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Best Pizza in Naples, Italy

Alright guys. We have just arrived here in Naples (Napoli) and we
are in town on a mission. Yes, our mission is very simple. To eat as much pizza as possible. Oh yeah. And my teenage self is very happy at the moment. Pizzas awas my favorite food growing up and
we are visiting Naples the birthplace of pizza (Neapolitan pizza). So we’ve got two days here. Our goal is to try and hit up five different
pizzerias. We’ve searched the best of the best. Yeah. And we’re going to visit them all and then
we’re going to rank them and let you know what our favorite one is. Exactly, come join us on a pizza fest. Let’s eat pizza. Yeah. Alright guys so we are now approaching our
first pizzeria of the day. It is just down the street. We’re going to be eating at L’Antica Pizzeria
da Michele. It is one of the most famous pizzerias in
the whole city because they filmed a scene of Eat, Pray, Love here with Julia Roberts
when she comes to Naples to devour pizza. So yeah, this one is meant to be really good. We’ve come here early. They up at 11am in the morning. There is already a bit of a small crowd gathered
outside. But yeah we should be able to make it in with
the first group and then time to eat pizza. We’ve made it. We were part of the first wave to get in right
at the start. The first wave. There is already a lineup. Yes. Outside. And we got a table right by the pizza oven. So we can watch them prepare it. So we’re going to be ordering two kinds of
pizza. We are planning to go for the margherita and
marinara and yeah it should be good. (Italian speaking) So we are already digging in here. Our pizzas have arrived. I’m starting off with the margherita, Sam
is going to tackle the marinara. At first of all check out the size of this. We ordered the normal one. Which is huge. Falling off of the plate. They are so big. So yeah let’s just dig right into this. Oh my goodness this is just so like moist
and juicy I’ve heard it described even as soupy especially in the middle where you’ve
got like your tomato and oil and your cheese mixing together. And how is that? It is wonderful. Wonderful? Alright it is Sam’s turn. Alright guys I am trying the marinara and
it is getting on your hands. There is only two kinds of pizzas here (Neapolitan
pizza). One with cheese and one without cheese. So I’m trying the one without cheese. Yeah, you can only order marinara or margherita. Mmmm. Wow. How is that? It is the best pizza I’ve ever had without
cheese let me tell you. Let’s dig in. And check out the garlic like I can smell
the garlic from across the table. I know. And that looks like some sexy pizza right
there. That is very good. Oh yeah and this place is packed. It is. Well, wow. Wow! Is one way to describe that pizza experience. So it was delicious. It was amazing. It was huge. It was crowded. It was crowded. Yeah. It was fun. If you come here expect to have to share a
table yeah with complete strangers. And yeah, it is super tight space. Yeah you’ll be eating like this. Yeah we had two sets of strangers join us. Yep yep throughout the meal. But it was awesome. We were right by the oven. I got to get some good shots. And yeah the two different pizzas we had were
just incredible. Wonderful. Wonderful. Like I’ve never had a juicier pizza than that
before. Yeah, that would be the juiciest for sure
and speaking of price it was actually quite reasonable. It was 4 Euros per pizza. Yeah. And then we also paid 2 Euros for like a large
bottle of sparkling water. Yeah, no coperto either. No coperto charge. It was 10 Euros total and of course you do
leave the tip at the end. Yep but I mean the waiters are so friendly
and so funny yeah it is kind of like part of the charm of the place. It is. So first pizzeria really good so far. On to the next one. Smashing success. Okay guys so it is time for our second pizza
of the day. We have come to Port’Alba which has the distinction
of being one of the oldest pizzerias in all of Naples (Napoli). Apparently this one dates back to 1738. That is a long time to be making pizzas. I imagine they’ve mastered a thing or two
so we’ve ordered two. I went for the margherita. We’re going to be ordering a margherita in
every single restaurant because that is kind of going to be like the standard. Yeah. Plus we kind do an extra one. Sam went for the Sicilian in this case which
looks really good. So yeah time to dig in to our pizzas. Pizza number two let’s do this. Two of five. Hahaha. First bite here we go. Let’s cut into this. It is always quite the task. You get a little bit of everything in there. And in we go. Let’s see what Port’Alba is all about. Mmmm. Hit the spot? It has got a really nice tomato base oh my
goodness. Yeah? I’m really liking this one. Quite a bit. Oh my gosh I’m eating my words with my pizza
here. Hahaha. Let’s go in for a second bite. It is so good you just can’t stop. And you’re getting it all over your face. Things are going to get messy here. Things are going to get messy here. They already are. Time to go in for the Sicilian and we are
introducing a new pizza to you. We’ve shown you margherita, we’ve shown you
marinara. Marinara. And now we’re showing you another specialty
pizza. This is the Sicilian and it comes loaded with
salty goodness. We’ve got olives, we’ve got capers, we’ve
got anchovies. And we don’t have any cheese but I’m seeing
some garlic so oh yeah. I’m going to be really happy to try yours. Load up some toppings here. How is it? That is so good man. Oh yeah. Oh the olive is potent whenever you put olives
on the pizza you really taste them. Cool. Mmmm. This is the if you’ve been craving something
especially salty. Mmmhmm. And yeah this is the one for you. This one delivers. This one delivers and then some. So the classic margherita was 5 Euros and
mine the Sicilian was 6 Euros. Another nice cheap meal here in Naples but
very delicious, very filling. And we’ll be back tomorrow with 3 more. Three more pizzas. Three more places to eat pizza. Oh my gosh. (Speaking Italian) Okay guys. Third pizzeria here in Naples (Napoli) and right now
yes we’re at Di Matteo actually we’re around the corner because there is a huge crowd. It is not I shouldn’t say quiet here but it
is quieter. Relatively for Naples. Relatively quiet. Yeah so at Di Matteo they are really popular
for their street food. Like street pizza that you can get to go so
we ordered two different kinds. We got a fried pizza which Sam will be sampling
on camera yep and I got al forno which is in the oven. Yeah. And it is basically margherita but it comes
folded. So I think they called it portafoglio. Yeah. Because it has been folded in four. They give it to you in a piece of paper. But let me open it up for you. Oh I know it is looking a bit messy guys but
it is not about the mess it is about the ingredients. And before I forget I just want to talk about
the prices. Like it is so cheap to get these. Oh yeah. A Euro fifty each (1.50). One fifty each. Ridiculous. One fifty each. It is the ultimate street food snack here
in Naples (Napoli). Yeah. Street food pizza in Naples (Neapolitan pizza). You’ve gotta love it. It is good. Real good. Alright so yeah pizza number two at Di Matteo
was the fried variety. Pizza frita. Yeah. Pizza frita and taking a little bite around
the perimeter. Oh I think there might be some sauce in this
part. I’m going to go right for the jugular. Right for the middle. Alright let’s bite into the juiciness. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Woah. That is like some delicious soft cheese in
there. My goodness. Oh man. It tastes it tastes good things. It just it yeah it is nothing like a traditional
pizza or anything but my goodness it is so good. Just look at that. Look at all of the cheese in there. I’m seeing cheese. That is so good. Yeah, I still don’t know if there is tomato
sauce or anything else. I’m just getting cheese. You’ll have to keep eating and we’ll keep
you updated. Cheese so far guys. Delicious though. We are still at it. This is our forth pizzeria here in Naples (Napoli). This one is called El Pizzeria Dal Presidente. We’re getting a couple cool types of pizzas
too. Yeah, so the margherita of course because
that is our standard kind of like across the board. And we also got a fried one. This one is going to have more than the cheese. Because at Di Matteo we were having street
food. We bit into it and what it was only cheese. Um, so this one we’ve ordered salami, pomodoro
and two kinds of cheese. Yep. So we’re waiting. Okay our forth margherita pizza. Surprise surprise. Actually there is zero surprise. We’ve been getting that everywhere. And I don’t know if we’ve mentioned this before
but the colors represent the Italian flag. We’ve got the basil for the green. Yeah. The mozzarella the bufalo mozzarella for the
white and of course the tomato sauce for the red. The Italian flag on a plate. Yep. Let’s try that. It looks so good man. You get lots of the basil. Going for basil. Oh big chunk of cheese guys. Huge chunk of cheese. That looks juicy. Yeah this you can tell it is going to be a
juicy soupy one. Get in with the hands. Oh yeah. Going in for the hand bite. Get dirty. Whoops. I probably shouldn’t be using my hands. I know it is like fresh out of the oven. I don’t know how you’re not burning your fingers. Oh yeah. Yeah? That is the real deal. Real deal. Real deal. That is right up there that is right up there
with all of the good ones we’ve had here. That is just a really good classic. If I had to compare this one to the other
ones these guys have put a bit more cheese on so I’m liking that. Actually that is true. We’ve got quite a bit of cheese here. Lots of cheese. Okay, time to introduce you to the fried pizza
which is amazing. I’ve already cut it in half so you can see
the ingredients. Look at that. What is inside? So we’ve got salami yeah. We have the pomodoro the tomato and we’ve
got two different kinds of cheese. You can see the ricotta. Yeah, this one is loaded. Yeah and this one I think is called provola. This one is jacked. Oh man. Oh man. They jacked it. Honestly I think this one is bigger than the
margherita. It is. I’m sure it has a lot more calories too being
deep-fried as it is. Oh eye yigh. And we still have to hit up one more pizzeria
today. We do guys. We are this is all for science. This is all for you. Mmmm. Delicious? Mmmm. It is good. The ricotta is so creamy and we’ve got music. We’ve got music. I’ll go film it. (Man playing music) Anyways price of the pizzas. Yeah. They were 6 Euros each and there was also
a cover charge. The coperto. Which was 1.50 Euro per person. So yeah, this was a little more expensive
than some of the other places. Oh boy oh boy do we need an update. Today has been quite the adventure. Yeah, so we are at pizza place five of five. We have accomplished the mission. Yes. This is our 3rd pizza joint pizzeria of the
day. Yeah, fifth total. And yeah. And we’re getting two more pizzas. So that will bring us up to 6 pizzas for the
day. We are at a place called La Cantina Dei Mille. Yeah. And that is right by the train station. We had two other places in mind that we were
going to go visit but what was the holiday? You remember the day. Oh my gosh today is the Feast of the Immaculate
Conception. Yeah. And it would appear every single person in
Naples is out on the street. So let me describe to you like this. Naples on a normal day is a very busy and
chaotic city. Naples on a holiday is like 10 or 100 x-ing
that. Exactly. It is overwhelming. Like you. Yeah. We’ve captured it on video and we’ll overlay
some clips right now just to show you exactly what we’re talking about. Anyways we found a place um we’ve ordered
two more pizzas. We’re going back to our default. We’re going back to margherita and marinara. Digging into the marinara here. This looks so good. I like the big chunks of garlic. Oh my gosh a little bit of a sad moment. Our final pizza in Naples. Our last pizza in Naples (Napoli). This one has the thickest crust we’ve seen. It is like nice and bubble-y. Mine two. It looks good. Bubble-y goodness. So here we go. Digging in. Dig right in. That looks super juicy. Super juicy. Super juicy. Nice soupy. The Napoli way. The Napoli way to eat pizza. It is good. It is really good. It is good. Mmmm. And? We were actually wondering are the pizzas
going to be good near to the train station? Yeah. Because you know that is like super touristy. First thing you do is you get off of the train
and there is a whole bunch of restaurants. So we were kind of wondering what the quality
would be like. But no it is good. I think in Naples they just know how to make
a pizza. Yeah, it doesn’t matter where you go. Yeah, it would be hard to survive as a business
if you didn’t make a decent pizza here. Yeah. There is just so much competition. This is it guys. The last margherita. And in case you haven’t memorized yet tomato
sauce, mozzarella and basil. Yeah. Oh yeah. The key ingredients. You’ve got the flag of Italy right here. Mmmm. Wow. That was a little Elvis move over there. Cocking your head. That is like they’ve given a really thick
amount of cheese. This is good. This is good and it is juicy. It is juicy. It is not quite as juicy and soupy as some
of the other places but it is still quite good. Yeah. You know what? It is probably a good thing I didn’t live
here. I’d probably weigh like 500 pounds. I don’t think I could control myself with
the pizza in this city. Alright, fifth pizzeria. Let’s talk about the price. That one was 3 Euros for the marinara and
7 Euros for the margherita with the special buffalo mozzarella. So yeah we are feeling pretty stuffed. I feel like we’re not going to be eating pizza
for a long time. Ten. Guys listen to this. 10 pizzas in 2 days. That is a lot of pizza. Less than 48 hours. More like 30 something hours 10 pizzas. Yeah. So right now we’re going to hop on the train
go back to our airbnb. Once we’ve had a chance to digest the food
and gather our thoughts we’re going to let you know what we thought of all of the five
pizzerias and choose the best. There you go. Well well that was a lot of pizza in a very
short amount of time. Yeah. We are now back at our airbnb here in Pompei. We are still digesting. We still are. I think we’re going to be digesting pizza
for a long time. But anyways we wrote down a few notes about
yes our thoughts on the five pizzerias we visited in these couple of days. Yeah. So basically this is one positive comment
for every place that we went to. Yes and then at the very end we’ll reveal
what we thought was the best. Our favorite. Okay so I figured we could start with the
most recent one and work our way back. The last pizzeria we visited number five was
La Cantina Dei Mille. And what did you like with this one? They had really fluffy crust. In your notes you put like a cloud. It was like a cloud. Haha. It was like thick but fluffy. Yeah. LIke the crust was really wide. It was definitely the biggest crust. It had air pockets. Yeah. I really liked the crust. That was good. Yeah. In an air pocket kind of way. It wasn’t thick and heavy. Haha. Okay moving on. Okay going back number four was Dal Presidente. Yep. And what we really noticed was for the margherita
they had a really generous amount of cheese. Yes. And it tasted really good. Yeah. So that is something we really liked about
there. Mmmhmm. And then before that it was Di Matteo. Oh my gosh. For the street pizza. The street pizza. And what speaks to me is the value. Like for a Euro fifty. Yes. Woah. Like getting both of them I could see myself
alternating if I lived there I’d probably be eating there every day for a street snack. Yeah, so that one was a really good value
but I will say when they fold the pizza in four like the tomato sauce and cheese ratio
isn’t quite right. I feel like the juiciness just sinks to the
bottom to that little triangle. So then the bread is like a little bit drier
but that is just me being a picky foodie. Hahaha. But the pizza was good. Yeah, but for a Euro fifty. Yeah. Okay going back to the previous day the last
one of the day was Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba. That is the one we had at night. Um. So you thought that is had the best tomato
sauce. I also really liked having some like seafood
ingredients in mine as well. Oh yeah. You got the Sicilian right? Yeah the place lacked some atmosphere. I don’t know if it is because we went off-hour
or it wasn’t quite before seven. But it just didn’t have we didn’t see it wasn’t
lively. It was lively at all. It was nothing special inside but the pizza
was good. Pizza was good. And that brings us to number one the first
pizzeria we visited and that is da Michele the one where Julia Roberts had her Eat Pray
Love pizza moment. Hahaha. And there was a lot to like about that pizzeria. Oh yeah. Like that one had the atmosphere, the waiters
were super friendly and joking around. We sat right by the pizza oven so we got to
see the whole process. Yeah. And that was probably just the best overall
pizza. Like yeah you can’t top that. Yeah. At least in my opinion. Everything was good about it. The size. Like that pizza was coming off of the plate. And it was so juicy. Yeah. Like so so juicy. Probably the juiciest. Probably also the busiest place though too. Yes. Um so if you go there you might want to do
what we did and arrive when it first opens. Yeah. We were there just before it opens because
people were already getting there. We were there at like ten to eleven and we
were one of the first wave of customers to come in right at eleven. Yeah. So yeah that was an insane pizza taste test
in Naples. I really feel like we got to try the best
pizzas in the whole city (pizza Napoletana) and that makes me really happy because I love
pizza. Yeah. And now it is kind of raised my standards. Now I know what a proper Naples pizza tastes
like. Yeah. And I would come back to this city to explore
more but of course also to eat a whole lot more pizza. So those are our thoughts on the 5 pizzerias
but now we want to hear from you guys. Yes. If you’ve actually traveled to Naples. Yeah. And you’ve had some amazing pizza let us know. Please let us know where. Yeah, like include the name of the place and
what you ordered. Yeah. What you ordered, the style of pizza to get. And also if you think there is better pizza
somewhere else outside of Naples let us know as well because maybe we need to go eat there. There you go. Um but yeah we hope you guys enjoyed following
along on this pizza adventure in Naples (pizza Napoletana). It was a lot of fun. It sure was fun. It was tasty. Woah. I could do it again but not tomorrow. Not tomorrow. I think we need a siesta now so we’re going
to sign out and see you in the next food video. See you guys. Tata. Ciao.

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