About Nomster Chef: Fun illustrated recipes that bring the whole family together
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About Nomster Chef: Fun illustrated recipes that bring the whole family together

Hi, I’m Ashley, creator of Nomster Chef. Nomster Chef is a website with illustrated
step-by-step recipes designed to help kids age 2-12 learn to cook with their grown-ups. You probably don’t need me to tell you that
childhood obesity is a problem or that kids don’t eat enough veggies
But you might not know that kids are more likely to try food that they’ve helped to
cook, or that people form their lifelong eating
habits in childhood. Nomster Chef is on a mission to raise a healthier
generation by teaching kids to cook. Every recipe is tested with real families
to make sure they’re easy to cook and taste great. Many parents have told me that cooking one
of the Nomster recipes has helped their child try and even like a new food. Nomster Chef helped my daughter try raw broccoli
for the first time, which she ended up liking a lot. It made it easier for me to convince her to
try new vegetables. And kids love cooking with Nomster Chef
too! This is one of the best chicken fingers in
the world. Who made it? Me and Mama, from Nate Nomster. So how does it work? My nephew Ben’s going to help explain it. First, you choose the meal you want to cook
from the recipe library then you open the illustrated recipe on any
device. Next you collect your ingredients
and tools The recipes are broken down into easy to understand
steps so kids and their grown-ups feel confident
while cooking Pictures help kids age 2 and up follow the
directions The friendly Nate Nomster character guides
kids through cooking. And, there are tons of learning opportunities
sprinkled throughout each recipe. The best part is that you
end up with a meal the family can nom together. Want to get Nomster Chef for the kid chef
in your life? Sign up for a subscription at nomsterchef.com/tryit! Happy Nomming!

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