BH1 News – 8/24/18 – Full Broadcast
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BH1 News – 8/24/18 – Full Broadcast

Hey welcome back to a new year and that
means new faces here at Baker and in BH1! Hi I’m Liam, and with all these new faces
you can forget about the old ones. I’m Kayleigh, but y’all knew that!
We’ll be right back after the pledge. I pledge allegiance
to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it
stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all
thank you.
If you’re not doing anything this Saturday how about supporting our local
Ronald McDonald House by participating in the rubber duckie regatta at 10:00
a.m. at Cooper Riverside Park in downtown Mobile? 10,000 adopted rubber
duckies will race to the finish line and that one lucky duck will receive a grand
prize. Adopt a rubber duckie to support the Ronald McDonald House at
The event is this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. in downtown
Mobile and the event has free admission. Students go by Mrs. Mac’s room 209
and join me in the rowdiest Club at Baker – the Hornet hooligans – by August
So as you guys know the year has just started and we went around taking
your guys’s opinions on the new.
Here’s Kensley with the update!
Welcome back
students to a brand new year. From new teachers to new procedures to new
students, there’s plenty of things happening at Baker. Let’s see what some
of you think about the upcoming year.
I’m looking forward to graduating because
four years of Baker high school is a very long time.
I’m looking forward to
Leaving graduating yeah. I have no idea.
I just want to game,
maintain, and make good grades.
My son graduating. I was really surprised about
the head phone policy like if you use headphones in the hallway that they’ll
just like snatch them from my ears and throw away and I was really surprised that they got
rid of t-shirts.
The uniforms, the earphones, and yeah it’s just
everything’s kind of more strict. Probably the uniform policy because I
thought that was this you know thought was just gonna be the same but not not
The uniform changes. No phones, no headphones, yeah.
All the new teachers. Every year we have lots of
new teachers. I hope my girls can keep their County
win in cross country this year again and maybe get top there at state because
we got fourth last year.
To get my ACT score up.
Oh graduate leave you know.
Pass English 10. I just want to graduate keep my grades
up you know and improve my study habits. Just be more organized and make
sure we cover the curriculum a little bit more thoroughly.
Lots of changes and
exciting things going on at Baker, so throw out those old Baker t-shirts and
buy some color ones let’s have a great year!
Well it seems like this school year
is looking bright, thanks Kens!
I’m not quite sure about that. Have you heard
about the pool leak in the library?
oh my gosh yes! It’s tragic! Let’s take it over
to Maia and she can give us an update. Baker, as you might have heard the pool
is leaking in the school, and yes to start the school year off, the librarians
are full of water! There’s a huge mess and the swim team
and librarians feel some type of way so we talked to Ms. LaCoste and we’re
going to talk to swim team to find out their reactions.
The pool leak caused
some damage to the media center which really took a toll on the librarians.
It’s been a tragedy. It’s really been bad The pools been leaking now
since October 2017. Right after the great flood of 2017 the pool started to leak. It completely flooded the library. The carpet was saturated, the computers were damaged, we had books that were
destroyed because you know libraries and water don’t mix well together, so it’s
been a real travesty. It’s been hard to deal with the effects.
The flood even caused physical damage to people who enjoyed the media center.
The chlorine
from the pool was so strong in here after all the water came through that I
mean it was causing people they couldn’t even stay in here very long.
We heard that there was a VIP faculty pool party that might have caused the leak, so we
got an eye-witness account to tell us about the scene.
Well everybody knows there’s
nothing more turnt and more lit than a teacher pool party!
It was pretty subdued you know it was just some fellowship and some
snacks and everybody was swimming and then mr. Connick just happened to show
up and then it just went haywire after that.
When asked about the party Ms. Lacoste seemed confused, so we asked coach Williams to see what he knew.
Well obviously because
they weren’t invited. Who wants librarians? Because librarians are always
telling you to be quiet. Who wants to be quiet?
Not only are the teachers affected,
but swim practice for the team has became a real struggle.
It’s been really bad
because we do one lap and it’s empty and then we got to refill it again so we got
to go down to the library pick up the buckets and just walk them back up there.
It’s really hard you know sometimes we string hoses up there and sometimes we
just skate because we’re too lazy to refill it.
There’s not only a physical
but also mental drain on the swimmers. I’ve had to go to the counselor a few
times. It’s been rough because we haven’t been able to practice like we should and
it’s just it’s really sad. I want to fill the pool with my tears. With your help
Baker we can get through this great tragedy. All you have to do is just
donate some flex tape and some water to the swim team. And remember kids, libraries and water don’t mix. So students if you have any please give
your flex tape to Ms. Lacoste in the library.
Speaking of the library did you
know Ms. Mosley works in there now?
Yeah! I heard she works in there now.
Well her sister works in there now, so Dreu can give us the scoop
on that! hello Baker high school, as you guys know
there are new teachers on campus. One of them is Ms. Mosley, not the library Ms. Mosley,
the English teacher Ms. Mosley. Keep watching for more about her. Ms. Mosley
graduated from Baker in 2011 and decided to come back this year, so we asked her
how it felt to be back.
It feels good! I graduated from here several years ago so
I’m glad to be back here at Baker be a Hornet again!
She isn’t the only Mosley
here. Her sister works in library.
It’s good. She has that big sister mentality trying to look out for me, but
it’s nice to see her on a daily basis again and work with her and compare
She won’t be Mosley for long though, she’s getting married.

As you know Ms. Mosley has a sister here so we got them together to
see what they knew about each other. We asked some of the students to tell us what they thought of
her new teacher what they’re learning and what they think of the class so far.
Personally I think she’s a little goofy, but she’s one of the best teachers I’ve
had here so far.
She’s very bright. I like her. She’s really funny!
I think she’s a little worried since it’s the first year and everything,
but I think overall she’s been doing really well and interacting with the
students. I like group partners and she makes us
work with new people almost every day so we get to know everybody in our class.
Siscussing with our partners that we choose.
The other day she let
us sit by who we want and yeah like all the group activities and how we’re not
like subject to just doing like schoolwork. Trying to figure out different things
within a sentence and origin stories. We’re learning about The Scarlet Letter
and sentence structuring and just other little origin myths, stuff like that.
And that was our spotlight on Ms. Mosley, so when you see her in the hallway, welcome her into the Hornet family. Enjoy your time here, Ms. Mosley!
Well you guys can tell I’m still new here but new teachers, new year, and new rules,
man what a change Baker has gone through! I heard they’re finally changing the
parking procedure so people aren’t stuck at school until 3:30.
Oh yeah, hey Bethany, can you give us an inside look on the future procedures?
It’s a Friday afternoon, 2:40, and you’re ready to go home, but instead you’re stuck in
traffic for 20 minutes and you can’t leave here until 3 o’clock. Listen up for
future tips and procedures from the man with a plan, Mr. Connick.
The reason that we designated the teacher parking
up by the gym is because we’re using the gym parking like a loading zone for
for car riders and we don’t like a lot of movement up in that area,
and so the car riders will come up there and get in their car and then when the
baseball field gets finished they’ll be able to go on out the back so we can get
a lot of the parking problems out of that main parking and everybody will be
able to get out faster.
We currently have 785 parking spots here at Baker
unfortunately we have almost 200 faculty and staff here so that only leaves about
590 parking spots for students to use throughout the campus including four
different locations.
I wish we had more, you know I really do. It would save a lot of problems as far as what we try to deal with on a day to day basis,
as far as trying to accommodate everybody here at Baker.
Parking space is
limited but Mr. Connick has tips for smoother traffic.
Not parking in the major
thoroughfares because we don’t want anybody’s car to get hit, so you need to
be out of these main areas. Don’t start parking illegally there because we’ll
have to put a boot on you and tow you off just for the simple fact that we
just can’t have your parking there. Administrators do understand parking
here at Baker is limited; however, safety is still their greatest concern.
The main thing is we just want to make sure that you know safety is our number-one
concern, and nobody’s parking illegally. If we
can find those guys that are taking advantage of us about not having a
parking pass you know that we can get those guys out of there.
If you have any
questions, comments, or concerns, you can visit the man with a plan Mr. Connick.
Sounds great! Maybe I’ll have time to go home before practice.
The faster I can go home the quicker I can go to sleep!
Well that’s all we got for y’all today!
Bye Baker!

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