Beet Sauerkraut | Introducing Cook’s Pantry
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Beet Sauerkraut | Introducing Cook’s Pantry

– [Narrator] Introducing Cook’s Pantry, an entirely new line of organic foods. Prepared by people around the world who are passionate about foods that are naturally healthful and tasty. Our beet sauerkraut is
made the old-fashioned way, with just salt and water, made in season, and packed straight from
the local fields in Poland. It’s a tangy, sweet match made in Heaven. There are many creative and flavorful ways to enjoy Cook’s Pantry beet sauerkraut, like in an Asian noodle salad, with fresh vegetables like carrots, red peppers, diced cucumbers, fresh mint, and mangoes for sweetness. Toss with a simple sesame dressing, then add your Cook’s
Pantry beet sauerkraut. Finish with cashews and sesame seeds. Cook’s Pantry beet sauerkraut
is the perfect addition to your avocado toast addiction. Top off the ripe avocado
with beet sauerkraut, sea salt, a pinch of cayenne, fresh herbs, and a squeeze of lime. Enjoy at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cook’s Pantry offers thoughtfully chosen and carefully prepared
vegetables, jams and sauces that can complement your good taste. Cook’s Pantry, there’s
a world of good taste in every jar. Visit us online at and follow us on your favorite
social media channels.

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