Benjamin Cook – The Song
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Benjamin Cook – The Song

Ooooo Benjamin I hear you like to Cook? So I’ve microwaved you a Jamie Oliver book Ohhhh Benjaminge You have real nice hair Like a troll doll’s hair Which is kind of like the colour RED BURN THE FUCKING HOUSE DOWN BECAUSE IT HAS NO 3G SIGNAL I ONLY HAVE A DIAL UP INTERNET BECAUSE MY DAD WANTS ME TO PLAY OUTSIDE AND I CAN’T WATCH BEN’S VIDEOS BECAUSE MY MUM WANTS ME TO TIDY MY ROOM TIDY YOUR OWN ROOM, MUM MY PARENTS DON’T GET ME

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38 thoughts on “Benjamin Cook – The Song

  1. I like to think they're different and non-comparable. This one shows some raw emotions from the bottom of my Papa Roach album collection. Whilst your one is more like porn.

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