Big Foot – Joe & Linda’s big Guyanese cook-off
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Big Foot – Joe & Linda’s big Guyanese cook-off

JOE My name is Joseph Barnes-Philips and this is my Mum, Linda Barnes. Say hello Mum. LINDA Hi JOE I’m here writer and performer in Big Foot, that’s coming up this autumn all over the UK. So me and mum are preparing yeh,
we’re making some food. You see in Big Foot we’ve got a lot of eating and a lot of community. Sharing, eating roti, curry all that kind of stuff. But today
we’re making some Guyanese classics just to show you the flavour. So this dish
that we’re gonna’ cook today is a Guyanese chow mein. LINDA Yes JOE Yes. Because of our culture we have a we have a clash of cultures, yes. LINDA Yes. JOE I think Guyana is full of what six different races yes? LINDA Yes six different race LINDA So mixing all these different flavours reminds us of how we mix at home. JOE for me food is home! But you make food for everybody. LINDA Yes I’m known to. JOE Aunty, Uncle, Cousin, Dog. LINDA and his Brother and his Wife JOE (repeats) and his Brother and his Wife. Yeh. So for me it was really important, you couldn’t have a show that represented home and Guyanese heritage and not have any food in there. LINDA I must say, I’m looking forward to this show. JOE It’s gonna’ be good. LINDA Here’s your dinner Joe. JOE Oh thank you for my dinner. (laughter) LINDA (sings) Sole Fish. LINDA and JOE (sing and laughter)

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