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(SWING MUSIC) The main duties and tasks of a baker
is obviously to take the flour, mix the doughs, shape them,
let the bread rise slowly. Bakers need to be able
to manage the doughs, mix the doughs correctly,
shape the dough correctly. They need to demonstrate the ability
to be able to think, learn, respond. They also need to have, obviously,
a strong command of food hygiene. You also need to have the ability
to work hard and be passionate. They have to obviously
have skill and be strong, able to lift and do things like that. Operate machinery,
operate ovens, operate mixers. We look for bakers
that are obviously passionate and determined to bake
the best possible bread. All these little factors
of the environment – so if it’s really humid,
the bread rises quicker, if it’s cold, it rises slower. The machinery that we have
is state-of-the-art. It’s the best equipment
you can purchase and buy, and that then means that,
for the staff, I’ve created
a really great workplace. And for heavy lifting,
it also allows them to, you know, not to experience
work-related injuries. (SWING MUSIC CONTINUES) Here at Sonoma, we work
in the best environment. Qualifications and training
required to be a baker are generally an apprenticeship,
a TAFE course, there’s independent courses
you can do. And so it just depends
on the individual. Quite often we’ll get individuals
here who may not necessarily have the qualifications
from a theory perspective, but they’ve worked
in different environments. I’ll always err on the side
of finding people that have got more will than skill because you can always train the
skill, but you can’t train the will. It wasn’t that I left school at 15, 16, 17 or 18
and decided to be a baker. Sonoma was built through
a crazy idea of my father’s based upon his nostalgic memories
of his childhood. And myself and my brother
supported Dad in that crazy idea, and we just continued to work hard
focused on the quality of what we do, and I guess the rest is history. My favourite part of the job
is the satisfaction that comes from people
loving our bread. To me, it’s all about the bread. It starts with the bread,
it ends with the bread. People get to enjoy what you do.

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