American Doesn’t Have a Deficit Problem – With Dean Baker
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American Doesn’t Have a Deficit Problem – With Dean Baker

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host of my rocky more and i am pleased to welcome demanded to sandy malcolm scenery there just happens activities
secondary thank you well i’m reading from the send andy
missing class tristen industrialists um… you know it’s a very good question
my guess is more likely that the a very short period of time frustration but i i
think the obama administration credit with the proposes that you know some sequestration for thursday
for the new really feel with be very angry about people who do we
have just a template they’re talking about putting our
traffic controllers would lead to a lot of flight delays cutting back security
at the airport we can move very very long lines of this long ones and my guess is that very quickly the
republicans will come to the table and be willing to accept philosophically different so i think we’ll probably see that will
probably pick them up after a day or two and if that will get uh… some very different that so you think
anything to the republicans will be staring into coming to the table we’re gonna get a lot of pressure in the definitely across the board of ministry
for original people for instance the upper income people business people love there that can be happy your
flight to will be on people come in and getting out of business
trips on his indication that can’t be with and waiting to ours with the
security at airports of using a lot of people pretty angry
and given up the whole thing is really pointless and they know that you have
windows does that mean that you know so so i’m i’m guessing she would work for
them to the table pretty quick setting your own piece for the guardian
uh… recently talking about and making the case is usually do time i’ve heard
you do on many occasions and we actually need to be expanding the deficit mendes right now steel until and this is
why you know it is this is world news a
revolt survey of these days there’s time if we
both parties were perpetuated that we’ve had an ongoing deficit problem by a
democrat scores like that that when the bush tax cuts because member panel also
the wars would forget also that the fed up republicans creates a snippet out of
control spending the reality is that we did not have
ongoing deficit problem is deficit leading up to the collapsed in two
thousand they were relatively modest in two thousand seven was just over one
percent g_d_p_ we could run a deficit that phase where we could have heard
that one could argue we ship the balanced budget arguing chevy surplus
but again he was in a crisis it was something we could have done literally for ever um we got a large deficits because
economy collapse statement they plan to tax collections we pay out more money for programs like
unemployment insurance other programs associate with uh… with uh…
supporting people lost their jobs and of course we do have a stimulus that too liberal erase the deficit to boost
the economy now thats that’s basically over dallas two
thousand nine two thousand and two thousand won’t be much paid to zero but
we learned thirteen there’s almost nothing there last um… but we have a large deficit today
again because the economy is weak and it has become the state strongly whenever
deficits and if we cut that deficit were slowing
growth throwing people out of work and i just don’t feel anyone the right man
will go into that

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