Baker and Scone is Toronto’s destination for scones
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Baker and Scone is Toronto’s destination for scones

I’m not gonna lie. I totally love having
tea parties and the best treat that you can have at one are scones. Today, I’m
headed over to Baker and Scones and they have 44 different types of scones on a
rotating basis. That includes flavours like cheddar dill and chive and triple
berry vanilla. Ooh, basically my tea parties are going to be
lit! All of the scones here are handmade and they’re all made out of the same
base mixture. They add a new technique to making their scones called mille feuille. And the best way that I can describe this is using scone
ingredients, but kind of mixing everything together in a way that’s
similar to a croissant. And this adds an extra layer to the scones that they have
here because when they bake it up it’s extra buttery, It’s more compact. There’s
more layers and it’s super crispy. If you are in favour of savoury scones, you are
going to love their scone eggy. They start off by baking a cheddar scone and
when that’s all done, they scoop out the centre, they crack an egg in there, and
add some cheese and chives. Then they pop that back in the oven. When they
serve it to you and you cut into this bad boy, the egg runs all over the place
and it’s very, very delicious. It’s extra buttery and the inspiration behind this
one was taking a breakfast that’s very popular, but might be hard to eat on the
go, like an eggs Benny, and stuffing that into a scone, so it makes it super easy
to eat. The next scone that I’m having today is basically the equivalent to
heaven, in my opinion. It is a salted caramel scone
and what makes this one super special is that they have a homemade caramel.
When they’re done making that, they toss it onto a tray, they let it harden, and
the just like smash it into pieces, so it basically turns into like caramel
crystals. They add this into their batter and bake it so the caramel melts evenly
throughout the scone and they add some sea salt on the top and when they serve
it to you, there’s a side of butter, so when you can break your scone, spread some
butter all over it, so it gives it a little bit more of a salty taste. and it’s just so yummy guys! Vegan and gluten-free options are also a thing
here. This kind of changes on a rotating basis, so they might change the
flavours up two times a week or really depends on customer demand. Today the
vegan option is a cinnamon raisin swirl and the gluten-free option is
the pineapple coconut and they actually use a coconut flour and in that one, Baker
and Scone also does wholesale, so you can find their scones in coffee shops
across the city, like Quantum. I have to break some bad news to you
guys. I will be sending out less invitations to my tea parties because I
want all these scones to myself. Better luck next time!

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