Best Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe — Wasabi Pineapple Edition
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Best Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe — Wasabi Pineapple Edition

chef buck here and today boom
look at this cauliflower pizza cross talk about structural integrity
this is the best cauliflower pizza crust that won’t fall apart
boom check it out we’re new wasabi pineapple addition look at that I
thought sure of the bus that other boy brain the brain so we got a nice fresh
cauliflower going to use like 2 cups so I’m only going to use the florets you
know you don’t have to use a food processor you can if you want but it’s
no necesito so just run your cauliflower along your grater it’s going to make
some nice kind of pop rocky sized pieces so just using the florets the stemming
pieces I’m going to uh say use that for soup or something so I got about 2 cups
of cauliflower grated up and this is what I have left of that uh it was kind
of a good good sized piece of a head of cauliflower and I’ve already got my
skillet uh heat it up cuz cauliflower has a very high water content so we want
to dry this out a little bit before we make our crust and hear that
you hear it sizzling that’s because it’s wet because that cauliflower has a lot
of water in it so we’re going to put in the skillet and we have a oil no oil no
butter nothing in here just a nonstick skillet and my cauliflower and we’re
just going to stir it around in fact that probably got it a little
too hot but turn it down and we’re just going to stir it see that steam coming
out of there that’s that moisture evaporating
we’re just going to do this for about ten minutes you know
occasional stir let some of that moisture cook off but we’re not trying
to cook it you know you don’t want it to be sizzling too much you don’t want to
cook it down you know you don’t want to color it up we’re just heating it up try
to heat some of that moisture out there you don’t hear it sizzling now you could
still see some of the steam coming off of there but it’s no longer sizzling
it’s a dried out a little bit I’ve been doing it for about seven minutes right
now eight minutes actually but I’m going to
go ahead and set it aside while this cools off because we’re going to want it
to cool down before we go on to the next step but while this cools I’m going to
grate the cheese I’m going to use a mix of Asiago and romano cheese we use a
hard cheese because it’s going to add a nice flavor but the hard cheese is going
to win it when it cools down when it becomes part of the crust and it’ll
solidify a little bit more than a soft cheese don’t use a soft cheese hard
cheese is gonna help with your structural integrity one cup grated hard cheese dough all
right so we got a pan we’re gonna bust up boom one egg and I’m gonna add in my
grated cheese and we’re just gonna mix up the egg and cheese really well and
I’m not going to add any salt and pepper or anything like that boom my
cauliflower has been sitting on the stove and it’s cooled down quite a bit
it’s still a little warm and it’s still a little wet it’s not completely dry but
because we sauteed it on the stove for a little bit
you don’t steamed off some of that moisture it’s a lot drier than it was
and that’s going to make all the difference all right so we’re just going
to add in our a little bit of cauliflower so basically two cups of
cauliflower 1 cup of grated cheese and one egg all right so we get in our egg
and cheese and cauliflower mixed up really well
and that’s really all there is to this crust just a little bit of cheese and
cauliflower and egg all right so we’re going to grab our pizza pan and this is
key for making your cauliflower crust make sure you use some parchment paper
and when you reach in your cabinet grab out your parchment paper don’t grab the
wax paper you know I think sometimes people accidentally use the waxed paper
you know and that’s just the beginning of a very sad cauliflower crust pizza
story all right so we’re going to put our parchment paper on our pan we’re
just going to take our little mixture our cauliflower cheese and egg mixture
and pour that out onto our parchment paper now we’re just going to smash it
all together we’re going to spread it out about a quarter-inch thick you know
it’s going to make like a 10-inch pie like I said but you want the edges to
kind of be the same thickness as the rest of the pie you don’t want it to be
too thin because it’ll cook up it’ll cook up quicker around the edges if it’s
thin the middle it’ll darken up the unattractive so there we have it boom on
parchment paper our cauliflower crust you can see you can see the individual
pieces of cheese and cauliflower in there but when we bake it up you know
it’s kind of going to all be melt together it’s a one solid piece well
there you have it now we’re going to slide it in the oven I’ve got my oven
preheated at 400 degrees slide it in there on the center rack boom we’ll let
it cook for about 10 minutes then we’ll take a look at it
see what’s going on take a peek so you see it’s starting to
come together you know that cheese and everything is starting to melt or no
longer looks like a bunch of little pieces together but you know we wanted
to get more color on it so I’m going to go ahead and turn it around slide it
back in here let it go for another five minutes all right so we’ve let it go
another six minutes so the total cooking time for this so far has been 16 minutes
at 400 degrees but you know ovens vary so you definitely want to keep an eye on
it but this is kind of the color we’re looking for but I’m going to go ahead
and leave this alone right now we’re going to let it cool down a little bit
before we try to take it up from the parchment all right so we’ve let our
crust cool down for about 10 minutes so it’s still kind of warm but you don’t
want to fool with it when it first comes out of the oven you don’t want to try to
pick it up knead it to us solidify a little bit this one’s kind of not stuck
at all which is ideally what you want but as you can see boom there you have
it look at that structural integrity and still kind of warm nice
yes muy fantastico but that’s the color you want but here’s the thing with
cauliflower pizza crust see that it’s very flexible it doesn’t have any dough
in it doesn’t have any flour it’s not going to crisp up it’s go I’m not going
to have that crunch you know it’s not going to have a cauliflower taste you
know because we got all that cheese in there you know but and plus you’re gonna
put your pizza toppings on here it’s going to taste very much like a pizza
but if you want a nice crunchy Pizza cauliflower pizza crust isn’t what
you’re looking for now our pizza crust is ready so we can throw our toppings on
here and get to the other part of this pizza making process so what we’re
making tonight is a wasabi pineapple pizza so delicious so simple and then
take a lot of ingredients we like to use I can for a pizza this size we’re using
one can of chunk pineapple you know don’t use crush because you want some
nice pieces in fact I cut these pieces in half you know to double the size so
it’s not that big and then we’re using just some creamy wasabi you know this
what we use it’s almost like a wasabi mayonnaise but before you even start
this process you know what you want to do is you want to go ahead and combine
your pineapple and your wasabi together we just got one can of the chunk
pineapple and then about two tablespoons of the wasabi and just let those uh let
those flavors kind of coalesce there we got our homemade pizza sauce why buy
pizza sauce that’s crazy but you know you want to make it you know a few days
in advance you know just keep a jar of marinara in your fridge all the time in
this camera girl I almost needed you to open that for me you know like I said
the edges of it will darken up and become unattractive you know if it cooks
for too long so it’s good to spread your sauce out as close to the edge as you
can it’ll keep it from getting overly dark
and unattractive around the edges and we’re just going to spread our chunks of
pineapple around I’m not a pineapple pizza guy at all but I love this pizza
do we want to put onions on here so we’re going to throw a little onion on
here but we don’t always put on it on here sometimes we just have the
pineapple and wasabi mixture and we’re going to I’ve still got the oven at 400
degrees and we’re going to let this go probably for about five minutes and then
we’ll add a little bit of mozzarella cheese to the top of that all right
Mellon Fantastico go ahead and throw a little bit of mozzarella on here I’d be
putting on a little too much cheese but that’s okay we’ll live CG wants a little
more Italian seasoning on the top so we’re going to top of the blue ground
Italian seasoning and we’re going to throw it back in the oven melt that
cheese up melt that cheese let it go for another five minutes
Oh our finito cauliflower crust pizza man we got a lot of cheese on there we
really put a lot of pineapple – you have the edge starts to darken up it’s
naturally not too bad on this one but sometimes it almost looks black I want
to vote on you you cook it you know just the edge where the cauliflower is the
longer it cooks but there you have it cauliflower crust pizza
what’s sabe pineapple edition you know if you’ve never had a wasabi pineapple
pizza you give this a go because you’re going to love it let us know what you
think and Bon Appetit and if you want to print this recipe you’ll have a link
down below go to my food channel comm print all of our recipes subscribe if
you’re not a subscriber you’ll see in the future

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100 thoughts on “Best Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe — Wasabi Pineapple Edition

  1. If anyone is wondering you can use Daiya Cheese instead of real cheese. It works extremely well. Also nutritional yeast but won't hold up as well as the Daiya

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  3. i just wanted everyone to know i made the best pizza of my life using this pizza crust! My whole family loved it. It is now my new favorite recipe. i used Primosala cheese ( Young Sheep's milk cheese imported from Sicily.) it was unbelievable, i cant wait to try more of your recipes you beautiful person!

  4. Made a double "batch" of this today and made 2 pizzas. Turned out great. We had to cook it for a lot longer because of both in the oven but overall, really great recipe. Will definitely do this again.

  5. Awesome recipe…. why not go all the way and use their califlower sauce over it or a pesto sauce as a white pizza instead of ricotta cheese….than add toppings of browned onions, peppers, garlic, bacon bits, tidbits pineapple from the can without the juice of course, salt, pepper…๐Ÿ•

  6. I made the pizza today WOW! Great Job !!!! I told my neighbor and he said Trader Joes sells the cauliflower shells for $2.99. I still love your way best.

  7. I've tried making cauliflower crust several times and have always been disappointed in the results. Except for this time! This crust holds up and doesn't fall apart at all and it's tasty too. Thank you for coming up with the great idea to cook out some moisture in the cauliflower. I can enjoy a low carb pizza now yay.

  8. Absolutely LOVE this crust recipe! I've made this several times already! The fist time was turned into a chicken bbq ranch with bacon and it was gone before it left the island. Thanks for such great and entertaining videos!!!

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  12. Amazing crust . I added lean ground turkey, red onion,mushroom,sundried tomatoes parmigian, asiago cheese and low cal low sugar sauce. Also I made it with chicken fat free ranch dressing,bacon and tomato ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

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  15. Great pizza!
    I tried yesterday n it was almost as perfect as video except that, I use aluminum foil instead which stuck beneath pizza, but I after hard work I managed to remove it and ate the pizza with extra passion -:)

  16. cool I like sweet chilli sauce but haven't been brave enough to try wasabi now I might since it's not the full heat

  17. I made this and it was so very good!!! Thank you! I think next time I will leave it a little thicker than how I made it ๐Ÿ‘

  18. so here is a question…. could I dehydrate the cauliflower after it is riced to get some of the moisture out instead of cooking the moisture out on the stove?

  19. Made this today and died and went to heaven. I put extra lean ground beef, garlic, onions, tommy toes, spinach, mushrooms and cheese and it was soooo good. I had given up on eating pizza while dieting because of the flour so it's so nice to be able to enjoy it this way. It's actually quite filling too. My husband said the house smelled like a pizzeria while baking it. He liked it too. My sister told me she uses cauliflower tots or broccoli tots to make an easy pizza dough so I will have try that too. I bought a head of cauliflower and used a food processor but I know you can buy a bag of already made rice cauliflower in the fresh veggie section of most grocery stores. Delicious!

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  23. I think his spatula is melting… ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคฃ
    Heheheheheh great recipe though! Deff will try!

  24. ๐Ÿ’กI found that instead of make one large crust, I made 2 small personal sized crusts for better flipping & handling. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

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  27. You did everything right EXCEPT you didn't cut it & take a bite.. Ya, know?.. Demonstrate the texture. Whyyy? I hate when ppl don't do this as It's an important step. Very important. Lol

  28. I just made this crust! Takes a little effort in the prep time but definitely worth the steps because it certainly does help in the integrity of the pizza. It doesn't have a cauliflower or an eggy Taste. I did add to my egg and cheese mixture. Italian seasoning, black pepper, salt, basil, onion abd garlic powder. It turned out so beautiful and yummy… Couldn't imagine the crust without those seasonings. Next time I'm experimenting with the crust to get that crisp on the bottom.. I'll keep yall posted

  29. After the cauliflower crust, I made one with purple cabbage and red onion. Outstanding,p and pretty. Then one with spaghetti squash. It was delicious too. I guess anything works with your recipe. Thanks.

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  31. Made a few of these now and each time it gets better… for me the secret is patience, waiting for the initial crust to cool before adding the toppings is important before returning it to the oven, As well as waiting for the finished pie to cool a bit before attacking it with a knife and eating.

  32. Only recently found this channel but made this pizza base tonight and OMG DELICIOUS. Which I knew how to upload a pic to these comments

  33. Want my opinion? Forget the pineapple! Pineapple sucks on pizza, a stupid invention, had it, thought it was awful, about like pickles and ice cream, don't like that either.

  34. I made this last night for dinner. My husband, the somewhat picky eater loved it and said it was the best pizza he's had in a long time. I asked him if he wanted to know what the crust was made of and he said he didn't care. I doubled the recipe and made it in a 10×15 cookie sheet. Remember to use the parchment paper. Pepperoni and prosciutto for him on one half and all veggie for me on the other. Since I can't have tomato based products I made a olive oil and garlic sauce. What can I say, it was wonderful! My husband raved about it even after knowing it was cauliflower. He ate his whole 4 pieces with a couple of beers. I ate two pieces and saved the other two for lunch today. It heats up really well in a covered skillet with a teaspoon of water to steam. I made the other crust that's made with cheese and eggs. It's good but not nearly as good as this one. And this smells so good baking. If I could I'd rate this as a 10 star. It's that good! Thank you Chef Buck!

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