Baker’s Story
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Baker’s Story

♪ [music] ♪ – [Baker] My name’s Baker. Dr. Mathew
plays soccer with me. – [Melissa] My son, Baker, has type 1
diabetes, which means his pancreas is not functioning and he’s insulin dependent.
Every time he eats, he needs insulin to break down the sugars in his body.
Right after Baker’s third birthday in 2015, I noticed he was having some
symptoms. He was going to the bathroom a lot, he started wetting, he was always
hungry, always thirsty. So, I stopped at a local drugstore and I picked up a
no-stick glucose test, and it showed that there was glucose in his urine.
Centennial saw us right away, they didn’t make us wait. And so we came
in, they taught us the shots and blood sugars, and about our new life. – [Dr. Mathew] When Melissa brought
to see me for the first time, it was really a mom who doesn’t know
very much about diabetes. So, getting them used to this, mainly
to help him control his diabetes, was the first step. – It was very smooth, them teaching me his
diabetes care, how to check his blood sugars, to give him the insulin, how
to count carbs. And this was all within a day, and by 7:30 on Friday night,
we were at home. – When you deal with diabetes, you have
to really devise a program for each child, individually. Talking about Baker, one
of the things we really encouraged was to put him on a continuous glucose
monitor. – It’s a cannula that goes into his
interstitial fluid, and I have a receiver and it gives me an idea of his blood
sugar. Well, with technology today, I was able to get him an iPhone and pair
that up with that receiver, and download some apps. And then, you can get a
smart watch. And so now, I can just look at my wrist, and he can be on the other
side of the city, and I can look down and see his blood sugar and any
trending arrow, if he’s going up or down. – The continuous glucose monitoring has
revolutionized management of young children. Children who are less than six
years before diagnosis, it’s really a stressful situation for parents.
When they eat, the blood sugar is not going to be high. And sometimes, if
they don’t eat when they are supposed to, the blood sugars will go low. So, it’s
really a difficult situation, where, ho do you know what the blood sugar
numbers are? And these continuous blood sugar monitors, parents have
a very good idea. – Our first encounter with Dr. Mathew
was excellent. He was very compassionate. And one thing that I really appreciated
about Dr. Mathew was he saw Baker first. He saw him as the patient. He said hello
to him, he got down on his level, and that meant a lot to me. Baker didn’t know what
was going on and Dr. Mathew just really eased him into that.
I still have the fears myself, but I know that with the education that I’ve gotten,
through Dr. Mathew and his staff, and the care that they’ve provided him, that we’re
okay, we’re going to be okay.

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