Baked Donuts Recipe
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Baked Donuts Recipe

– Top of the morning to ya,
everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are making some
baked cinnamon sugar donuts. (upbeat cheerful music) Now I’ve got to be honest with you. You’ve just seen what they look like and I right now am quite sceptical. I donut think they’re going to be that bad but I’ve always liked fried donuts. But the other other day
I was in a kitchen shop, which I tend to just hover around in, with my love for gadgets and appliances. Ah! And I found this thing. This is something I’ve been
looking for ages, actually, it’s a silicone donut
pan, it was on offer. It was only like about a pound. Some of you online saying it
looks a bit like tentacles but with this, it makes
baking donuts possible. So that’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to make baked donuts. I hope they’re going to taste gorgeous by the end, we’ll find
out if that is the case. Very very simple indeed to make a batch, that we shove it in there. Just bake it in about 10 to 12 minutes. Should be okay. But just before we get started, some of you guys have been going, Barry, what’s going on with the vlogs? I’m just having a little
break from ’em at the moment. They’ll be coming back imminently. Maybe even next week, just a
teeny little break, that’s all. ‘Cause it does take up a lot of my time. Now before we get started,
I know I teased the idea that I was doing the
collaboration with ThreadBanger, just to let you know
that is still happening. We pushed it back now
to probably September, that I’ll be going over there, but there’s also the crazy Russian hacker who I believe I’ll be doing
a collaboration with too, so, that’s cool, right? So, aside from our little
silicone tray there which need a darned good wash… All right, and ’cause it’s silicone, I probably will not grease it. If you’ve got one of
the ones that are metal, you’re going to need to
lubricate it in some way. But aside from that, we have some flour, some butter, baking powder, salt from a pug, one egg, vanilla extract, a mix of
cinnamon and nutmeg together because I couldn’t really be bothered to put them into separate pots, sugar, and in here is some buttermilk. So remember we used some buttermilk to make our chicken really tender when we did the popcorn chicken recently, the acid in there works
away at the chicken. It’s kind of like the
same concept with that. Here, the acids help with the baking, of keeping the actual final
donut a little tender. It works really well
with the baking powder. So for your basic donut mix, that is all you’re going to need today. Amazing, but of course you can add other different toppings
on and things like that. We’re going to go for a
cinnamon and sugar coating, so we will need a bit more cinnamon sugar and some butter to act as a glue, but you can do icing if you
want Homer Simpson style icing? I think he would really like that. You could do chocolate, you could do like maple
syrup, anything you want. The main thing for me is if this works and it legitimately tastes good, I’ll be experimenting some more. First thing I’m going to do
is actually melt this butter. It’s room temperature anyway,
so it’s a little bit sort of saggy (laughing) so I’ll
just bung it in the microwave for like 15 seconds.
(microwave beeps) Sham-a-damma-ding-dong. Since we’re like making a cake, we’re going to get all our
wet ingredients in first. Pug watch. So into that bowl, melted butter. We crack in an egg, and
actually, for a hack, I was told that if you
hit it on a flat surface rather than the edge
of the bowl like here, it actually works better, so
I’m going to give it a go. (laughing) No it doesn’t! No it doesn’t at all. That was actually a hack
that Mrs. Barry and I were going to do this
Sunday in the hacks video that we already filmed
so look out for that one. But at least the shell was in big clumps. I’m going to drop in a
teaspoon of vanilla extract, so if you’re making strawberry donuts, use some strawberry extract. Want to do lemon poppy seed
donuts, do some lemon extract. In goes the acidic buttermilk. That is all the wet ingredients, so we’ll just grab ourselves a spatula, break down the egg yolk,
mix it all together. Oh it smells like an ice
cream, I’m loving this. Now in some recipes it’s of course, do your wet ingredients
first, then your dry, and sometimes you do it in separate bowls. For me, I’ve never really
bothered with stuff like that. I just do it in one bowl
and try and keep it simple. So there’s the nutmeg and cinnamon, our baking powder, pug
salt, not too much of that, just a little shake, sugar, and the flour that I’m not even sifting, all right, we’re just going to work this through. It’s going to thicken
up, but it should become our dough batter, and that will be it. Oh, look at this. Loving that, oh yeah. Don’t forget to scrape the
bottom with your spatula just to push any of those
powders away and merge it and mingle it, you don’t want
any of that to hide in there, and this, I’m so happy with it. You could definitely do
this with a stand mixer if you want, but little bit
of elbow grease hurts nobody. Let’s pre-heat our oven. You should probably do that
before you start anything, because this is so
quick, it’s done already, and look, that is literally
my bowls all stacked up, that’s all the stuff
that I need to wash up. Easy! Just to give it some stability, I’m gonna sit it on a baking tray because they can, you know, I’d hate to put all the
batter in there and go ooh! I will do that. So this will do. I’m going to take my time with this step whilst my oven preheats. I’m going to just spoon the
mixture in there, all around. I’m only going to pour
in like 2/3 fill it, to give it a little bit of room to grow. I’m going to cover a couple like this, just completely cover that like that, and there’s a couple I’m
going to leave with the hole actually showing so it bakes around it. But if you don’t have a donut pan, just use like a cupcake
tin or something like that. Just make donut cupcakes. (oven beeps)
My oven’s pre-heated. I’m just giving it a little
tap just to settle it. I’ll tidy up around there a little bit, then we bung ’em in the oven. All right, in they go and we will see them in about 10 to 12 minutes. (laughing) Whilst they are baking in the oven, don’t forget, there is
a full baking playlist her on the channel that’s
been going on for years, it’s hundreds of recipe
inspiration and inspiration on there for you, so check
it out, or try these out. Whatever you do, send me
a picture on social media, @MyVirginKitchen.
(inhaling) You smell that? We’re about two minutes
away from their being done. They’re looking good. They have risen just to
the top which is perfect. I’m loving it. Right, appliance garage. We need a wire rack for
these to cool down on. I think every house
needs an appliance garage in their kitchen now. The donuts are just going to
sit on the wire rack to chill whilst we brush them in
a little bit of butter, and then we roll them in cinnamon sugar. Ooh. All right, so I’ve taken
these out of the oven. They’ve been out for about
three or four minutes now and it’s still, I can
hold the silicone but, it’s still warm, which is
good for this next step. For reference, the main
one that I coated loads on, it’s kind of just covered
it and I can probably poke the hole out of it if you want, or it might be kind of quite cool to hold some filling
in there, I don’t know. But they look all good, and I did put a toothpick in one of them just to make sure that
it’s cooked through. If it’s gooey keep it in
there a little longer, but it took me 12 minutes. (laughing) Yeah that’s the one without the whole. Like holy wow, that is one with the hole. Amazing. (laughing) Last up, all I’m going
to do is take some sugar, a little shimmy of cinnamon on there, put about half a teaspoon. Mix it through to make a cinnamon sugar, little bit of melted butter
brushed on to the donuts, be sure to do both sides and the sides, and I’ll just show you
with that first one, we can stick it into our
cinnamon sugar, roll it ’round. Oh my gosh. Try and do this with one hand
so you keep one clean hand, but there we go, see that? Nice coated cinnamon sugar donuts. So there we go then folks. I hope you’ll agree that these
baked donuts look the part, but let’s see what they taste like. Oh! That texture is amazing, hmm! That is good. Texture’s there, the taste is there. You’re not getting that
maybe that crispness of fried food and also
you know when you go to a fair and you smell fried donuts, that’s the only thing I’m not getting, but they taste phenomenal. It’s not just like a cakey texture, it’s got like a lighter feel to it and it really really works! In fact, they’re bloomin’ stonkin’! Thanks for watching it! Don’t forget the full recipe
is on and I’ll see you next time, bye!

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