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Are Whirlpool Ovens Any Good?

Are Whirlpool ovens any good? I’ve heard complaints
that their quality has dropped over the past few years. Whirlpool’s $400 coil top single oven was
rated sixth by the 2014 Consumer Reports. That was model RF263LXTQ. Why didn’t it score in the top three? Whirlpool
is traditionally a strong brand. All it did badly was broil. Some of the models,
though not this one, had the oven liner melt. OK, that would be bad. Whirlpool does have a wide range when it comes
to quality. Whirlpool’s $700 single oven coil range top managed to score the worst in that
category. How do their induction smooth top ovens rate? Whirlpool doesn’t make induction smooth top
ovens. Whirlpool did have a smooth top range with double ovens, and that model came in
twelfth of sixteen. Double ovens seem like overkill. It matters if you want to bake a pie at 350
and a roast at 400 at the same time. You’d think that for $1100 it would have done
better. The best smooth top double oven is almost
three thousand dollars. I’d prefer a single oven with a smooth range
top. Smooth top ranges with single ovens by Whirlpool
were in the middle. The best ranking Whirlpool was 20th out of almost 50. How does the Whirlpool gold single oven smooth
top range combo rate? Two Whirlpool smooth tops with single ovens
were in the 30s. Ironically, the more expensive Gold version did worse than the cheaper GFE
series. Dual fuel ovens are hot these days. Whirlpool made a dual fuel double oven, but
it didn’t score particularly well with Consumer Reports. Then again, Consumer Reports considers dual
fuel ovens mostly a waste anyway. Whirlpool has some decent oven-range combos
at reasonable prices. They aren’t the best, but they are rarely the worst.

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