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Ana Baker, CNM, ARNP

– I’m Ana Baker, I’m a
certified nurse midwife and nurse practitioner at
MultiCare Health System. I am a certified nurse midwife. I work with women taking care of them in all of their primary care health needs as well as pregnancy care both anti-partum, during
labor, and post-partum. I like to partner with my patients to help them feel understood and heard and offer them as many options
as they can possibly have within the healthcare system. I listen to them and what their needs are and then come up with a plan
that works for everybody. I believe that being a
certified nurse midwife is a balance between utilizing non-technological and
technological approaches to pregnancy, so midwives
tend to be very hands on and supported by all of
the technological options that you would have
available in a hospital. Every birth is a blessing. Every family that I serve is
such a wonderful opportunity to make connections. I love being a certified nurse midwife.

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