Baker’s Dozen of Policy Reforms for the 116th Congress
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Baker’s Dozen of Policy Reforms for the 116th Congress

The Baker’s Dozen is a midway piece between our smaller analysis pieces and our longer investigative reports. It’s written for Congressional Staff, but it’s written in a way that should be accessible to anybody really who cares about these issues and who cares about what our government is doing. We call it the Baker’s Dozen because it covers 13 policy areas, and those range from whistleblower protections, to ethics and government, to corruption, to contracting reform. So there really is something for everyone in this. We tried to connect these wonkier issues to the everyday concerns of Americans. If a constituent of a member of Congress is reading the Baker’s Dozen and they find an issue that’s particularly interesting to them or one that they are particularly passionate about… I would say, hop on the phone. Call that office. Let them know. You can Tweet your member of Congress, you can email your member of Congress, you can call their office. Tell them that you’re a constituent and this is an issue that’s important to me. And, the Project on Government Oversight has written about it and has recommendations for you that I think you should consider. Members are typically very open to their constituents, they should be responsive to their concerns. And they should be jumping at the chance to meet with their constituents to hear about issues that are important to them. What would make me happy is if the first takeaway someone has after reading this Baker’s Dozen, is that there’s almost no limit to the issues that POGO is looking at. We can work on almost any issue, and we would welcome the opportunity to work with any congressional office. That would be an ideal situation for us, because again, we tried to make sure that this was a document that was useful not just to Congressional staffers, but to anybody who really cares about how the government is functioning.

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