Atta Bread   Bake At home
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Atta Bread Bake At home

Hi Friends, today we are going to make Whole Wheat Bread. Generally we make Chapati/Parantha with Wheat flour but today we will make Bread. We can make bread easily at home.
It is a time consuming recipe but it is worth spending time. We will make this bread along with Honey to make it more healthy and delicious. Lets start making Honey Whole Wheat Bread. We need 3 cups(1 cup=235gms) of Whole Wheat Flour (Atta). Add 1 Tsp Salt in flour and keep it aside for later use. Take warm water to ferment the dough in a bowl. Add 2-1/2 tsp Yeast,
1/3 cup Honey, 1/3 cup vegetable Oil in water. Mix well. Keep aside the Yeast water for 1-2 min.,
this will help the yeast to rise. Its time to knead the bread dough, you can knead with hand or hand blender. It is your choice. Now add half of the yeast Water in Wheat Flour bowl. Mix well. Now add the rest of the Yeast Water in dough and knead/blend it. It seems that the dough is very thin but no need to worry. It will be perfect soon to make a perfect bread. At last use your hand to knead the dough. Take 1/4 cup of dry flour and knead the dough one more time. It seems it is very thin, but again i would say No need to worry. After kneading the dough is ready.
Now take 2 tbsp of Oil and cover the dough with Oil. Cover the dough bowl with a cloth and keep it in warm place for 1-1/2 Hour. I am going to put this bowl in oven(off). After 1 -1/2 Hour, take the dough bowl out from the oven. It is perfectly done. Take it out from this bowl and lets keep it in the loaf pan. We are going to bake the bread in this rectangular shape dish. Take 1 Tbsp Oil in your fingers and spread it all over the loaf pan. You can use a brush to do this step. Give the shape of the log to the dough and keep it inside the loaf pan. Now spread Oil(1 Tbsp) on top of the dough. Cover the pan with a cloth and keep it again in warm place for fermentation. Keep in warm place until its height gets taller or similar to the pan in which we are going to bake the bread(approx. 2hours). Take out the pan from the warm place and check the height of the dough. It is perfect to make our fluffy bread. Lets preheat the Oven on 350 degree F (180 C). In Pre-heated Oven, lets keep the loaf pan inside to bake the bread. Bake it for about 30 min.. After 30 minutes, lets take a look at the bread. Bread is perfectly baked in the Oven for 30 minutes. Now take the wooden spatula to separate the edges of the bread from the pan. Now flip it over the oven rack and keep it aside for sometime to Cool down before cutting. As you can see the bread is very fluffy and soft. Once the Bread cools down to the room temperature, keep it on a cutting board and cut it in slices. Bread looks very fluffy and soft. Let me take a bite and taste the Bread. Simply yummy. I hope you will try this delicious bread and share your comments with me. Thank you very much once again for being with us.

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25 thoughts on “Atta Bread Bake At home

  1. U r really really cute. Ur recipies r grt but watching u making dishes is a delight. Plz keep sharing ur recipies with u. I made paneer tikaa as shown by u it turned out amazing ….

  2. Hi mahi how r u? I like ur recipes, ur recipes r very easy nd yummy.i like ur new luk u luks so pretty.

  3. Hi maahi …I write very less but ws missing ur videos …where were u?? Ur recipe turned out really well ..I tried it ..I hv made atta bread alot of times but dis time tried Wid honey .it tasted really awsm …

  4. Hi Maahi.. I love ur channel.  few months back i baked dinner rolls inspired from your video.. and I was thinking it would be great if there would be a recipe for brown bread too…thnx for sharing this recipe.. x dimpal

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