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100 thoughts on “Blind Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Test

  1. Whenever I need a break from watching true crime videos (it gets depressing and sometimes downright makes me want to vomit some of the sick things people do) I come to gmm for comfort and laughs.

  2. is famous amos not famous in cali? rhett said mrs. fields was a big cookie so it had to be famous amos, but they are known for bite-size cookies. link said something along the same lines.

  3. They actually use brown sugar to soften the cookies. They remove some of the white sugar and replace it with brown, which is more expensive.

  4. They cheated you link it was a tie. You guessed Mrs fields and Keebler right, Rhett got chips ahoy and Keebler. Look at the guesses at the end of video.

  5. If i had my way you wouldn't cook a cookie ever, just tub it up and consume it

    So you're a fan of salmonella then?

  6. LOL I’m from New Orleans and I saw there’s a little pop up that says there’s a show here the day after tomorrow, THEN in the “you know what time it is” bit, they were in New Orleans djbdfkenkdwjke omg so crazy

  7. I actually worked for Mrs.Fields at a mall in a kiosk. Was one of my favorite jobs. No cookie can beat a Mrs.Fields cookie.

  8. It’s funny how there are not any comments about the Limp Bizkit intro because not many people know about them from the 1990s and 2000s.

  9. I’m y’all’s newest and biggest fan! I’ve been watching since 1 am last night it’s now 1:36 pm! … yikes lol

  10. I don't like chip ahoy chocolate chip cookies, the only way I would eat them if they are heated in the oven for about 30 or 40 seconds

  11. 3:33

    "chips ahoy!?! ᵈᵃⁿᵍ
    thats way too big to be a chips ahoy!!"



    "whens the last time you had a chips ahoy?"

    stay outta my bwuiznes"

  12. Please tell me what world you reside in Link, that has big Famous Amos cookies because I want to go there. Famous Amos is the only crunchy cookie I welcome into my body!

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