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100 thoughts on “Becket Cook: Homosexuality & Culture [AS Lecture Series]

  1. I was born gay.. The bible says
    "Behold, I was born in iniquity and in sin when my mother conceived me." – Psalm 51:7

    But I was saved By Jesus who came and found me.. We're born into a fallen world. But we don't have to stay that way..
    "Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect."
    – Romans 12:2

  2. I always believed I was born gay….no, a woman trapped in a man's body. I got born again truly falling in love with Jesus many years ago. Lots happened and I got angry with God for not changing me into a heterosexual. I had a sex change and was even more unhappy. Today I'm living as a Eunich and is back with God. It's the only Back where I want to be.

  3. (This comment is NOT about the doctrines of evangelical Christianity versus Mormonism.) For me, the Benji Schwimmer's lengthy first interview on the Mormon Stories YouTube channel seems far more credible and authentic while Mr. Cook's conversion narrative strikes me as superficially dramatic, toeing the evangelical party line. Both Cook and Schwimmer have Hollywood related careers. The difference is that Schwimmer grew up in the church. For him his relationships with God, his fellow believers and his church are foundational to his identity. His personal crisis took place as he realized how his same-sex attraction brought him into conflict with the church he loves. His journey took him through many dark places, and he has emerged even more trusting in God, more loving, and more willing to serve. Full disclosure: I am religiously Jewish, gay, and much older than Schwimmer and Cook.

  4. I think it's a mistake for people with same-sex attractions to believe that their homosexuality is their identity, because they sell themselves short tat way. There's much more to them including their talents, their virtues, what they love, and more. Homosexuality isn't who they are, It's a property they have.

    I'm a straight man with Cerebral Palsy. So I don't say, "I have CP. It's who I am." In fact, I want people to ignore it.

  5. So amazing. Thank you Becket for being obedient to Jesus. Your story is very encouraging to me, I need to pick up my cross daily and follow Jesus. God bless you.

  6. But he doesn't have to be alone for the rest of his life. Homosexuality is a demonic spirit. It doesn't come from God. Many people have been delivered of it and went on to marry the opposite sex and have a family. I believe God will deliver him of it in His time!

  7. Homosexuality is a form of narcissism.
    And satan uses narcissism to deceive and destroy people. Only the power of the Cross can destroy the chains satan's bondage holds us in.

  8. I am BLOWN away by this man & what The Lord did in Him. I can't get enough of his story & how he has just totally completely surrendered everything. Thank you, Becket!

  9. Some might say this is a simple testimony. But Cook has provided a cataclysmic philosophy at diametric odds with the existential and hyper individualistic view in our current culture. Anyone who speaks the truth is bound to be hated.

  10. I really believe that this is an amazing testimony and very inspiring. However, there is a discrepancy in this testimony in relation to the more recent ones. Here he says that they only spoke with one of the young Christians with Bibles in the coffee shop as the others had left, but in the more recent interviews he had, he says they spoke with all of them… I'm curious about why this discrepancy.

  11. What a merciful,lovingly, God we have so kind and thoughtful of His children.He gives great deliverance to children and shows grace to us all forevermore. ‘ Grace grace Gods grace , grace that will pardon and cleanse within , Grace ,Gods Grace oh yes Grace that’s greater and higher than all our sins . Glory to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  12. As an openly gay person, I find these "ex gay" testimonies fascinating, because my experience with God and sexuality has been so different, yet I also relate to certain things expressed.

    For me, God has been with me my whole life, and I prayed daily since the age of five, even though there was no religion in my home. However, I grew up in a stable home with parents who have been married more than fifty years now. Marrying a woman and living a family life was always my intention. When I recognized that I had gay feelings, I also kept expecting them to pass, like a phase, I would pray to God for that to happen, and I trusted He would make that happen. When all that prayer didn't change things, I became very confused and asked God to really help me become heterosexual and to bring a girlfriend into my life. Almost as if on cue, a girl I had been hanging out with kissed me two weeks later and opened the door I had hoped for. We began dating, I felt normal teenage affection for her, and my gay feelings were actually substantially pushed aside. I felt so grateful to God for helping me change in a way that I was motivated to be, but occasionally, the feelings returned. What never happened, however, was that God actually made me straight. I came to understand that we can suppress our inner nature by replacing it with something more meaningful, but we can't create a new nature. Only God Himself can create human nature. But he wouldn't do this for me, and based on "ex gay" testimonies, I don't believe He's done this for anyone. Every single ex-gay continues to have some level of same-sex attraction. So I think the notion that God "changes" or "cures" people of homosexuality is intellectually dishonest. People surely can distract their impulses by serving God the way that means the most to them, and God can bring more meaning into people's lives than impulses can, but the impulses don't change.

    What I think would be more honest is for people to stop pretending they are "ex" gay and simply admit and accept that they are gay but choosing a heterosexual life. The idea that people are struggling with same-sex attraction but not actually gay doesn't even make sense, bc the very definition of homosexuality is same-sex attraction. Pretending you're something you're not, in my opinion, dishonors the mystery of God's creation. Let's just be real and acknowledge that this gentleman is gay but living a straight life despite the challenges that come with it, because he wants that type of family. And that's totally okay! Even though I wouldn't choose the same path for myself, I support anyone who chooses a positive and meaningful life. But he should be honest in how he describes himself, especially before God.

    Now here's what I actually relate to, even as an openly gay person. In fact, I was just thinking about this even before seeing some of these videos. I've never thought of being gay as an identity. It's just something about me, but it implies nothing about how I make life decisions. My identity is as a reasonably observant Jew and as a husband. Those identities reflect my commitment to God and to another person for eternity, and they guide my everyday decisions. Being gay is purely incidental.

    When I eventually started meeting gay people in college, I was surprised to discover there was even a gay culture, bc that made no sense to me. I had no interest in that culture but knew that God wouldn't change me, so I kept praying for understanding as to why He would make me want to be straight but actually not be willing to make me straight. He told me, "Be true to yourself." Those simple words were such a revelation, bc I understood that it was not my place to question God but to accept his intentions for me, and that being gay didn't mean I had to embrace gay culture. And honestly, I never did. Had I done so, I would have been unhappy too. I didn't need anyone's acceptance besides God's. And I promised to always accept and honored exactly what He made me. By some crazy miracle, I met my now-husband when we were teenagers, and we've been together for 27 years. I thank God every day for the blessing of marriage, and even though we couldn't and didn't have kids (and we love family), I accepted that if God had wanted me to have a wife and kids, then He would have made me straight.

    Truly, accepting what God wouldn't do for me was the truest and most humbling test of my faith.

  13. SCAM ALERT: The long-time national and international ex-gay ministry leaders have admitted not one ex-gay became heterosexual since they started keeping records back in 1973. Notice that the vague term "change" does not include Becket Cook here claiming to be heterosexual. He is not. He is still LGBT. His "change" is mere word play: he went from calling himself GAY to SSA, same-sex attracted.

  14. Becket Cook does not claim to be heterosexual. He denounces homosexuality for money and job security. He works for anti-LGBT ministries which would fire him if they knew he is still gay.

  15. There are a couple of small ex-gay ministries left, like Desert Stream Ministries run by Andrew Comiskey. they have never changed a gay kid to straight, but they have tried to "cure" them by having sex with the young gays. Parents need to avoid sending their LGBT teens to gay-curing ministries, and the gay-curing therapies have healed nobody, but harmed many – per the medical experts who testified under oath on the topic in the JONAH case.

  16. I just love you! 🙂 please pray for my gay nephew. I love him so much and I know Jesus loves him. 🙏🙂 God bless you and keep you.

  17. God Bless You my Awesome Brother in Christ! I came out of the same lifestyle several years ago as well. It was such a struggle for me. Also dealing with it in context of it being an absolute sexual & pornography addiction. Then when getting heavily into drug use to self medicate & numb myself to the depravity of my life. After coming to Christ, I was so on fire for the Lord and tried so hard to overcome it all. I had even been Spirit Filled and Received the gift of speaking in tongues. However, for me, I felt I had to be 100% perfect in my walk. So, when really severe Temptations would present themselves right before my eyes or I would awake from a extreme sexual dream and fall, I would often go down so fast, condemn myself, hate myself and if I couldn't get it together would just excuse myself from the Lord's presence and even go back to drugs or drink a lot and even a few times attempted suicide. Then after being diagnosed with Cancer about 5 years ago and being turned over to Hospice as when it began affecting my heart and so many other things, I felt as if I'd won the lottery, considering that I would surely be able to keep myself in check until I died. Then one day in my bathroom while suffering with severe pain and having become a virtual shut-in due to then social anxiety, and going from basically an athlete and distance runner to a near skeleton of my former self, I found myself outside of my own body. I would pretty much always go immediately into Praise & Worship all by myself shut up in the bathroom. It was almost like my Prayer Closet and the Atmosphere had become so Transformed with the Presence and Nearness of God. The wall in front of me and the ceiling right above my head where I suddenly found myself was Radiating with Pure Light, Warmth & Peace like I'd never known. It was radiating through every molecule of the fabric of the Ceiling and Wall. Then I looked back over my right shoulder and saw my body leaned back, so perfect, so still and peaceful. Then I saw a thick Amber colored substance on my Shoulders and Upper Arms. I heard no voice(s) but immediately knew what I was seeing was all of the years & the weight of severe Pain & Fear I had been carrying pretty much all of my life. Then, instantly I saw the Amber Sap like substance begin to turn into tiny, tiny bubbles like Alkeseltzer bubbles and dissipate in to the air as it lifted. Then it was gone. Many years ago, I had heard the Lord speak audibly to me when I was so overwhelmed with fear, just before I had even come to the Lord. I somehow knew to say, "God! I can't take this! It's too much to bear!" Just then, I heard Him speak to my right and say in the most Powerful yet comforting voice. "I WILL NEVER SUFFER YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN BEAR". So, I realized that He was still, right then keeping that Promise. The pain and the Fear had finally become so much Greater than my Praise & Worship could rise above, so He literally removed me from both. The Pain & the Fear, so He could show me that He was taking it away. Just then I said, "Without actually speaking it from my Spirit Body, but just as if I could hear it, "I've got to see how That Feels". Then I was back, and it took me a bit to come back to my complete senses but knew I was back, still weak, but no fear & no pain. Then a few days or so later, still with the Heart Machine and everything I had to have since I was still refusing to let the Hospice Nurse move in, I was in the Bathroom getting myself together to go to the VA Hospital in Dallas for Labs, to Chemo/Oncology, etc., to have them gripe at me some more. : ) But, while looking in my Bathroom mirror I heard the Lord say, "You will Live & Not Die, to Proclaim my Glory & my Grace to many!" So solemn & yet so peaceful. I had to go right then to make it in time, and found myself thinking surely that was just me somehow trying to think the best, despite honestly hoping nothing had changed, so I could still go Victoriously to Heaven Soon! It took them so long to even call me in hours after all of the tests. Finally the same almost mean spirited female Doctor as always called me back into her office. She wasn't saying anything, just looking at all of my info, the numbers, the test results as if trying to find something negative to report. Finally she just shook her head halfway toward me and said, "I don't know What's going on, But We can't find "Anything, Anywhere"! Immediately the Holy Spirit restated that I was going to Live & Not Die. Honestly, I was very worried about having to Live again, and chance Hurting the Lord or ever falling away again. However, something has changed. Basically, as with you, it seemed the Lord just opened up every part of me and transformed me in such a deep, powerful way with such Compassion & Intimacy! For months I would wake up and sense His Love all around me, as if He was right there waiting for me to wake up, so He should rejoice over me, and share His Love for me. It was like something you eluded to about relationships you or one would be in, and being so in Love with them, it was virtually impossible to do anything to hurt them. Like you are so Addicted to their Love & Tenderness toward you that you knew you couldn't do anything at all to chance Losing that All Consuming Love that you never realized or understood you could or would ever find or have. Now, like you, I/We know the Depth of the Secret of truly being Secured in the Christian Life & Walk! It's simple yet at the same time so Very Profound! "It's all about, Falling Totally in Love with God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit. Saying No to self "In & With His Strength" and Yes to Him automatically. Also, feeding daily & continually on His Word, allowing Him, and the Holy Spirit to Totally Wash & Renew Us Daily in & with the Word & Power of the Explosive, Life Changing Power & Revelation of His Word! I am So looking forward to seeing you in Heaven soon my Brother! Love you with the Love of the Lord & am so Proud of You in your walk "In Him"!

  18. Rusty, there is so much hate in your heart! I will not defend GOD, HE does not need me to fight HIS battles, I need HIM to fight mine! One day we will stand before JESUS CHRIST and give an account of our lives, so when it is your turn then you can tell HIM HE doesn't exist!

  19. Sad beyond comment the delusion of this man in his self hatred dressed up as evangelical religion please ! He should deal with his self hatred and not pretend he has salvation in a make believe sky fantasy man . Religion is all about the power of pretend it’s make believe and one day he’ll get that

  20. Well said brother. Your testimony is helping many in need of a Savior see Truth. Feeling The Holy Spirit in your words.

  21. Biola University– Your moozak voiceover commercial after this awesome video was an example of incongruent juxtaposition.

  22. Beautiful message from a beautiful person in Christ. You can feel his honesty and truthfulness. Thank you God for setting us all free who comes to you. God bless you my brother. Joy

  23. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I know this must have taken you much courage and the grace of the Lord to do so in such a way as to bring glory to His name. May He continue to use you for His glory, especially in a world that is so concerned with making such an issue about this without having met Jesus Christ themselves. You are right in that when you meet Jesus Christ personally, everything changes in your life – new values, a new reason for life, new hope for a future that is eternal and the all-sufficiency of Christ Himself that makes our own personal identity of little value – whether homosexual, alcoholic, swindler, thief, adulterer etc. The real value of life is being adopted into the family of God and being able to know without a shadow of a doubt that you have Eternal Life in Christ and an eternal future with Him in the glories of heaven. Nobody who is not saved can ever speak to this issue. being "born again" changes everything. I pray that many people all over the world will come to faith in Jesus Christ and have their lives radically changed forever. Lord Bless

  24. You're a really lovely brave soul. Thank God you were given the grace and your heart was open enough to receive it.

  25. I love your testimony my brother and the beautiful thing about Christ is His utter most simplicity, His gospel of salvation does not need the philosophies of men, psychology and all the rest but just total dependance upon the Holy Spirit. Their are so many people who spend all their money on therapy trying to cope with issues caused by the fall of mankind, they search the world's wisdom to deal with a problem that only the Master Himself can address.

    The bible states " 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 King James Version (KJV)
    18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

    19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

    20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

    21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

    22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:

    23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

    24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

    25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

    26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:

    27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

    28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

    29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.

    30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:

    31 That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord." We are in the last days and Abba knows His children, He knows those that will die for Him and those that will speak the gospel of salvation knowing that they will be hated by the world.

  26. That’s your liver life experience and if that gives you purpose and hope to lead a fulfilling life I applaud your personal decision and wish you luck . My issue is not with the crowd but with any belief that has rules which demonise the sexual act as ‘ sinful’ and cherry pick the archaic mosaic laws to observe . No one person or belief system holds all the answers but our striving towards a reasoned , intelligent , educated , scientific and psychologically healthy life should , in my opinion , not glorify a life based on ancient writings at a time when mankind was just beginning to understand the world and our psyche . Thank fully now we know and understand so much more and continue to revise and improve meaning through study , fact and intelligent reflection and not based on made up text from a ancient time which have no meaningful purpose today but cause division . Good luck with your journey 😍

  27. Amen!!! God bless this man!! So profound, true, and right. HALLELUJAH!!! Beautiful testimony of revelation and redemption. Thank You Lord for Your grace and mercy! Continue to bless this man with the Holy Spirit and the gift of discernment! Lord continue to bless His heart, mind, soul, spirit, and body with Your strength for Your Power is made perfect in our weaknesses. Lord YOU ARE faithful to complete the good work you began. Lord continue to break our hearts for what breaks yours and give us clean and pure hearts. Lord continue your mighty plan in this man's life abiding in You, the Vine (John 15) may he produce much fruit until the day Jesus comes back for us or until this brother goes home to be with You Father for eternity! Glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords! Glory to the God of salvation who made a way for us when there is no other way. Jesus you are the truth, life, and the way! The only way! Pour out and lavish Your love Jesus and Father God on this man and continue to grow him deeply rooted in your Word and righteousness like a mighty oak tree. Overflow him with rushing rivers of the Holy Spirit and Your mighty strong love. In Jesus name, amen! HALLELUJAH GLORY TO YOUR NAME KING JESUS!!!! Isaiah 61

  28. How can anyone think that man's institutions would every tech against sin?, the wisdom of this world is foolishness to the Most High. And I find it sad that many of my people who NEED the Most High more than any nation on this earth could ever be an Athiest. mANY OF US ARE BROUGHT UP WITH BELIEVING IN THE CREATOR OF THE WORLDS AND EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD THAT IS BEAUTIFUL HOLY AND WONDERFUL. But as soon as our people go to the heathen's institutions they began to doubt the Most High and his very existence.

  29. LOOOVVVEE HIS TESTIMONY SO MUCH. THE BRAVERY OF TRUTH.I think I use to see him I The Rachael Zoe Reality show some years back. This is amazing

  30. Its hard but it takes work. What is working for me is I had to stop associating ….as I was seeking the lord .. Then intense worship personal relationship with the Lord and attending services at the church. I volunteer as an usher meet with others and go at it fully u have myndays but little by little my urges are fading so it takes alot of work on your part. Going to church on Sunday or reading the bible hear and there will not do it. Dig in and prepare dor the battle. There will be times of loneliness but the more you fellowship and stay active that will change. As with any transformation there is work. You will get exhausted but dont give up.

  31. Amen, when he explained to his friend that when he became saved, he couldn't go against his new nature.. that was awesome. So eloquently put. So many unbelievers think ..uf you're saved, then you can do what you want?! False. We must be born again. That is when you still have free will but have turned it over to the Lord. Not MY WILL but THY WILL Oh Lord Jesus. True repentance is turning from those things that tempt you. Seeing the error of your ways. We all are a work in progress but when you have the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, He will strengthen you in your obedience. This blessed me today. Be encouraged brother. As Esther was told, you have been appointed for such a time as this. You will be used by the Lord to speak to those struggling and suffering with the same sin. God bless you!!!!

  32. Thank God for using this man to tell the world the truth! So inspired and touched by his testimony. May God continue to use him for his greater glory! Truly God is faithful and he is a good good father!

  33. There have been ex-gay claims like this since 1973, but not one ex-gay became hetero (notice Becket does not claim to be hetero), admitted national and international ex-gay ministry leaders in 2013.

  34. You have to be non gay,not identify yourself as your sexuality does not matter,it matters to God,as he created male and female to fill the world with more humans.You answer should be you are straight because period

  35. You sir is the Paul of my days I'm deeply blessed by your testimony and everything you were saying went straight to my soul and awakening it. I'm 1000% sure this kind of drastic change doesn't come from slamming bible verses instead from the holy spirit himself. I'm encourage to proactively praying for my family and friends including homosexual to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
    May God continue to bless you keep you, make his face to shine upon you and strengthen you in your every day life.
    Thank you and I love you

  36. My brother you have a very powerful testimony may God continue using you as you continue to be obedient to Him. You have done what many persons male and female like you have failed to do. Many make the mistake of trying to "get straight" by getting married to the opposite sex without having submitted them self to God's process of "straightening" them out first.Then they make a further mess of their life and that of the other person.

  37. God is great!!! I love that he is honest that he still has those feelings, but God…It's all about your obedience. To obey is better than to sacrifice. For me, i'm inclined to eat all kinds of junk, all the time. But, will that be beneficial to my life? No. It will not. The consequences will be great. So, God is able to keep you, no matter what. Some people will never believe that and feels like he's just denying himself. But, you don't know the peace in his heart. God has filled his heart and is able to keep him.

  38. Christians, times have changed. God haters have made sport for all of these years getting us riled up on the internet. My cousin used to be a satanist. He also said he was an atheists. Go figure. He said he got saved. He told me that his number one goal in life was to cause Christians to lose their salvation. He enjoyed the internet debates and arguing with Christians. I feel like we don't have that kind of time anymore. Please be led by the Holy Spirit who you should even talk to. Sometimes, demon spirits are talking through people and we know demon spirits can't be saved. We need to REALLY pray for these lost people, and only engage with them if the Lord leads us to.

  39. Biola University, what a ludicrous crap hole. Most sane people would be embarrassed to have any association with it.
    This guy is obviously a MORON. Why should there be talk of God at a secular college or any college at all?
    It's superstitious nonsense from the Bronze and Iron Ages. People then were intensely stupid and ignorant not to mention savage. This doofus is taking direction from people who thought the world was flat and that if you were sick, an effective treatment was to rub your bodies in animal excrement. Great people to take advice from.

  40. He is ( trying) to imply he is saved like worldly christians.. * they DENY Jesus Christ * by Faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance <–
    John's Baptism

  41. Hi, I agree with sharing your experience, butv why walk away from a community that could use good examples! If you go Dance and Drink a Coke or even a Beer, but stay connected to your friends-hoping they will see the light! I know, how friends of mine reaction-they say "Well, that s you" If you CAN really be a Celebate Christian. Is it not a good Idea and grab that A flag-okay-I'm smiling. I want to bring my friends to Christ and Heaven with me! Some start a process! I understand 'being tempted', but -we all are! If you can get yourself speaking gigs in the Community isn't that a Good Thing! We are also told "not to judge one another" and Do Good Works! It's been 18 years for me! PEACE AND god bless!

  42. OMG I love this testimony,I can truly say God is an amazing God,I have a testimony similar to urs my brother,I am having a hard time in the church world,they don't want me to apart of their Church,but thanks be to God I know it's not the building is the church,but us as believer's who is baptized into the mystical body of Jesus Christ our savior, Faith through Christ Jesus I have been blessed with 7 spiritual gifts,so it's hard for me to be apart of the so called church, because of my past life as a prostitute, that's all they can see…n remember, thanks to God for men n women like us..n God bless the ones that r there to encourage n pray with us.. God bless you my brother.

  43. Becket, I am so moved by your story. God is so faithful. He reaches out to us, even if we are light years removed from His plan for us, and draws us to Himself.

  44. Yet another presentation from the ridiculous and totally shitty Biola College. People who believe this shit should be ridiculed and shamed for their mindless acceptance of preposterous ancient beliefs from the Bronze Age.

  45. Wow… I'm listening to this on September 20, 2019, and it's 10 years today that you became a Christian! Such a powerful testimony! Thank you God so much for saving this man.

  46. A good testimony for those who wonder how their affections can change, by Becket Cook, who wrote the book, "Change of Affection"……..

  47. I love Beckett! Thank you, Lord for giving him a conviction of sin and the desire to put it away. And for his heartfelt reaction to your offer of salvation! Thank you for that awesome gift that you offer to us all!

  48. I LOVE this testimony! This is the exact reaction I had when I gave my life to Christ…totally blown away by the fact that I now have eternal life! And that I finally know God and Jesus! I also cry at the thought of it all for all these 26 years since I found Jesus! No matter what sin God has called us out of, the gratefulness we feel for now knowing Jesus and truth and for Jesus paying the price for our sins is so utterly amazing! God bless Beckett as he shares his testimony for others to be inspired by! And it also goes to show that everyone is different in what their deep heartfelt needs are and how they react to the gospel. Because of those Christians having Bible study at the coffee shop, Beckett came to Christ! So, God help us as we just "cast our bread upon the water…for we do not know which will prosper, this or that" Ecclesiastes 11.

  49. 44:30 everyone of us needs to pick up our cross and walk. Even as a straight woman believer I need to control my sexual desire, till I get marry. I am just waiting upon the Lord, for what's next. I know people that are many years celibate, just waiting for someone to marry them.

  50. This guy belongs in a beautiful, monogamous marriage with another beautiful guy which has been blessed by God. Why he and you all have the idea that there's a problem being gay and Christian, I don't know, but it's an interpretation that was made up of the bible, and not what Jesus taught. His faith is beautiful, but his belief that he's not beautiful the way God made him (gay) is so sad and unnecessary!

  51. This is even better than WalkAway movement.. this is real Walk Away movement! don't just vote Trump 2020, vote Jesus forever!

  52. Everyone, Mr. Cadmus has decided to stop "talking" with me and that's okay. Sometimes I write too bluntly. Other times I need to think more deeply about what my prose might suggest to someone who might misinterpret what I intend, what I believe or what emotions I feel about people who feel same-sex attractions. I mean no harm. So my apologies go to him and to anyone else I may have offended. What I'm about to quote may seem to contradict what I've jus said. But I need to quote it because I care deeply about SSA people. If anyone replies angrily, I'll understand because I know I'm writing about an emotionally charged subject.

     The illusion of the steady, faithful gay relationship is a trap. It is the first step to promiscuity.
    This explains findings such as the rapid rise in the number of partners outside steady partnerships; one study says on average 2.5 in the first year, 11 in the sixth year of the partnership;64 it explains that partnered homosexuals are more at risk of contracting a HIV infection than not-partnered,65 and that the number of contacts of partnered men was more than twice that of not-partnered;66 that the suicide risk of homosexual men in official gay ‘marriages’ was eight times that for normally married men;67 and that, while the lifespan of practising homosexual men and women is considerably shorter than that of the rest of the population (as much as 10-15 years), partnered or ‘married’ gays and lesbians in Denmark are likely to die even younger.68

    van den Aardweg, Gerard. Science says NO!: The Gay 'Marriage' Deception . Lumen Fidei Press. Kindle Edition. 

    If anything has been amply documented, it is the enormous promiscuity of men who have adopted the gay lifestyle. A steady relationship does not weaken, rather invigorates compulsive partner seeking. For instance, sociology professor Dannecker reported 25 years ago that in the year preceding his published inquiry, the average number of outside contacts for homosexual men with a steady partner was 115, and for those without a steady partner, 45.35 Data like this and the finding in a more recent, large and representative Dutch study that gay men in steady relationships run a higher risk of HIV infection,36 debunk the myth of the faithful gay union, the alleged counterpart of the average faithful and stable marriage.

    van den Aardweg, Gerard. Science says NO!: The Gay 'Marriage' Deception . Lumen Fidei Press. Kindle Edition. 

    Here's something Dr. Joseph Nicolosi says about gay sex:

    Psychoanalytic theory defines repetition compulsion as the continual re-creating of a past, traumatic incident. Through a symbolic reenactment of the traumatic situation the person unconsciously seeks to gain final victory and to resolve his core injury. And so he recreates “in the here-and-now, the original traumatic failure situation, in the hope that perhaps this time, the outcome will be better” (Stark, 1994a, p. 23). Repetition compulsion contains three elements: 1. Attempt at self-mastery 2. A form of self-punishment 3. Avoidance of the underlying conflict 

    Nicolosi, Joseph. Shame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of Reparative Therapy . Kindle Edition. 

    Both Dr. van den Aardweg and Dr. Nicolosi are Catholics and Dr. van den Aardweg wrote Hungry Souls, the TAN book about Purgatory.  Sadly, though, Dr. Nicolosi died in 2017.

  53. Becket Cook, I just found this video today (in Oct 2019). I love you my brother in Christ! SO appreciate your openness and honesty. Will pray for you, and for others who will find God through you!!

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