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Baking Dawn with Joy the Baker | Food Network

Today– whoa! –I go behind the scenes at
one of my favorite bakeries. What could go wrong? I messed up. Oh, did you just mess it up? But I didn’t mean to! [music playing] This one? This one is a German
Chocolate cookie. So it’s got, you know, chocolate
and pecans and coconut. And then it has caramel,
like, baked into it. This is the bakery
of my dreams. What are you guys
thinking about today? And baker, Annie Miler,
knows better than anyone that there’s the dream
of baking and then there’s the baker’s reality. [alarm beeping] See, if you want to be a baker,
you have to get an early start. Very early. Bakers’ hours are no joke. If you want to do this right,
you have to start before dawn. [music playing] Hi! Good morning! Good morning! How are you? Today I’m up early to
live the dream with Annie. And we’re going
behind the scenes at my favorite bakery
in Los Angeles. Whoa, now. This is sort of a dream. While most of us are
still cozy in our beds, things are definitely
happening in the baking world. Apple turnovers,
raspberry corn muffins. This is our good-morning muffin. The things that you’re looking
forward to eating later today are being made right now. What? Ham biscuits. Those are gorgeous. I have eaten a lot of these. This one is my fave. It’s the apricot braid. My mouth just watered. It’s got fruit. It’s a lot of vitamin
C in those apricots. So it’s really–
it’s good for you. A lot of vitamin C? Oh, Annie. That’s why you and
I see eye to eye. I would like a cookie
product for lunch. OK, yeah. Thank you. [music playing] But I didn’t just come
here to stuff my face. I’m going to get you an apron. OK. Here you go. Apron. Thank you. Why, yes, that is
Annie’s top-secret recipe book that I’m flipping through. And no, I am not doing a
good job of playing it cool. I can’t believe I get
to touch this book. Psh. No, for real, this
is the big deal. I’m flipping to
the C’s, because I know exactly what I want to
make– chocolate chip cookies. Love that chocolate. Clementine makes some of my
favorite chocolate chip cookies anywhere. That’s a good
amount of chocolate. If you’re thinking those are
some big chocolate chips, you’re right. Annie says that she breaks
chocolate chips by hand. Is this what you meant
by breaking chocolate? Yeah. Just in half? Yeah. This is really what you do? Yeah. And you don’t
think this is crazy? [laughs] Don’t say that in front
of all the bakers, dude. Whenever I’m working with
this many ingredients, I get nervous that I’m
going to mess something up. Today we’re making a
batch of 700 cookies. We’re talking, four pounds of
butter– just the four pounds, totally normal–
six pounds of sugar, and among the other things
I’m learning, don’t get distracted when you’re
making 700 cookies. [inaudible] now. [gasps] I messed up. Oh, did you just mess it up? But I didn’t mean to! You didn’t. I think you did
two and two, right? But this is baking powder. And this is baking soda. Oh. That’s totally my fault.
I gave you the wrong one. Oh no! Don’t worry. Don’t worry. So will you just scoop it out? Yeah. 700 cookies, but– Joy leaves with the– OK. Seven million cookies
that Joy the Baker ruined. Joy the Baker, my butt. The last thing we add is
the six pounds of chocolate. That is so satisfying. Did you want to
lick the beater? [laughs] It’s bigger than my face. And yes, I do. The dough is then
portioned out in packs to be put in the freezer. OK. Once frozen, the
dough is portioned into two-ounce
cookie size, and put on a flattened baking sheet. By freezing the
dough, the cookies can literally melt in the oven. That gets the edges
crispy, and keeps the center buttery and chewy. Oh my god. So we got to have a
little cookie review here. Let’s. All right. All that’s left is for us
to pick our favorite ones. This one looks like it has
a really stellar center. I frequently go for the
one that’s got almost, like, a little rare in the middle. Mm. And share our
cookie-eating techniques. Make a smiley face. And then you eat it. You are learning from
a professional here. I think we did a
pretty good job, right? I think, uh– I think your
bakers did an amazing job. By the time the
restaurant is open, the baked goods are ready. And so are the
savory lunch treats. OK, well, we have
a whole variety of sandwiches and salads. Today was amazing. I got to live my baker’s dream. Annie is pretty awesome. And she makes it
all look so easy. It looks great.
-Thank you. Thank you for having me over. Thanks so much
for coming, yeah. It’s, like, so special. It was really fun for me too. High five. Yes!

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