Binging with Babish: Cinnamon Rolls from Jim Gaffigan’s Stand Up (sort of)
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Binging with Babish: Cinnamon Rolls from Jim Gaffigan’s Stand Up (sort of)

[Clip begins] “You ever eat a Cinnabon you have to take a nap halfway through? It’s kind of generous calling that a bun, it’s the size
of a beanbag chair. Should I sit it in or eat it? I can sit and eat it. This is
sticky without pants on…” [Clip ends] Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Binging with Babish where this week I am using Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up as an excuse to make cinnamon
rolls. I wasn’t quite sure what’s put on the table in this first shot so I’m
gonna gesture towards these cinnamon sticks and then we’re gonna move on. I
also want to do things a little bit differently this week I made two batches…
The first of which I screwed up royally instead of doing what I usually do and
throwing away the footage I thought it might be fun to learn from my mistakes.
So you can see how a few tiny tweaks can make the difference in a recipe turning
out perfectly. Let’s start with the cinnamon roll dough.. into the bowl stand
mixer we are combining 3 and 1/4 ounces of granulated sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of salt
and, 3 ounces of soft butter we’re then going to transfer this into our glass
mixing bowl because we want the audience to be able to see what we’re up to, and
then we’re mixing this slowly at first ramping up to medium high speed until
fluffy about 1 minute, and then we’re scraping down the sides of the bowl,
adding one egg, and the zest of one lemon (optionally), and then we’re creaming that
together on medium high speed for about 2 minutes until soft, ribbony, and creamy.
And then we’re adding everything else 16 ounces of bread flour, is is cool because
the flour can act as a barrier between the whole packet of instant yeast, that
we’re going to add and the salt that we added earlier. Along with 8 ounces of
buttermilk and then using the paddle attachment we are mixing this on medium
low speed until just combined, cleaning off our paddle attachment and affixing
dough hooks. We are then using the dough hook to knead the dough for a downright
impressive 10 to hold minutes on medium speed. The dough should be very very soft
and tacky but not sticky kind of like a really soft pizza dough you should be
able to handle it without having to wash your hands
afterwards, I mean wash your hands before and after doing this obviously, I mean
more in a philosophical sense. Once you’ve literally and philosophically
washed your hands we’re placing this into an oiled Bowl one large enough so
that it can double in size over the next two hours. We are covering it, walking
away, and then walking back to reveal wow this thing has doubled in size. So, to get
to work on this dough we need to check the oil our work surface along with our
hands and our rolling pin. This is a really sticky dough and we don’t want it
sticking to nothin’. Once you’ve gotten to know your rolling pin we’re turning
out the dough onto our oiled work surface and giving it a little bit of a knead, it’s
not totally necessary but we’re punching out all the air, and it just feels really
good. and then we are rolling out this soft, enriched dough to maybe 14 by 18
inches or so. Then we are generously sprinkling it with a mixture of 1/2 a
cup of white sugar, one and a half tablespoons of cinnamon, and a quarter
cup of brown sugar and then we’re starting to roll this guy up. This
little-known fact is why this is referred to as a cinnamon roll. We are
then placing our proverbial cinnamon roll seam side down and trimming off the
ends, and then dividing into 12 even pieces you ought to mark this up before you cut it so everybody turns that even, and then I’d like to introduce you guys to a
little something I call mistake number one. That’s right to start things off I
arranged my cinnamon rolls in too small a baking dish so they were already
touching before I even proofed them, which we’re doing next. We’re gonna cover this and let it proof at room temperature for about 90 minutes or
until your rolls have grown in size by about 50% and now they are ready for
baking so we’ve got our oven preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit but first
we’re gonna give these guys a brush down with butter. This is gonna add some more color
and some more butter flavor how can go wrong? Into the oven they go for 25 to 35
minutes or until they register 190 degrees Fahrenheit internally. So, as you
can see these guys grew unevenly and into each other which leads me to… Mistake Number Two was to cut around the buns. My thought was that this would make them easier to separate down the line it,
did, but it also kind of pinched the dough and ruin the texture around the
edges. So next up here we need to make cream cheese frosting into the bowl of a
stand mixer we are sifting two cups of powdered sugar I’m going by volume and
not weight because frosting is very very forgiving, and then we’re adding room
temperature eight ounces of cream cheese and four ounces of butter we’re starting
on medium-low speed and then ramping up the power to cream together until creamy.
But if you ask me a little bit too creamy… So I’m going to thin this out with a little
bit of heavy cream, you can also use whole milk until I get a texture that I
think is going to drape over the buns rather than sit on top, speaking of which,
it’s time to frost our buns which leads me to Mistake Number Three that’s right
I let these cinnamon rolls cool almost completely before removing from the
baking dish and frosting so as you can see the frosting remained totally solid.
What resulted was a truly delicious cinnamon roll but one that didn’t really
look up to par and whose texture was just a little bit off… So let us go back
and write these wrongs. Let’s start by oiling and parchment paper-ing a larger
baking dish that is going to more roomily accommodate all 12 rolls. As you
can see they got about a half inch of breathing room between them that’s
exactly what we want. They’re going to cover and proof for 70 to 90 minutes
until they’ve grown by 50% they’ve grown into each other a little bit, but that’s
okay. They’re not trying to force each other out of casserole like last time.
Into the oven for the same amount of time 25 to 35 minutes until golden-brown
and delicious, and then we are frosting almost immediately I’ll let these cool
for no more than 5 minutes, this way the frosting is gonna soften and fill all
the nooks and crannies as we extradite the entire affair onto a cooling rack by
doing this instead of cutting the buns we can pull them apart as God intended…
and there we go that’s what I picture when I think cinnamon rolls. The last
batch was still absolutely delicious but this one was more worthy of being part
of the clean plate club and when I say clean plate club this time I mean that
quite literally. Hey guys so I’ve just introduced a new feature to my channel
that is ‘Channel Memberships’ for $4.95 a month you can get access to special
emojis, badges, exclusive community posts and exclusive episodes like this
homemade hot pockets. Patreon supporters you are still getting the exact same
perks for five dollars a month. Thank you guys so much for your love and support
I’ll see you next week.

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100 thoughts on “Binging with Babish: Cinnamon Rolls from Jim Gaffigan’s Stand Up (sort of)

  1. Your plastic shrinkwrap stuff gets me every time. What the hell is it? I can't stop wondering about it every time I watch these episodes…

  2. Every time i think somethings funny five people have already commented about it on the comment's you guys are no fun

  3. Me messing up royally: My house is on fire

    Babish messing up royally: Buns that taste fantastic but don’t look the part and have a slightly off texture

  4. So, i made these today…
    F*ck me backwards, this shit is sweet!
    I ate two at once, not recommended.
    Greetings from Sweden. I gotta lay down for a while…

  5. Half the reason I watch this guy is because of the good recipes, the other half is because he sounds like Spike Speigel.

  6. Does anyone know what steps can be done the night before? It would be nice to be able to have cinnamon rolls before noon.

  7. I mean you could meet us a Basics with Babish, instead of trying to connect it with some stand-up comedy, but you do you.

  8. Cinnamon Rolls are quite literally the best thing to exist that (fun fact) Sweden celebrates a whole day for cinnamon rolls it’s on Oct 4th btw 👉😉👉

  9. This is why I love you so much. YOU ARE HONEST! You dont bullshit about the taste of these fictional recipes (or more traditional ones like this) and then you do your best to improve upon them! That's why I trust you and support you! Other channels that make fictional food often say what they make is "great" despite the recipe being mediocre at best. Which would be ok if they were just more honest in their reactions to tasting their food. Love you Babish! Thank you so much for everything you and your team do!

  10. I’m not a big fan of cinnamon but these looked pretty damn good. I really like how you went with a thicker frosting, it looks like it holds to the buns a lot better than your typical store bought cinnamon buns.

  11. what brand of plastic wrap does he use? it almost looks like wax paper but flexible, and yet ive only ever seen clear plastic wrap

  12. You forgot to add pieces of butter throughout with the sugar and cinnamon. It mixes with the large amount of cinnamon add sugar to where they don't need to add any frosting. That's how they do it at the county fair i always went to as a kid.
    I like that you showed that you made a mistake, very honest cuz it does happen. Thumbs up!

  13. Man if that would be my only mistake making them. I would be happy… But I was short before bringing the apocalypse on mankind by cooking this recipe….

    Only a little joke

  14. A bit of a suggestion: throw some of that lemon juice into the frosting and mix up your sugars with your butter and a bit of heavy cream to increase the delicious gooey factor. They look truly amazing though.

  15. Have you ever wonder how people discovered how to make bread, I bet they thought," hey why don't we put this bacteria in a bowl with ground up wheat, sugar. Then we can let it sit for an hour and bake it for a little while".

  16. Way to much frosting, can you even taste the cinnamon? Just use a frosting tube to make a crisscrossing pattern over the bunch or a small swirl on each. Maybe just springkle som granulated sugar on top. Getting cavities just watching this.

  17. So he is going to take the Rolls to the other room to do them terrible, lewd, indecent things. Yes i said it you know it i know it everyone knows it after all this is A FOOD PORN CHANNEL

    Why am i watching this at [email protected]#$ing dawn?

  18. As a Swede I always cringe watching Brits and Americans make cinnamon rolls. You do them so weirdly and not at all like we do here. As far as I know the traditional Swedish way is much older and is much more simple. And at least to me, more tasty.

  19. Can you please do Rachel’s ruined page-crossover Thanksgiving dessert (in honor of Friends’ 25 year anniversary)?

  20. Does anyone have this recipe in dl/l or something? I had to improve a lot with flour to get the consistency the dough was supposed to have. We don't use ounces, and it seems the net translated it wrong…. But they look delicious!

  21. This is blasphemy, Babish you need to make real cinnamon rolls.
    They are not supposed to be stuffed in a pan nor should they be covered with frosting.

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