Baker College Cyber Defense Club 2019
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Baker College Cyber Defense Club 2019

Well its really a community of students learning You know they come in here on their own as you can see the room is packed they come in here on the weekends and during the weeknights to learn cyber defense so these are very complicated problems they are working on and they have the perseverance to you know, stick it out we have two different teams, actually three different teams that they are all vying to get a spot on and that means the bit for the competitions that are coming up So I’m studying cyber defense here at Baker I have been able to participate in actual penetration testing of hospitals obviously the capture the flag, the Russian hacking event, theres a lot of really cool events that you know otherwise I would not have been able to do. Making team one first year, was pretty big and then us going all the way to regionals. Also you can get a foot in the door too, on my resume I put that I was doing the Cyber Defense Team and I was in the club, I didn’t have any experience with IT but they still hired me because they knew what Baker’s Cyber Defense team does.

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