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Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon. Today we are making a beautiful Ariel Little
Mermaid cake with Ariel sitting in her shell and Sebastian the crab down the bottom. First thing you need to do is make some of
the fondant details and you are going to need to make them ahead of time. To make the shell find two bowls that are
the height of the torso of your doll and line them with non-stick baking paper. Take some bluey green fondant and knead in
some tylose powder. Now this just helps the fondant to dry out faster so once you’ve added
it you need to work fairly quickly with your fondant. Cut it in half and put half in a sealed bag.
Cut the remaining piece into quarters. Then cut one of those quarters into half.
And to make those two pieces a bit bigger cut a little bit off the next ones and add
them to those bits. Now starting with the middle biggest piece
roll it into a ball and then flatten it into a snake that is fatter at one end.
Roll that out using a rolling pin just to flatten it out and lay it across the middle
of the bowl so that the top curve is near the edge of the bowl. Repeat that with the
other four bits with the smaller ones on the outside edges. Now roll out some purple fondant quite thinly.
And then dampen the shell with a little water on your finger. You don’t want to drown it
you just want it really thin to dampen it slight;y so the fondant will stick together.
Add the purple fondant over the top smoothing it down so you can see where the edges are.
Use your knife to trim around the shape of the shell. You need to make your shell at least 3 days
before you need your cake so it has time to dry out. Because we want to stand it up the
shell can’t be soft it needs to be set firm. If you are super organized you can make it
month ahead and just store it. Use the back of your knife to draw lines down
the inside there. Then use the back of a teaspoon just to give it a bit of an indent between
the lines to give it a bit of texture. Brush a little water around the very edge
and add a thin snake of pale blue all the way around just pushing it into those curves
and keeping going. Then brush it lightly with white luster dust
to give it a pearly look. You can see here I’ve lined the bottom part of the shell the
whole way around and rounded it at the top there. But for the other part of the shell
I have left it longer and that is so that it will be easier to put it on the cake when
we get to that bit. With the bottom shell take a circle cutter
and cut a hole in the center of the base all the way through and take that piece out. Now for some coral roll some pink or you could
use orange or whatever colours you want and use a straw and cut out lots and lots of little
circles. Trim it and then place it over a rolling pin covered in baking paper and shape
it how you want it to be, there is no right or wrong here just make it a bit 3D and then
leave that to dry. Now for the cake itself you’ll need three
round 20cm cakes, I am using my sponge cake recipe, the video for that and the frosting
is on the howtocookthat.net website and, I’ll link to that below. I’m using two batches
of buttercream and colouring it blue using gel food colouring. Add a sponge to the cake board, then a layer
of jam or you could use lemon curd or buttercream here. Another cake on top, more jam and then
your third cake. So we have quite a tall cake. Cover the whole thing in the blue buttercream
You can spread it on using a spatula or use a large flat nozzle and pipe it around which
is just a bit quicker. Then use a large spatula or straight edged
knife to smooth all around the edges and make it look good then put it in the fridge to
firm up. To make Sebastian the crab roll a ball then
use the end of a piping tip to make a circle indent near the edge. Then use the palm of
your hand to squash it down slightly so it is a bit flatter. Take a little ball of fondant
and cut it in half. Make a slit in each one. And then use your knife bend over the ends
to make it look like a claw. Run your knife around the wrist part to make two lines and
then repeat that with the other one. Roll a thin snake really thin and cut six
legs. Roll another oval of fondant then add the legs to it. Then using the blunt side
of your knife to lift them up in the centre there then gently press to bend them over.
Put a little water on it and then add the shell on top. Now you can just add the claws to the front
by pressing them on one and then the other one. You can use some non-stick baking paper
to lift up one claw slightly so it looks like he is lifting it up. For his head roll an oval of fondant and press
to make an indent for each hole where his eye is going to go. Then use a knife to indent
in the middle between the eyes there. and then straighten up the ye sockets if you need
to. Add a ball of white into each eye socket and then make a cut just below those eyes
then pull and press down to make his mouth open and press down to make a nice hole there.
Add a thin snake just under his eyes. Then roll a teardrop shape and make a line in the
centre and add it in his mouth for his tongue. Add some spaghetti to the base of the head
and add it onto the body. Then add another snake around the bottom of
his mouth like a bottom lip and up and around the sides. Trim that off then use and edible
marker to draw a black dot on his eye balls. Transfer the cake board onto your plate or
cake platter whatever you are going to be serving it on. And then add some coral around
the edge. You can make a cut into the cake like I am doing here and poke it into the
sides if you want it standing up. For the seaweed roll out some green, cut strips
then simply twist them and add them to the side of the cake.
It looks best if you use a couple of different shades of green instead of doing them all
exactly the same. To make the tube coral. roll out some orange
in a strip and then add a snake of yellow down the centre. Roll it up so the yellow
is in the middle of the tube and give it a gentle roll to smooth it out. Cut piece from your snake and then push down
in the centre so that it makes a hole and you can see the yellow in the middle. Then
add it to the side of the cake. Use the back of a skewer just to roughen the surface a
bit then add more in different sizes to make a nice little group. Roll a snake of white then split the top of
that in two, then split that branch into two and split each of those again and roll the
ends down a little. dampen it with a little water and then add it to the side of the cake.
Poke it with a skewer just to roughen it up. To make some shells just get a ball of fondant
and flatten it out, squeeze it in the middle to make it scrunched in a bit. And then cut
that in half to give you two shell shapes. Then use your knife the make indents down
from the centre out to the outer to the edge. Shape it down and around you finger so that
it is sort of going down and rounded on the edges a bit. Brush them both with some luster
dust, I am using silver. you can use whatever colour you like. And then add them to the
side of the cake. For our bubbles cut a circle of white fondant
then cut a smaller circle out from the middle so you are left with like a little ring. And
then just gently push that onto the side of the cake. Add your shell to the top, placing
it not in the centre but slightly forward so you have room to add supports for the top
of the shell in the back of the cake. If you want your buttercream to look rippled
like water push down firmly on the shell and it will give it a slight sort of rippled effect. To make the pillow take a ball of pink fondant
and shape it into a square. Pinch each of the corners to make them a bit more pointy.
Then take a knife and run a line around the middle for the centre seam of your pillow. Roll a super thin snake of green and then
use your knife to cut equal length little bits, squeeze them together at the top then
add them to the corner of the pillow using a little bit of water to make it stick. Then
add a little ball of green on top to finish it off. Use the back of a spoon to indent the centre
of the pillow so it looks like someone is sitting on it.
then cut a rectangle out of the middle so that it looks like this. And this is going
to give room for our doll to go down the centre. Cut a rectangle out of the cake, and use a
fork just to scoop that extra cake out. Then add the pillow to the top of the shell lining
up the holes. Wrap Ariels legs in plastic wrap and place her into the centre of the
cake. Make sure you can still see her hips and the top of her legs because we want it
to look like she is sitting on the pillow not like she is sunken into it. Roll a snake of fondant that is fatter at
one end, it should be about the thickness of her hips. I’d suggest that you use tylose
in this fondant too so that it sets quickly. Cut the fatter end into two and use your thumb
and finder to flatten out those ends so they can sit nicely around Ariel you don’t want
them too thick or it is going to make her look huge.
Add it around her hips and then gently bend the tail roughly putting it into place, you
should ben it around at knee level. and then squeeze the end to flatten it. At the back
use scissors to cut off the excess fondant then smooth it down and rub it with your finger
or your thumb just to smooth it and make it all look nice. Grab a spoon and push it down
and around so it is going down where the pillow is.
Add snake of light blue around her waist a bit like a belt but making it narrower and
going down at the front. To make the fins cut them out of fondant mixed
with tylose and draw some stripes down them. Then just use some water to attach the fins
to the tail. While it is drying you will need to support it. I am using cups and a fork,
you can use whatever you have that is the right height and you will need to let that
dry overnight. Brush the tail with diluted green gel colouring
and this is just going to give it a little bit of that flowing sort of look to it.. And
then once that is completely dry brush on some luster dust to give it a bit of shimmer. Just before you are ready to serve the cake
remove the supports. Add the top half of the shell. Now I just
having the top bit of it here just sit on the base it should almost be balanced. And
then just add two cake support rods in behind it to hold it in place. You can hide those
with more seaweed if you want to. And your ariel cake is ready to put a smile on the
face of your little princess. Subscribe to how to cook that for make cakes,
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cake. Here for all my cake videos and here for my youtube channel. This cake was requested by Lisandra, Annie
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on Friday. [music: youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]

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