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100 thoughts on “Animation vs. Super Mario Bros (official)

  1. Alan:* Plays something*
    Orange in PC seeing game: Ight im outta here

    (Out of PC)

    Alan: comes back
    Orange in game: GOTT GOU FASTT

  2. the real question is: Where did that very comfy couch come from? it just appeared to be in their possession every since Animation vs. Youtube lol

  3. My mom heard the Mario theme song and she said “is that super Mario?” Then I said “yes” and she said “I loved that when I was a kid” me in my mind ok then

  4. Has anyone else realised that it has been a year since the first episode of Animation vs Animation (Animation vs Virus) was released? Come on Alen we need to know what happens!!

  5. Anybody else see that in the end when Original Mario is given a mushroom from orange, That the level moves but not the scroll bar, Alan This is just like when you added in the extra dragon tail. But in all seriousness I am just pointing out a flaw.

  6. Alan u should've make this long! This is so beautiful and this got the pure complexity. It's so astounding to see AND You got the legendary prowess in animating and you must maintain and maximise it.

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