. Try for a job elsewhere. Don’t worry.
We’ll manage the expenses.. ..even if you don’t get a job. Why will you work when I’m alive? No, Rinki. I’ll do something. Puja, why did you call me? Just two days are left for
my birthday but I don’t feel good. Why? You should be happy.
– I know. But my life is shrouded in darkness.
– Why, Puja? If I invite you for my birthday,
you’ll come.. ..but what shall I
do if you are insulted? Will I be able to tolerate the insult? Will I be able to enjoy
the party without you ? Deep, since the day
I fell in love with you.. Dad and brother has troubled me a lot. But, I could never
share my problems with you. Don’t feel sad. This is not your last birthday. Your birthday will come again.
Isn’t it? “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to dear Puja.” “Happy birthday to you.” Puja, sing a song. “I’m a captive in a gold cage.” “How long will I suffer the pains?” “This isn’t an ordinary song.” “It’s a song of lamentation.” “I’m a captive in a gold cage.” “How long will I suffer the pains?” “This isn’t an ordinary song.” “It’s a song of lamentation.” “I’ve taken birth in a palace.” “Is it my fault?” “Love and affection here without
emotions is like fake flowers.” “I’ve everything
yet I miss something.” “It’s my ill-fate.” “Even if I light lamps today
they don’t erase the darkness.” “Even if I light lamps today
they don’t erase the darkness.” “I’m helplessly bound here.” “How long will I suffer the pains?” “I’m a captive in a gold cage.” “How long will I suffer the pains?” “This isn’t an ordinary song.” “It’s a song of lamentation.” “This isn’t an ordinary song.” “It’s a song of lamentation.” “It’s a song of lamentation.” “It’s a song of lamentation.” Many, many happy returns of the day. Thank you. Deep..
– Puja.. How dare Deep come here
even when I warned him not to? I told him to come. Shut up, devil’s disciple. I’ll shoot him dead right now. Dad, please don’t do that. Please don’t be so heartless. Mother.. mother,
you tell me what shall I do now. Tell me. Tell me. Puja.. Sister-in-law! She loves me more.
– No. Call her and check. Puja, Puja. Come here. Whom do you love more?
Your mom or dad? What happened? My darling! I told you that Puja loves me more. My darling!
My sweetheart! Daughter.. I know that I’ve hurt you. But, I want you to forget
Deep for your well-being. The animals,
birds and even beggars live a life. But that’s not a worthwhile life. You need money to
live a respectable life. Money buys you respect and reputation. Deep.. what status does he enjoy? Well, what haven’t I given you? You didn’t give me freedom. Dad, you’ve kept this bird captive. You feed her well. I know that a free bird
won’t get the food she gets. Yet, this bird wants to be free. I’m a human being. Don’t think that I’ve
bowed down before you.. ..just because I’m speaking
nicely to you. Understand? Puja, there’s good news. Dad has allowed both
of us to go to Shillong. It’ll be a nice outing. Lots of fruits like plums
and pears grow in our garden. We’ll enjoy them. It’ll be great fun. What happened?
Why are you silent? I won’t leave Deep and go.
– But, dad said that.. Tell dad that I can’t go
because I’ve class in college. I’m the one in trouble.
Who do I listen to? Damn
it. You are an experienced player. I’m not worthy enough
to suggest anything to you. There are different ways
to tackle different problems. Sometimes the most intelligent
men too lose their presence of mind. What do you mean? Tell me. I’ll tell you clearly. You must change Puja’s
love for Deep into hatred. What do you mean? Don’t worry. I’ll do the job. Wait and watch what I do. Puja, I’m really ashamed
to share this with you. I’m really disheartened to tell
you that Deep is a characterless man. He is in a relationship with
just not you but many other girls. He also has physical
relationships with many girls. I think you are mistaken. If you don’t believe me,
come and see it for yourself. Where are you taking me?
– Come on. Come. No! Hello.
– Puja speaking. Hi, Puja! How are you?
– How can I be well? You seem to be in a bad mood.
What happened? Any misunderstanding with Deep? Why will I have any
misunderstanding with him? You told me that I’ve chosen the best. I’ll hang up now. I’m leaving for
Shillong right now. Bye. What’s this, Puja? I’ll leave for Shillong immediately .
– What’s wrong? You told me that you
won’t go to Shillong. What made you change your mind? Sister-in-law, nothing can
be more painful than the betrayal.. ..of the man you
love and trust the most. But.. Deep has hurt me. Why didn’t I die
before finding this out? Why didn’t I die? Don’t cry. I’ll get ready. Hello. Pompi speaking. Deep speaking. Puja told
me to come and meet at VIP Hotel. But, she didn’t come to meet me.
– Puja has left for Shillong. What has happened between
you and her, Deep da? Nothing has happened. But, she is greatly offended with you. Is
it? Pompi, do you know
Puja’s address in Shillong? Choudhury Vilal, Labang. I hardly get to meet you these days. I returned from Bombay yesterday. Have you done the job?
– Yes. Has Deep or Puja found out?
– No. Take this. Bye. Sweet girl. What have you done
to Deep and Puja? Tell me. Who are Deep and Puja? Who are Deep and Puja? The people who you were
talking about just now. Why are you misbehaving with me? Why are you worried about
what I discuss with someone? Why should I bother? Inform the police. I’ll tell you.
Don’t inform the police. The line is busy.
Please dial after some time. The line is busy.
Please dial after some time. Puja.. Puja! Puja! Puja, listen to me. Open the door. Puja! Puja! Puja! Puja, who is at the door at this hour?
– The rascal. Don’t open the door, sister-in-law. Why are you being unreasonable? Do you want him to
die outside in the cold? Come in, Deep. Come in. Have a seat. What had happened, Deep? Uncle Ramu came and told me that.. ..Puja has asked me
to meet her at VIP Hotel. I went there but.. May I sit here?
– Yes, you may. It seems that you are waiting for someone.
– Yes. If you don’t mind,
will you have a cup of coffee? No, thank you. You can have it. Please, have a little. Waiter, two coffee. What’s your name? My name is Deep Dutta. Come on, drink it.
– Thank you. What happened?
– I feel dizzy. Do you feel sick?
– Yes, I feel sick. Come and take rest. Come and take rest. I don’t remember what
happened after that. Do you think you can convince
me with your made-up story? Never. I saw you in bed in a
compromising position with a girl. Sister-in-law, if this is what
he had planned why didn’t he tell me? I would’ve done anything. It wouldn’t have hurt me more. Puja, what are you saying? Believe me. I’m innocent.
– Believe you? Shameless betrayer. Sister-in-law, ask him to leave. Tell him to leave. I don’t wish to see
his evil face. Never. Puja!
– Puja! How could you say
such things to me, Puja? I had sworn my love
for you in my mother’s name. I swear in her name
that my love is innocent. Puja, if God exists I’ll
prove my innocence one day. Puja, always remember
that my love is pure. One day you’ll realize your mistake. You’ll repent when
you realize your mistake. I’ll wait for the day, Puja. I’ll wait for you, Puja. I’ll wait for you, Puja. I’ll wait for you, Puja. I’ll wait for you.. I don’t wish to see
his evil face. Never. I don’t wish to see
his evil face. Never. No!
No! “In this huge world
I’ve no company today.” “In this huge world
I’ve no company today.” “With whom shall I..” “With whom shall I connect?” “How shall I open the closed doors?” “I’m helpless.” “This heart laments.” “But no one hears me.” “I’m engulfed my sufferings.” “In this huge world
I’ve no company today.” “In this huge world
I’ve no company today.” “Sorrows have engrossed my hopes.” “It can’t fly in the blue sky.” “The dreams have shattered.” “In this huge world
I’ve no company today.” “In this huge world
I’ve no company today.” “With whom shall I..” “With whom shall I connect?” “In this huge world
I’ve no company today.” “In this huge world
I’ve no company today.” Hello.
– Hello. Hello, Puja. Pompi speaking. I’ve been trying to connect
you since yesterday but I couldn’t. Listen, it was your
father’s conspiracy. The girl whom they used as
a bait to separate you and Deep.. ..confessed everything to me. Deep is innocent. Please don’t misunderstand him. I’m innocent, Puja. I’m innocent. Deep.. Deep.. I’m innocent, Puja. Yes, you are innocent.
You are innocent. Sister-in-law, don’t wake him up. Let him sleep. I’ll buy few clothes for him.
– Ok. Ok. Get the briefcase for me. This is mine. Where is yours? Done! Puja.. come here. Come. No one is here,
not even sister-in-law. Shut up! Why are you disturbing me? Puja.. What happened, Deep? What happened? It’s hurting badly.
– Where? Leave me. Sister-in-law is here. Sister-in-law is here.
Yes, she’s actually here. Hey! What is going on?
– No.. I mean.. Bastard! Deep! Raj.. Raj.. what’s wrong with you ? I know that the rascal
must be behind this. Gouri, how could this
happen in your presence? She is the enemy within our house. I had a different opinion about you. Forgive me, dad. Puja’s condition forced
me to support her. It’s no use talking to you. I’ll have to handle everything. See that Puja doesn’t
go out of the house. Hello.
– Hello, Choudhury speaking. Yes, boss tell me. Come to our old den
at 8 in the evening. I hope you remember the place. Boss, how can I forget the old den?
– Ok. Prince, don’t drink
so much or you’ll die. Hey! You think Prince will die? So early? I can’t forget the insult.
It doesn’t allow me to rest in peace. Come. Come. Boss, why did you call me urgently? Duke, my reputation is at stake.
– Why? I’ll take care of him. I’ll destroy his life. Order me, boss.
– Deep. You shouldn’t leave
behind any evidence. Duke is never careless. But, you’ve to wait for some time.
– Why? On Diwali when people
will light crackers.. ..well set Deep’s house on fire. I’m going out. I’ll be late. Have dinner.
– Don’t be too late. Come home on time. Why don’t you stay at home today? My friends are waiting for me. I have to go. The times aren’t good. Try to come home early.
– Ok. Bye. Go there. Hurry up. Fire!
– Our house is on fire. What shall we do now? Fire! Help! Our house is on fire. Help! Hello. Choudhury speaking. I’ve done your work. Very good. Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Deep.. Deep.. No! Rinki! Rinki! No! Follow me. Go ahead.
The rest of you come with me. Move aside. Move aside. Sir, what is your opinion
about this accident? Sir, we’ve got these. It’s a simple case. Crackers resulted in fire. Send the bodies to the
morgue for post mortem. Pompi, you? Come in. You look disturbed. Puja.. ..on the Diwali night
Rinki and her mother died.. ..when a fire broke
out in their house. No! What did you say? Rinki and mother are no more? I pray that you become
my daughter-in-law. Mother.. mother..
– Puja. I pray that I get a mother
like you in every life. – Puja.. Mother.
– Yes, Puja.. Yes, Puja..
– Pompi! Pompi! Don’t cry, Puja. Pompi, you don’t know
what Rinki did for me. Her mother loved me a lot. If she cooked any delicacy
she would keep it aside for me.. ..before serving Rinki. Her love and affection would
help me forget the tortures of dad. Who will shower so much
love and affection on me now? Tell me, Pompi. Who will love me? Puja, I think you should meet Deep. He is shattered after this accident. His plight is miserable. You must console him. Where is he and in what condition? I’ll go and meet him immediately. You are under house arrest.
How will you meet him? I’ll meet him anyhow. Everything in my life is over. For which sin have
I been punished so harshly? I’m helpless, Puja. Rinli did so much for me. It was mother’s wish to
make you her daughter-in-law. I don’t know how everything
changed all of a sudden. Don’t break down. I sympathize with you. Rinki and I were two different
people but we were one soul. I lost my mother in my
childhood but your mother.. ..never let me miss my mother. I’ve lost her too. Who can be more unfortunate than me? Come on tell me. Get up, Puja. Don’t be sad. This is what God had devised. Today is Bhai Phonta (occasion
where sister prays for brother). Come and do the rituals. As I put this auspicious
mark on my brother’s forehead.. ..I pray for his long life. Yamuna prays for the
well-being of her brother Yama. I pray for my brother’s well-being. Brother, what will you gift
me on the occasion of Bhai Phonta? Let me think. I’ll see my gift first
and then do the rituals. It means you do the
rituals for the gift. Rinki! I was pulling your leg. Mother! Come here.
Look what she is doing. What happened? Mother, he is saying that
I perform the rituals for gift. Stupid girl! He is joking with you. Listen to me. Are you sure?
– Yes. Whom shall I give the gift? Whom shall I give the gift? I’m guilty towards you. I had to do it against my wish. I want to share something with you. What can you say? You are loyal to dad. Deep’s house was set on
fire on your father’s order. The house was set
on fire to kill Deep. Fortunately he escaped. How did you find out? Don’t ask me anything. If your father finds
out he’ll kill me. I request you to go away
from here with Deep immediately. Tell Deep to come to
the temple immediately. Yes. He shouldn’t delay. It’s urgent. What’s wrong, Puja? I’ll explain everything later.
Go to him immediately. Please. Deep, it’s not safe
for us to stay here. I suspect that my dad
had set your house on fire. Roy Choudhury. Roy Choudhury. You send goons to my house
and insulted my mother and sister.. ..but I remained silent. You tried to defame me
yet I didn’t say anything. You invited me to your
house and insulted me. If it’s true that you
killed my mother and sister.. ..I’ll torture you and kill you. Deep, listen to me,
I deserved to be punished. Puja, I lost my father
in my childhood. But mother and Rinki’s love.. ..never made me miss my father. I’m unfortunate. I couldn’t help them. I’m responsible for all this.
Forgive me. Let’s go away to a place
where dad won’t find us. Let’s seek the blessings
of the goddess before we leave. Prince.
– Did you call me, boss? Yes. Deep has eloped with Puja. Shall I kill them?
– No. Don’t kill them. Choudhury is a dear friend. Don’t carry any arms with you. You know that prince
never uses any arms. Puja! Come. Come with me.
– No! Leave me, brother. Come. Come. No! Puja!
– Leave me. Leave me. Please leave him. No!
No! Deep! Deep! Kill him.
– No! Brother, leave him. Please leave him. Tell them to leave him. Don’t kill him. Leave him for my sake.
Please, brother. No!
No! Deep! Come.
– No, brother. Come on.
– No! Get in.
– No! Get in the car.
– No. I’ll teach you a lesson.
– No, brother. Dad! Look what Puja has done. She didn’t think of
our reputation even once. Come. Erase the vermilion.
– No, I won’t. I say, wipe it clean.
– Never. You have to.
– What do you think? Puja, dad is saying
it for your well-being. Well-being? Have you done any
good to anyone till date? Deep’s mother and sister had
to sacrifice their innocent lives for you. What had they done? Come on, tell me. Answer me. You don’t have any answer.
How can you? You are inhumane. That’s why you could
burn them to death. Your money power may
help you escape punishment. But, God will never
forgive you. Never. Daughter-in-law, tell her to
wipe the vermilion from her forehead.. ..or I’ll have to do it. Puja.. – No, sister-in-law.
Don’t tell me to do this. No one can wipe the vermilion
from my forehead as long as I’m alive. No one. I’m ready to die for it. I can accept your death but
not the vermilion on your forehead. You aren’t my daughter. You are a stigma on
our family reputation. Daughter-in-law, did she think
that I’ll accept their relationship.. ..if I find out that
she has married him? No! Never! I’ll wipe out
the vermilion from her forehead. For god’s sake don’t wipe out
the vermilion from Puja’s forehead. Please don’t do it. Daughter-in-law, move aside. Dad! – Please don’t wipe out
the vermilion on Puja’s forehead. For mother’s sake. Raj, lock her in her room.
– Come. Hello inspector, Choudhury speaking. Yes, tell me, sir. Have you arrested the rascal?
– Yes, sir. I hope you know what action
you must take against him. Leave it to me. I know how to punish him. Good. Thank you. Puja! – Beware! Don’t try
to stop me or I’ll commit suicide. Don’t come forward. Puja, don’t go. Puja! I think she has gone
to the police station. Go to the police station before
the matter goes out of control. Convince her and bring her home. Withdraw charges against
Deep if you have to. But, dad..
– Don’t hesitate. Go. Okay. Mr. Das, put him behind bars. Stop this torture. Don’t think you’ve the authority to do
anything just because you are police. Will you teach us what is to be done?
– Of course. How can you arrest and
torture Deep without any reason? According to section
366 of the Indian Penal Code.. ..it’s a crime to marry a minor. Don’t you know that? What proof do you’ve that I’m a minor? According to your father’s
complaint you are 17 years of age.. ,..and hence a minor. The case will be decided in the court. You are not a judge. Do you know that
according to Indian law.. ..it’s a crime to
physically torture anyone? I insist that you release Deep
or I’ll have to take the help of law. Puja, listen to me. Dad and I are really sorry
for misbehaving with you. Forgive us. Dad will get you married to Deep.
– It’s a lie. It’s a conspiracy. Believe me.
We didn’t realize our mistake earlier. Love can’t be bought with money. Come back home with me. Are you sure of what you are saying?
– Yes. You are my dear sister. Mr. Chakroborty, leave Deep.
– Ok, sir. Come.
– Brother! Come. Mr. Das, leave him. No! No! Sister-in-law!
Dad! You’ve lied to me. Leave me. No! Brother, open the door. Sister-in-law! Please, sister-in-law.. please.. Uncle Ramu, come here. Dad! Dad!
Dad, Puja is not in her room. Oh
no! Raj, inform the police.
– Ok, dad. Hello.
– Duke, Choudhury speaking. What made you call me so
early in the morning? Yes, tell me. Puja is not in her room. I think the bastard
is behind this act. Shall I kill him if I find him? No, don’t kill him.
– Ok. I’ll go immediately. What happened?
– Nothing. Let’s rest for some time.
We are out of danger. Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad, please think about Puja. What if anything happens to Puja? I’ll celebrate it.
Yes, I’ll celebrate. Why will I worry about Deep
whose father killed my wife? No! Dad! I haven’t forgotten
the incident even today. I’ll never forget it. No! I’ll take revenge.
– Dad! Dad! Dad, please calm down.
– Never. Do you know.. when Nilam
Dutta shot Puja’s mother dead.. ..she was sick? Why should Deep be punished
for his father’s mistake? Why was Puja’s mother
killed for my mistakes? No!
No! Dad, I have a request.
– What do you want to say? I just want to say that revenge
won’t bring the dead back to life. After I came to this house
I never asked you to give me anything. I never had to. But today..
– What? I beg of you. Please promise that you’ll
keep this request of mine. I promise you. Bring Puja and Deep back. Bring them back.
Bring them back. Bring them back. Don’t cry, daughter. I surrender to you. I promise.. ..that I’ll bring them back. Oh no! What happened?
– I’ll check. What happened? Puja, come. The bike is working.
– Let’s go. Oh no!
– See them. Come on. Come. Come on. Come on. Deep.. Where did they go? Come
on. Deep.. No! No! Deep! Deep! Prince! Prince! Prince! Prince! I say stop.
Prince! Prince! Betrayer! What happened? Puja. Puja. What happened to you? Puja, I know there’s no forgiveness
for the mistakes I’ve committed. But, I’m your father. I seek your forgiveness. Forgive me and come back with me. I demanded the rights
a child should get. But did you ever honor my demands? I always suffered as your child. I’ve lost my honor today. Can your self-respect, your prosperity
and pride give my honor back to me? Come on, tell me.
Will you be able to give it back? Deep!
– Puja! Deep!
– Puja! Sir! Sir! Please forgive me sir. I couldn’t protect Puja’s honor.
– Betrayer! Traitor! Puja! Puja! Deep!
– Puja! Deep!
– Puja! Puja!
– Deep! Deep! Deep! Puja.. Puja..
– Deep.. Deep! Deep.. Deep.. open your eyes. Look at me. Look, Puja is right in front of you. Why did you leave me alone? Puja’s sorrows made you sad. Her joys made you happy. You lost your mother
and sister for me. How can you leave me and go? I’m an unfortunate soul. I’ve been disgraced. I don’t want to live this cursed life. Puja! Puja! Puja, you couldn’t forgive
your unfortunate father. Look at the punishment
I’ve got for my sins. I had promised Arpita
to take care of you.. ..but I couldn’t keep my promise. I’m responsible for this.
I’m responsible for this. Dad! Dad, why did you do this? Puja! Dad!

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