Amateur Baker Attempts To Make French Macarons For FIRST Time | Fake It Til You Bake It
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Amateur Baker Attempts To Make French Macarons For FIRST Time | Fake It Til You Bake It

(mixer whirring) (pot clanging) (screams) – I meant to do that, I hope I didn’t scare you guys. (laughing) I’m Laura and I love food. The only problem is, I can’t cook to save my life. It’s gettin’ messy upper here. (screaming) I did that wrong. Ah, (beep) Now this doesn’t make sense. – [Kriss] And I’m pastry
chef Kriss Harvey. Cooking and baking is what I do, and I’m damn good at it. – [Laura] Every episode
I’m gonna be learning how to make deliciously
delicate desserts from Kriss. – [Kriss] The catch is,
she’s never done this before. And she’ll only get one try at it, so she better pay attention. – [Laura] In the end,
my pastry will be judged by chef Kriss and a special mystery judge. This is, Fake it Til You Bake it. – Now today, we are going to make one of the more difficult
desserts to make, French macaron. Ever made that before? – [Laura] No I’ve never made it, I’ve never tried. I’m very excited though because it’s one of my favorite sweets. – Well you’re in luck today ’cause that is exactly what
we are going to make today. One I’ve made for many years, and it was inspired by
one I tasted in Paris at Pierre Herme’s legendary boutique on des Champs-Elysees. – Wow, those are many fancy words and I’m very excited. Let’s make this. (bright music) – First thing we do, is we’re
gonna sift our almond flour and our icing sugar. Okay, so just shake this through. – That’s what sift means. Shake.
– Exactly. And this thing is called
a tamis by the way. – What if I just pour it
there, without doing the tamis? – Well, the reason that you sift it is to get out any lumps
from the powdered sugar or any coarseness out of the almond meal. And it makes it super, super light. Then I carefully pick this up. Okay, so this is 110 gram of egg white – [Laura] Ah ha. – So I have a little bit of coffee extract So get your KitchenAid on. – [Laura] Wait, how did you turn it on? – [Kriss] Just grab this
little button right here. Don’t start it on high or you’re gonna have almond
flour go all over the kitchen. – And what is this for again? – This is the base of the macaron. – Oh okay, like the
little hamburger bottom. – Exactly, exactly. – So this is what you’re looking for. – [Laura] Okay. – There’s no dry spots in it. The next thing we’re
gonna make is the filling. And this is gonna be a
salted caramel macaron. But, making caramel is always
a dangerous proposition. – It’s dangerous? – Well, 193 degrees
centigrade, that’s a good 380. – Oh, okay. Have you ever gotten burnt in the kitchen? – We all get burnt. Never to the face though. – Oh good. – That’s for sure. So once you have this made,
you’re gonna set it aside. We’re gonna have sugar, 300 grams. And then we have butter,
this is 150 grams. 400 grams of heavy cream. – And it has to be the exact? – It has to be the exact amount, yeah. We have to be perfect on this. So what we wanna do is we wanna take the chill off the cream. So when you go to deglaze
or stop the caramel, it’s not as explosive. And not nearly as dangerous. And then to make the caramel, we’re gonna put a dry pan on here. – [Laura] Dry pan. – So instead of caramelizing
all the sugar at once, we’re gonna do it slowly. And by doing it slowly,
it actually speeds it up. So it doesn’t take all the pan heat. But once it gets going, it gets going. So you’ve gotta be careful. – [Laura] Okay. – [Kriss] Can you see the
color we’re getting here? – [Laura] Yeah. – [Kriss] Okay, so there’s 182. You see that foam coming out? – [Laura] Yeah. – Okay, so we’re gonna
rest it right there. So take your cream and be careful. At this point, now here’s
where you really wanna take– – [Laura] Oh no, I don’t want to do this – Considerable care. – Do I have to do this? – Is that there’s a lot
of steam hanging out underneath that sugar. And you see how explosive that can be? – [Laura] Oh yes. That looks dangerous. – So take it off the heat. – Take off heat. – Always add the cream to the
caramel very, very slowly. And again, watch out for that steam because that can really
come up and get you. It’s a lesson that every rookie
cook learns with caramel. Okay so I add some beautiful–
– I’ll try not to. – salted butter. We add this and it’s room temperature. – [Laura] I’m glad it’s
not boiling anymore. I’m glad that that part’s over. – One of the things that
makes caramel taste great is good sea salt. This is called Fleur de sel, it means flower of the salt. And this comes from Brittany in France. They skim it by moonlight. Somehow the phosphorus lights up– – So if there’s no moon,
there not gonna do this. – That’s correct, yeah. Okay, so that’s it. – Fancy. – That’s done so we have
to get it nice and cold. – Okay. – Then once it’s cold, we’ll whip it up. – I’m not gonna understand my handwriting. It’s very upseting, okay. – We’re gonna make the
macaron meringue right now. Okay?
– Okay. – So we’re gonna add the sugar, 100 grams of water. So we’ll get this started. And then we have a little
bit more granulated sugar. 110 gram of egg white. So take the egg white and the sugar and just give it a
little bit of a mix here. Okay, now we wanna cook
our sugar and our water, until it reaches a temperature of 113. – Okay.
– Degrees centigrade. You go too high with this sugar, your macaron batter will be too stiff. It’ll be hard to make so
it’ll be harder to pipe. So the hotter the sugar,
the stiffer the meringue. – What’s scaring me the most is the pans. And the fire. – All right, so you can
get your machine on. Laura you’ve got to come
over here and watch. – I’m watching. – Okay.
– I’m watching from far away. – [Kriss] Pour it down
the side of the bowl. (mixer whirring) This is it. You see how it’s nice and shiny and stiff. – [Laura] Yes. – And it looks like a marshmallow. And you can hold it up like that. So we’re putting most of
the meringue into this bowl. We’re gonna keep a third behind. Add this mixture to that mixture. Okay. And we’re just gonna mix
this until it’s homogeneous. And then we’re gonna finish this by hand in a technique that we call macaronage. And it’s the actual technique
of folding the two together. Okay then all your meringue at once. So, take your time. Be thorough, there’s no timeline for this. You wanna do it quickly but you just done want
any dry parts in here. That can easily be done if you don’t go to the bottom of the bowl. – Is the fire part over? – The fire part is over. (laughs) Now, here’s the fun part though. – Okay. – Is that we’re gonna pipe it. Let’s open up your bag, in your left hand. We’re gonna place the tip in there. You don’t wanna put too much in but you don’t wanna put
too little in either, okay. – Oh boy.
– You just wanna do just the amount that you can handle. – I feel very bad for this kitchen. Wow, that is so beautiful. You are so dainty with it. – One thing you wanna definitely do, is breathe. Don’t stop breathing or
you’re gonna pass out and fall– – How did you know I wasn’t breathing? – And fall into the macaron. If you wanna do hearts,
we can do that too. – [Laura] Ahhh. – How cute is that? A little extra beauty part, is you take these crushed cookies. – [Laura] Okay. – This is a convection oven. – What is the difference
between a convection oven and a convenient oven. – Conventional oven. – Right. – A convention oven has fans in it that circulate the air around there. So the heat doesn’t come from the bottom. So in a conventional oven, the heat just comes from the bottom. So after they’re crusted, you
can slide them onto the tray. I have it set to 320 degrees Fahrenheit. And we’re gonna set that for nine minutes. Now that are macarons are done, I put them in the freezer
for a few minutes. And then I’ve already
kinda matched them up depending on size, okay. And then we can whip up our caramel that we made earlier as well. So I already have it here in the bowl. Attach the whip to it. And it’s gonna get lighter in color and lighter in texture. (mixer whirring) – [Laura] Oh my god, it smells so good. You want it to look stiff. Is that what we’re looking for? – [Kriss] Yeah exactly. This should be stiff enough. – [Laura] Okay. – Okay, we don’t need a tip for this. We’ll just snip the tip open
with a pair of scissors. And put a little bit in here. Don’t put too much, because
if you have warm hands, it could melt the caramel cream. (bright music) You really should work with these macarons when they’re frozen. Okay, ’cause they’re a
little easier to handle. And also, if you wanna
get a little extra crazy, you can put a little
sprinkle of fleur de sel. You ready to eat one? – [Laura] Yes, I’m ready. I’ve been waiting for so long. (bright music) – [Kriss] What do you think? – Wow. – [Kriss] Very light? – It’s light, it’s salty, it’s sweet. It took me on a journey through time. Hmm. – You can do it, let’s see. No? – I feel like I need another one. – Is that gonna help you? – Yes. – Super powers. – I have to have it inside of me, for it to come out. – [Kriss] You’ll never
be able to understand it, unless you experience it. – That’s all I’m saying. – [Kriss] It’s very true. – I think I’m ready. The thing that makes me
the most nervous for sure, is the fire. – That makes me nervous too. Not, myself doing it but you doing it. – Oh. Okay. – Yeah, you could be seriously injured. So just remember, never touch the handle. Monitor the temperatures. You can turn the heat down so
it slows down a little bit. You should be fine. – Okay. – Are you ready to do it? – I think so.
– Okay. Well I’m gonna leave you to your own. I’ll be watching from afar. – Okay, not too far.
– Best of luck. Don’t burn the place down, okay. – Okay, I’ll try. See you later. Hey guys. – Okay, let’s see if she paid attention. And let’s hope she doesn’t
burn this place down. – I have my notebook. Tied up my hair, rolled
up my fake sleeves. Let’s do this. (bright music) Okay, almond and powdered sugar. 300 grams of each. I don’t know where to put it. Oh, oh, okay. (bell dings) We put it in the sifter. (bright music) (coughing) Might wanna put your face away from that. Every time I try to
follow a recipe to the T and I’m not following my heart, it comes out bad. So I don’t know if I
should follow my heart or follow the instructions. I’m gonna try to do both in this one. See, look how big this chunk is. I’m gonna have to break it down. Sorry Kriss, I’m using my hands. I don’t know if that’s allowed. – Use the scraper. Laura’s driving me crazy. – You know what, I think
that that’s enough. So, see all the little clumps, we don’t want those. Thank you clumps. Okay, step two. Wow. I feel like I just worked my arms. Oh okay, so we’re putting it here, great. So now, we’re going to put in (bell dings) egg white with a 110 grams and we’re gonna put it in the TPT. Coffee extract. You don’t want to put a lot, you just put just a little bit to taste. This should be enough. Okay, here we go. You guys, we got this. This doesn’t seem right. – Oh no, handle, handle towards you Laura. – I did it. Okay. – That’s not clamped on all the way. (screams) – Just kidding. I’m all right guys, I’m sweating though. So stressful. Ahh. You know I didn’t write for
how long we should do this for. This is done. ♪We’re putting the base in a bowl ♪ ♪’Cause that’s step one. ♪ ♪ Or step three more steps. ♪ Okay, so what we’re gonna
do now is (bell dings) caramel cream. I am freaking out. Because this is the scary part. This is the part (bell dings) with fire. And now we wanna put the
sugar in little by little. (buzzer beeping) I think that I used the wrong pan. That’s okay, that happens. – Oh she did, she used the smaller pan. So, when she goes to deglaze it and stop that caramel with the one cream it can bubble up and make a huge mess. – Okay guys, this is
the scary part for me. (bell dings) – She’s all right, she’s doing okay. – This was definitely supposed
to be in a bigger one. – [Kriss] Yeah. – It’s gettin’ messy upper here. This looks like a witches brew. Look at that. Okay, we did it. I’m back. I don’t remember what Kriss’s looks like but mine looks great because
I’m a positive human. Add butter (bell dings) room temperature, and stir. Now I’m going to put
three pinches of salt. With the Brittany from France salt. One, (bell dings) two, hey
guess what there’s three. (bell dings) Bam. Okay guys, now that the scariest part of the entire universe is over, we’re going to put it in another container because we want it to
cool (bell dings) off. And we’re gonna put it in the fridge. Come on. (bright music) We’re now going to do the meringue. (bell dings) So we’re gonna put sugar and water together. So while we wait for that, we are going to put the 30 grams of gran, nope I did that wrong. Oh. Now, this doesn’t make sense. (buzzer) Everyone’s just looking at me. It’s okay guys, I’m in the dark here. I’ve made a terrible mistake. I used 300 grams of sugar on the caramel, instead of 150 grams. Okay, we’re gonna do 300 grams because that’s what this needs. This keeps getting (bell
dings) better and better. (laughs) So now we are going to do the
30 grams of granulated sugar. And then the water. – No, no. – No, the egg white. Okay, we’re getting there guys. Now we’re gonna take this very hot thing and we’re gonna pour it very,
very (bell dings) slowly on the side. (mixer whirring) It’s been 10 minutes. Nice and cold, see how
sticky it is and stiff? Like a marshmallow. That’s good. So we’re gonna take some out and we’re gonna put it right
back into the KitchenAide. And we’re gonna use the paddle. (humorous music) (mixer whirring) (bell dings) Now we’re going to macaronage. I’m folding it in. (bell dings) – Keep goin’ you’re not done yet. – Okay, what’s next? Now we’re going to, we’re going to pipe. (glove snaps) (dramatic music) Oh boy, this bag is ratched. (bell dings) I don’t like it. It’s stressing me out. It’s giving me anxiety. (buzzer beeps) You’ve gotta be confident about it. And then you pup. That looks like a little piece of caca. Okay, there we go. I feel like I’ve gotta have one big one. I’m gonna make two big ones. Go big or go home, right? Make sure you put in the flings. ‘Cause that’s gonna take
away from how ugly it is. Very carefully, good. That was a little prayer. It goes a long way. (bell dings) (bright music) Wow, this one has a little crack but that’s because, it
doesn’t need to be shown. We’re gonna move forward
with the creme caramel. (mixture bangs) Definitely burnt it. Hopefully though, they don’t notice. Stir on high. (buzzer beeps) (mixer whirring) (pot clangs) (screams) Yep, it’s whipped. Okay guys, here we go. (bell dings) This is the last piece of the puzzle. (gentle music) (bell dings) (gentle music) I did it. I don’t know what it
tastes like, but I did it. And look how pretty it is. I’m ready to be judged. Hello Kriss. – Laura, how do you think you did? – I think I did okay. – I’m a little concerned
about the caramel. But this is not an easy recipe. – It’s not. – And it’s the first
time you ever made them. We have a special guest, by the way. Special judge. – We do?
– It’s your boyfriend. Wes, come on in. – [Wes] Hello. – What are you doing here? (laughter) – [Kriss] It’s gonna
make you extra nervous. – I came to try your macarons. – We didn’t want to put
the pressure on you earlier by letting you know he was here. Wes, give me some inside information. I know she loves to bake. She’s a little intimidated by it. But how does she do when she’s at home? – A couple of days ago, she
made some keto brownies. With some like sugar substitute. Almost like a rye type thing. – Ah hm. Yeah not really how you want
your desserts described, as like a rye.
– No, but he still ate it. – I think the macaron
you’re gonna try today is far from keto. – Yeah, yeah. (laughter) This is a cheat day, for sure. (laughter) – Are you ready? – [Kriss] Yeah. – [Wes] Think so. – I call these macarons
al la louda explosion. – You know, I’m no expert on macarons but I think this is what
it’s supposed to look like. More or less.
– Yes, definitely. – It seems like something that I might get at like a pastry shop. I don’t know, let’s see how it tastes. (dramatic music) Yeah, its not bad. (laughter) – With that face, it’s so convincing. – The caramel’s a little strong. I guess I really don’t know
how to describe that flavor. – [Kriss] Bitter and burnt. – But, the outside’s really nice. I like this like crispy stuff. I think you’ve come a long way and I’m gonna give you a B+. (bell ringing) ‘Cause I wanna see you try this again. – I accept. – Now, it’s what I thought. Your textures perfect on this. The caramel is just a little bit too dark. It’s not balanced out. Macarons in general are
sweet, they’re a formula. You can’t really adjust the formula because they have to bake
they way they have to bake. Almost everybody has the
same recipe around the world. It’s just how you use it. You know, I think for the first attempt, I would give you (drum
roll) how about a B. – Wow. – Honestly Laura, I
think your second attempt would be even better. – I think so too. – And I think this is just something that you should keep practicing. Definitely something that
you can get better at. – So is every dessert gonna
be this hard moving forward? ‘Cause this one was terrible. It was hard. – I wanted to test you, see
if you could handle more. And so far you’ve shown
up, you’ve taken the task, and done pretty well. So maybe it’ll get a little bit harder. – Oh, I thought you were gonna say easier. (upbeat music) – Definitely burnt it. Hopefully though, they don’t notice.

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  1. We love Kriss, such a talented and humble chef. He's looking great in that chef jacket as well. Laura did pretty well, as macarons can be a tough contender when it comes to baking. Great job!

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