Adrienne vs. Israel: Cooking Challenge
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Adrienne vs. Israel: Cooking Challenge

– What’s up, everybody? So, my husband and I love to
watch food competition shows. Like cooking competition shows, on TV. And we were watching it one
day and we were just like, yo, how cool would that be to try it? – That’s exactly how we said it too. Yo! – How cool would that be? – Just to try it.
– So guess what? Today is the day. You ready? – I am ready. You’re going down. (upbeat music) – So first, we knew we
needed a host and a judge. So back by popular demand is my boy Ray. (cheering) – Welcome Ray. – Hey. – Double duty. He’s gonna be the host and the judge. Yeah. We wanna thank you for
dressing for the occasion. – Well you know, I do what I can. Athleisure is my thing. (laughing) (upbeat music) Okay guys. – What are the rules? Talk to us.
– Here are the rules. In our baskets we have
six items that I chose. Oh god. – That you chose? – Of course. My palate’s amazing.
– So you’re the food chooser, the host, and the judge. Oh god. – I do all things. (laughing) – And he has the palate
of a four year old. – So you have six items in these baskets. – Okay. – Okay. – You must create a dish of your choosing, but you have to use all six of the items. – Okay. – If you do not use one of the items, that could weigh on my decision. – Okay. (laughing) – So, you want to use all these items and you can use anything
else in the kitchen to create a dish for me. At the end of it all, we will see who’ll be our sliced champion. – How long do I have? – 30 minutes. – 30 minutes.
– 30 minutes. You got this? – Yes, I got this. – And you have boobs! (slow techno music) – One, two, three, open your baskets! Alright. (laughing) – What the heck! – Whoa. – I don’t even know how to pronounce this. – A cold chicken. With Creme Fraiche. – Wooo! – That’s what that’s called? – Yes it is. – We have spinach leaves. – What the heck! Lemon lime sugar free Jello. – Come on. – Yum. – What am I suppose to do with this? Ketchup?! – Ketchup, are you serious?! – No freaking way! What is this? – Bread crumbs. – Okay. What do you feel about your ingredients? – Is it possible to just forfeit? – No! – You can make amazing things
out of everything here. – Not live animal but jeez. – You’ve only got twenty
or thirty seconds left, ’cause we’re going to start in a moment. – Okay. Um. – I’m literally at a lost. – Me too. – Anyone want to phone the fridge? – No. (laughing) – (mood music) – Okay we’re going to go from 10. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Everybody get sliced! – Oh Jesus help me. – Alright. Um. I literally only have 30 minutes? – Yes. – Um. – Uh. Go! You need to move! What are you doing with
your life right now? (laughing) Okay, I’m- Can he know what I’m cooking? ‘Cause what if he tries
to copy what I’m doing. – Israel’s thinking. (laughing) Nothing yet? – Nothing yet but. – You have a perfectly
cooked chicken here. – Don’t help him! – I’m not helping. I’m just saying. The items are here. – I need to make something
that Ray is going to like. That’s the hard part. – That’s the issue, Ray has to like this. – [Adrienne] What is Ray going to like? I have like no plan. I’m just going to do it as I go along. – Excuse me. Why you bumping into me? – Nobody thought to get pizza cheese. But they thought to get pizza crust. – You can shred your own cheese. We have a shredder. Why am I helping you? – Yeah don’t help me. Is this is real life? – What are you looking for? Babe, it doesn’t matter. I’m your competition right now. – By the way, I told Israel, that before doing this competition, he should learn our kitchen. He doesn’t actually know where
anything is, in the kitchen. Well, cheese would normally
be here but there’s none. (laughing) What are you making? – You can’t use that, it’s molded. Can you help me open that? Tell me it’s not molded. Is it molded? – No. – Okay thank you. I honestly have no clue what I’m making. I’m literally doing it as I go along. I just added freaking Sofrito to eggs. – Well done. Great idea. – [ Unknown Woman] On the second row, on the bottom, you’ ll see it back there. – Okay, I need. I’m going to need some, Adobo. – Second row from the bottom, thanks a lot – Babe, how are you going
to use your bread crumbs on a pizza? – I think I’m abandoning the pizza idea. I’m thinking I’m going to do a Chicken and mzzarella cheese, sweet Hawaiian, croissant sandwich. – And then I’m going
to use this other crap for some sort of sauce. (kids cheering) – So what I’m going to be creating here. Is good ol chicken fingers. ‘Cause I know that, that is something that
Ray will absolutely like. And on the side, I’m going
to have a little salad. And then, the dipping sauce
is what I’m going to create with the lemon lime and the Creme Fraiche. It’s going to be like a sweet and sour sauce that
you get like from Mcdonalds. So pretty much, I’m making him Chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce And a side salad. Yo! Wait. – How are you going to
deep fry your situation? Wait. – Nope. I might do like a Chicken Parm. With a salad. Yeah. Oh. Oh! I don’t know if I have enough time. Alright let me get some bow ties. – I feel like in order for
this bread crumbs to work, I need an egg wash. Is that what she’s got there? – Let me see. – You guys, we have twenty minutes left. – No way! Twenty minutes?! – Ten minutes have elapsed. – Holy crap. – On some, I don’t know
what I’m doing ness. – Yeah, pretty much. I’m on the same boat baby. Comment below if you have a certain- Uh. What are these called? Burner that you like on your
stove better than the other. Oh my gosh. – Now I gotta get back to cutting this. – Adrienne, what’s your new direction? – ‘Cause I felt like I
could elevate my dish by adding a pasta to it. So Chicken Fingers. I’m taking it to a Breaded Chicken. Which is pretty much like Chicken Parm. Laid over some pasta. Which I feel like Ray might appreciate. – Everything actually looks really good. – Hold on. Mind your business Ray. Ray, trust me. It’s going to be bomb. – Ray, you’re going to love this. Can’t guarantee on presentation. – The good news is, you
won’t get Salmonella because this is already cooked. – Why did I think that? I swear, that was the
first thing I thought like. At least it won’t kill me. – I like to double bread my situation. – It looks very well seasoned, I must say. Alright, I’ll be back in a moment. Looking good uh Is. – Thank you. We’re trying here Ray. – That puff pastry is going
to puff up really nice. – It is, I agree. – Oh damn, why is my thing
turning so black so fast? – Uh oh. Drama! In the kitchen! (laughing) – Whatever, I just fixed it. I just saved it. Moving right along. – You guys have fifteen minutes. Just so you know. Fifteen minutes left. – That’s it?! Fifteen minutes?! Yo, it feels way faster than
I ever would’ve thought. Like this is not normal. Ah, shoot! – You okay? – Yeah, I’m okay. Now, I’m going to make some sort of sauce – I need some kind of tongs. – With ketchup. – What? – Trying to figure out how to make ketchup work in this thing. Rember guys, you must use
all six items in your basket. – Israel don’t forget some of your items. I feel like you might forget. – I’m using all my items so far. – Everything is cracked open of his. – Okay. – What about mine? – Can’t say the same for you baby cakes. – Listen, I’m not there yet, that’s why. – That’s a big piece of chicken,
I hope you can cook it all. – Israel it’s already cooked. – But don’t freak out. Don’t think about it. – So Adrienne, I see that
you used the breast portion of the chicken. – Yeah. – Do you feel like it’s going to be dryer? Since it’s already a dry cut of chicken? – Yes. – Listen, it’s about the flavors. How do you plan to combat the dryness? – ‘Cause I’m not leaving
it in there very long. – Okay okay. – I’m just cooking the outside. – Okay. Oh! Is that um, oh god, what is that stuff? Ambrosia salad? – Oh, I hope not. (laughing) – It’s a sauce. Okay I see you. I’m trying to create a sauce- – So it’s like a lime, cream- – Yeah I’m not yet successful. – It feels like the beginning
to a really good sauce. – I’m nervous. I’m nervous. – You should be nervous. – So, let me get my Creme Fraiche. I’m about to make my pasta sauce. This is going to be
like a sweet parm sauce. – Uh huh. Hold up. – Flip my little situation. Oh, that is falling apart. I think this is good. – Alright. I’m going to add a Sriracha to this. With the combination of that and some ketchup to create
a sweet spicy sauce. Wait Is. Okay so you said sriracha, ketchup, lime. It going to be amazing. – What exactly is Creme Fraiche? – It sounds like it might be good. – Oh wait, we already have ketchup. – So Adrienne, Creme Fraiche is a fancier
version of sour cream. – What in God’s name. (laughing) Why Ray? Why? (upbeat music) How long do I have? – Ten minutes people! Ten minutes! – We ain’t got a whole lot of time. – Is there another one of those machines? – There’s so much going on
in this kitchen right now. – That looks like
Thousand island dressing! – Listen. You added this strange. I really need to use that machine. – Here’s there’s another one here. It might not. – How about those pasta noodles Adrienne? – There. There doing alright. Babe, none of these other ones works? – High and dry! – Are there bowls? – Oh my god. Really people. Really? What the heck. Babe, none of these. Oh, I got it. I got it. I got it. I don’t know how the texture
of the gelatin in this. This might concern but I have
to find a way to use it, so. Here we go. – It looks like we might be
done with these bad boys. You got it working Babe? – Yeah. Ow! It’s not terrible. – How much time have we got left Sir? – Six minutes and forty three seconds. Come on, presentation. Are you already plating Israel? – I’m already plating. – He is already plating. – But the problem is, in six
minutes it’s going to be cold. – Guys I need a strainer. – I am currently plated
and trying to figure out what to add or subtract from this but I- – So most times when
people finish early is. – They clean- – They lose. (laughing) Not that you’re going to lose. I’m just telling you the
odds of the show typically. I mean, this looks pretty awesome. I’m just letting you know the facts. I don’t know, did you use everything? You really did. You did. You used everything. Okay. Well, I mean if your confident in it I say you submit that as is. – Everything was used. So I’m just going to go
ahead and start cleaning. – Okay, so this is my side. – I feel like with my
remaining three minutes, I can help my wife. ‘Cause I love her. – No! – Where’s the spoon? – Can you put it here? For me please. – Right here? Yeah, thank you. – I want the judge to make sure I get points for helping my opponent. – So I’m going to do like. You know how kids, when they go to restaurants, they just like plain buttered pasta? That’s what I’m giving Ray here. Just good ol plain buttered pasta. – [ Ray] You’ve got three minutes. – Plain buttered pasta is not- – That’s what kids like. They like it. – Three minutes. – Ray is a black man in America. – He wants- Okay A. He wants flavor. (laughing) – Black man in America. Three minutes baby girl. You’re going to have to plate this. – Oh, hold on. I am plating! Get away! Don’t look at my thing, please. – Two minutes and twenty two seconds. – And this. – I feel like your going to win this. – Uh, I’m definitely not. – Absolutely. I made a sandwich. Your sandwich looks bomb. – Okay. I’ve got to rush you kid. – Okay okay. Hold on. Time’s elapsing. Very very fast. – Okay, you got to make sure
you got all your ingredients. Everything. I’m giving you extra sauce. Hold up. – [Israel] I should’ve
added cilantro to this. – But do you have all your ingredients? – Hold up. I’m going to put a little. Right. – Fifty seconds. Get it on the plate! – Okay. – Come on. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Okay step away from your plates! (horn blowing) (slow techno music) So, we have our dishes here. They both look amazing – Thank you. I’m going to start with the lady first. Tell me how you used the six ingredients, in this amazing dish? – Thank you so much. I have actually created a Chicken Parm, by using the chicken. Then I coated it with the bread crumbs. – Yes. Then I used the Creme Fraiche, was actually used in my dressing. My dressing has Creme Fraiche, ketchup. I put um, some Sofrito. And I put some the lemon lime Jello in there as well
to add the sweetness. And I used the spinach
because hello, that’s a salad. – Alright. Well, let’s, let me dig in. – Oh no, Jesus. – Let me get a little bit of everything. I like the crisp. You know I like it dead. If you going to cook it, dead. It was already dead and cooked but I made sure that it was crispy. – Dead. – What? – That’s good. You know what it tastes like? – What? – It tastes like um, steak sauce. – Really? – It tastes like A1 Steak Sauce. – What. – What! Taste it. – Oh my god it does! – It does! Good deal. Good deal. – Thank you. – Okay now bro. Is. Tell me what you have here. – What I made for you, was a Hawaiian Sweet
Bread Croissant Slider. With the chicken, with
spinach, with fresh mozzarella. And then I added the lemon
lime Jello and Creme Fraiche. I added some Sriracha and some ketchup to make a sauce for you. – Got it. – Okay. I like the Sriracha kick. It kicked me quick to. – Did it? Is it to spicy? – Perfect. I’m into it. Let me see what it is. The bread is sweet. There’s a sweet- – Hawaiian croissant. – Hawaiian croissant that’s amazing, okay. And the Sriracha in the sauce really really cuts through that, it makes it very Spanish. – ‘Cause it’s Sriracha and lime. – Tell me that’s not good. It’s almost a Buffalo. – Yo that’s bomb. (laughing) – After careful consideration. I took presentation into consideration. And if I have to say. I liked Adrienne’s better. (gasping) (coughing) – Wait. – Did I kill you friend? – No. (laughing) – Why? – Let me tell you why I like it better. This here, was the winner. (cheering) I wouldn’t even have to come over here. But then when I got over
here, it gave me A1. So now thought I was eating steak. Oh my god, it was so good! And I don’t even like steak. But it’s so good. Now Is is good – Amazing. – You need to take your
plate off the chopping board. Off the slicing board. – So Is, I’m sorry bro. You’ve been sliced! – You need to take your
plates off the slicing board! (upbeat music) – Here’s our winner. Mrs. Houghton. I think this moment means
the most to me because- (laughing) After the tuna, the tuna punch challenge, a lot
of people doubted my skills, in the cocina And I came here, and I put it down. I feel like I’ve come a long way. I just wanted to dedicate
this meal to Jesus Christ. He gets me through everything. Hallelujah. (laughing) Thank you so much. Well people. This was so much fun. Baby. – [Ray] You’ve got to try it. The good news is, I’m your wife and I can cook you a good meal. – I mean I do have one thought like if you wanted steak you
should’ve just chose steak. (laughing) – Oh my god. – It’s like it tasted like
steak so your the winner! You give us chicken! – We love you guys. Subscribe. I hope you enjoyed this
as much as Israel did. – I loved it. – God bless you all. Comment below and what? – I’ve been sliced. Subscribe. (laughing) Thanks. (upbeat rock music)

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