Authentic Lahori Chicken Karahi Restaurant Style | Chicken Kadai Recipe | The Home Maker Baker
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Authentic Lahori Chicken Karahi Restaurant Style | Chicken Kadai Recipe | The Home Maker Baker

Hi Friends, today I’m bringing a very authentic quick and easy Lahori Chicken Karahi Recipe I learned this from my mother Before I start the recipe, please make sure that you have subscribed to my channel. It would mean so much to me. and press the bell notification so you never miss my recipe So lets get to our ingredients. You can see that there are not many ingredients in it. It only uses 2 spices and the rest are fresh stuff Here, I have 1 KG chicken, washed and clean I am using a boned chicken You can use boneless chicken too, but I prefer the one with bones as it tastes much better Then, I have 1/4 cup of Ginger I had sliced it already then I have 4 to 5 chillies. I use Thai chilly, which is very spicy. If you have a regular chillies you can adjust the quantity accordingly then I have 1 tsp cumin seed then I have 2 cups of tomato puree then I have 1/2 tsp of black pepper and salt according to taste. So these are all the ingredients we need we don’t need much actually. Lets get to our cooking Here, I have taken a karahi I have added around 2 tablespoon of oil and now I will add zeera I will cook zeera a little bit so that it starts giving out scent After that, I will add into it chicken We don’t have to brown our chicken we just need to cook it enough that its pinkness disappears You just cook it enough that the chicken becomes white from outside as soon as it becomes white, we will add our other ingredients in it As you can see, the chicken is now white from outside so I will add half of chillies and half of ginger We’ll put the other half at a later stage once it is fully steamed you can mix them well together and fry it further for 60 to 90 seconds so that the taste of ginger and chillies gets infused in the chicken Now I will add 2 to 3 tablespoon of water. And after that, I am adding salt according to taste, after that you can mix them well together so that the salt also gets evenly distributed After that, we have to cook it in the steam till the point that the chicken is tender so until the chicken is being cooked, we’ll come to tomatoes I told you in the beginning that I have taken around 2 cups of tomato puree If you don’t have tomato puree available, you can take anywhere from 750 grams to 1 KG of fresh tomatoes and after that you can either make puree yourself at home or cut the tomatoes in half like we normally do in cross and them microwave it to the point that the tomatoes become mushy As your chicken will be completely steamed it is very important that the tomatoes are tender otherwise, the chicken starts breaking after becoming tender So you can use fresh tomatoes by following the method described previously or the easiest way is to use tomato puree Now, the chicken is completely tender You can see that as I lift the lid, a lot of steam is coming out. And the chicken is completely cooked at this point. If you are making this recipe for a party, you can do all the work until this point beforehand. After that, all you have to do is to add tomatoes and then cook the chicken, as I will show next. So now, I will add all of the tomato puree If you are using fresh tomatoes, then you have to follow what I mentioned previously and make them tender and then add it to the chicken at this point instead of puree Then, we have to bhunafy the chicken. You can make the quantity of gravy according to your liking In my home, everyone loves slightly dry chicken karahi that’s why I will bhunafy it well You can keep gravy level according to your liking. For tomatoes, I will highly recommend not to use less than the mentioned quantity of tomatoes. the more tomatoes you add, the yummier the karahi turns out. Now I will add 4 to 5 tablespoon of oil You can use any regular cooking oil that you normally use and then again, you have to bhunafy it similar to how we bhunafy every other karahi until the point that the water dries out and the oil starts to surface at the top So we just have to replicate that process here too At this point, our karahi is pretty much bhunafied. Now, we will add the remaining chillies and ginger that we had kept aside previously You can serve the karahi at this point too or you can add black pepper in it as well as corriander I will explain at the end of this video why we add black pepper at the end of this recipe instead of the beginning along with other ingredients As I mentioned that my household prefers dry chicken karahi I will bhunafy it even more. And generally as well, the more you bhunafy some thing, the better its flavor turns out. But it also depends on your preference if you like little gravy or more. Now the gravy is pretty much how I want it to be so now I will add 1/2 tbsp of black pepper for 1 KG of chicken. The reason we added black pepper at the end is to preserve the looks of our karahi. Adding it in the earlier stages makes the karahi look blackish we generally prefer slightly reddish color of karahi So just to prevent our karahi from turning blackish instead of reddish, we add black peppers at the end. It also gives your karahi a unique flavor which adds to its taste and gives it further boost. Basically, the black pepper gets infused quite well with the other ingredients like ginger, chillies and tomatoes Remember this rule of thumb that about 90 seconds before the point when you believe you have made the desired amount of gravy that you want while serving, add black peppers After that, you can simply cook it along with chicken and then serve it. Here, my karahi is completely ready Now I will sprinkle green coriander on top of it and then cover it for some time After that, I will plate out the karahi for you to see. So that was our today’s recipe, authentic lahori karahi It was made instantly without much spices You can even prepare it in advance by steaming the chicken and storing it. And then whenever you need to serve it, just add tomatoes and bhunafy it I hope that you liked the recipe Do like and share the recipe and subscribe to my channel Until next time. The home maker baker over and out.

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