Boiled Omelette? Reaction! I Made Chef Steps Boiled Omelette Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking
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Boiled Omelette? Reaction! I Made Chef Steps Boiled Omelette Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends it is 1:30 in the
afternoon Toronto time on October 3rd 2019 and just a few short moments ago I
got a notification that chefsteps had uploaded a new video I like
chefsteps videos I thought let’s go watch it and see what are they going to
cook sous vide with an impossible technique today and I say that with a
lot of love because I know that what they do tastes absolutely amazing has
incredible texture and is wonderful but it is for most home cooks impossible
you’re not gonna make that happen but guess what they did a boiled omelet recipe my
first thought was boil the omelette get out what in the end it’s it’s not that
strange because if you poach eggs the way that eggs are supposed to be poached
you poach them in barely simmering water so this shouldn’t be any different
you’re just scrambling the egg before you put it in the boiled water so I
watched the video a couple of times I went to the website you can’t actually
get the recipe because it’s behind a paywall
it’s like 70 bucks and I wasn’t interested in paying 70 bucks so I
rewatched the video a couple more times I think I’ve got it so I’ve got three
eggs in here I’ve whisked them together I’ve put in a little bit of salt I’ve
got a pot of water here that is just about to come to the boil and over here
I’ve got a jug with a fine mesh sieve they use paper towel I don’t have a
paper towel in my kitchen so I have a little piece of a really fine
cheesecloth general idea is pour the eggs in the boiling water put the lid on
cook them through drain them add some cheese in the middle fold it put it on a
plate need it so let’s see what happens okay didn’t say how much of a boil I’ve
got a pretty good boil going here and so in go the eggs and you get that really nice stretch of
deli lid goes on and the cook and I’m sorry I don’t have the really cool
see-through glass pan that they have so I’m gonna take the lid off so you can
see what’s going on doesn’t say how long to cook them
I guess that’s behind the paywall but let’s give this a try okay I’m gonna say
that’s done now they pour out most of the water before they put it into the
sieve I’m gonna take this back to the sink and pour off most of the water just
use the lid to hold it in great and now it will flop this into the sieve so I
imagine this drains for a couple of minutes they put cheese in the center
and it looked like they put in a rolled-up piece of American processed
cheese I don’t I don’t have American processed cheese so I’ve got some
shredded Wisconsin brick it’s a it’s a really nice melty cheese so I’m gonna
put some of that in the middle and then they sort of pull on the paper and they
roll it up now let’s see if we can get this off the plate without making a huge
mess they showed their omelette finished a
couple different ways but one of the ways was just simply salt and pepper in
a strip along the top so let’s try that one okay let’s let’s cut in and see what
happens okay so I probably should have used yellow cheese because it would give
a better contrast than white cheese inside the white egg but it looks really
fluffy let’s uh let’s see what it tastes like interesting it’s not quite an
omelet it’s not quite an omelet it’s not quite
a scrambled egg it’s not quite a poached egg it’s something completely different
and yet I think it’s pretty tasty the texture is really kind of nice and
there’s no there’s no water in the middle the water drains out completely yeah I could eat that I could definitely
eat that and that’s the kind of thing that in a bigger pot of water if you had
to do omelettes for I don’t know five six people all at once and you had a big
enough sieve and you had a big enough thing to dump it in you could crank that
out very easily very quickly with not a lot of mess for a large group of people
on a Saturday or Sunday morning if you were cooking for a crowd I think that’s
a great I think that’s a great way to do it
I probably wouldn’t do it for myself though I’ll still grab a frying pan and
do it the way that I’ve always done it but in certain situations I think this
works and I do really like the texture so I’m gonna give it a thumbs up go over
to chefsteps and check out their video it’s beautiful the egg dancing in the
clear glass pot absolute artistry thanks for stopping by
see you again soon you

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100 thoughts on “Boiled Omelette? Reaction! I Made Chef Steps Boiled Omelette Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

  1. Boiled Omelette… and not boiled in a ziplock bag, but actually boiled in the water. @ChefSteps released this video today, and I had to try it out. What do you think? Would you give it a try?
    Have you watched our Tacos al Pastor street tour of Mexico City?

  2. There's a video of David Chang making puffed eggs on YouTube. He uses a gas canister to make an egg foam and then boils it in a flavourful broth — basically another way to make a boiled omelette.

  3. 3 words “Egg Drop Soup” method… try this use a chicken brother (I use better then bullion to make this), then follow the same steps…. to add even more flavor – drop 1/2 eggs in, add green onions or things that float finish putting the eggs in. Drain as you did add cheese now … Yum

    Last use the correct amt of chicken broth for the number of people eating. Beat eggs with some soy sauce, divide into portions for each person… 1st eggs in then pull out with slotted spoon directly into bowl (no need to drain). Repeat…. then add garnish and pour the chicken broth over the eggs. Soy will not make it anything but salted. If you want the Asian twist add dash of garlic powder, a bit of soy and a drizzle of sesame oil to soup before you start (yes add a bit of soy to the eggs also).

  4. My guess is it would be similar in texture to chawanmushi, a Japanese egg dish. Not for me, but an interesting idea and watching it cook looked like something out of a 60s sci fi movie, which was pretty awesome to watch

  5. If you want a boiled omlette, there is an easier way,that we in the scouting have been doing it in a zip lock bag. Not as messy as this and can be done fast and for a crowed.

  6. one of my favorite bartenders, Annie, would make omelettes boiled in a ziplock bag and bloodys (caesars) Sunday mornings for us sinners, until noon when the churches disgorged their parishioners…

    ahhh, good times. HAAA!!!

  7. Coking it in a pasta pan with the strainer insert saves the initial drain problem & time. Also, a gentle press once in the cheesecloth-lined sieve removes residual water and torching it on the plate gives it colour. Another great success from Chef Steps.

  8. So I got the Studio Pass at ChefSteps (for $30 as I was a premium sub. wouldn't have spend the $69) and after they pour the eggs in the boiling water, they turn off the heat and let it cook for 20sec. Just an FYI if you decide to try it again as I think you had it in for a minute or two.

  9. Reminds me of the dessert called something like 'cloud eggs' where you poach sweetened whipped egg whites and serve over a creme englais

  10. That's bloody awesome, would have never thought of doing anything like that, Sorted (YouTube) channel did an omelette in a glass bowl with the boiling water under it (bay Marie), they said it was creamy, 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

  11. This method was used in an episode of mind of a chef from a few years ago. It's basically identical except for that egg isn't folded. I'll add a link if to a response to this if I can find it.

  12. It needs salt, more than you'd think. They also used 4 eggs, possibly straining the white out a bit. As an additional step, using browned butter would be great.
    It is fluffy but it weeps, i don't want my breakfast crying at me before i eat it.

  13. I just saw the chef steps video and wondered about it. Then your video popped up and I wonder no more. 😂 Thank you for your videos, I really enjoy watching and learning from them!

  14. I would think it wouldn't be too hard to broil/searsall after plate prep. I've had this stuffed into a muffin tin with butter and bacon in it as well as the cheese for a few minutes browning before.

  15. Do you really need the cloth or can you not just empty it into a fine mesh sieve?
    I can't imagine the eggs are going to fall apart through the sieve after being cooked….

  16. I watched this with my 3yo daughter and she enjoyed the video. So, it was simple enough and she loves cooking so we gave it a try. She called it an Omlette Soup.

  17. I seriously expected this to be a Sous Vide omelet! I think this is worth giving a try, especially since I have never really figured out how to make a proper omelette.

  18. The absurd of putting a recipe behind a paywall is that without good lawyers and contracts requiring signing before viewing the recipe, the recipe can be then published freely anywhere else, more or less.

    Recipies are not copyrightable.

  19. I watched the chef video and i think you need to stir the water and pour the eggs in to make it spread more evenly and it more plane wich would help with the cheese centering and folding

  20. The real reason most cant cook them isnt that you cant cook it at home it's just that you cant afford the cost for a recipe

  21. Suggestion:
    1) I wouldn’t bring it to boil again after the egg is in. The egg texture would be a tad smoother that way. The initial boiling water that is put in is enough to cook the egg and make look like dancing flower or yellow serpent.
    2) I would have some nice melted butter to brush over the top. This gives the same rich smooth taste as if the omelette was cooked in pan with butter

  22. I just made this and there was no flavor. I'm talking it tasted like eating water, even though I salted it and added cheese and black pepper.

  23. If you use a linux machine and hack into their web page, its 3 eggs salt pepper lemon juice cheese melted butter cook for 3 minutes

  24. I would fold in the cheese and then transfer the omlet into a pan, just to dry out the water and give the egg a little crispy note

  25. One of Sandor Katz videos where he visits South China finds a egg and chive mixture stuffed in pig intestines and then lightly boiled.

  26. Nice experiment even if the result does look a bit nasty with the watery gooey stuff on the plate. Maybe draining the eggs a little bit longer might help, or using actual paper towels as they will actively soak up liquid whereas cheese cloth will not.

  27. Screw ChefSteps. They used to make cool videos until they went the crazy money hungry route and put the interesting stuff behind paywalls and disappearing from Youtube.

  28. Thx! If nothing else, looks like an easy non-pan way to make a "gigantic" family-sized omelet for some eye catching entree at a special event.

  29. We used to put eggs and our toppings in a ziplock bag and throw them in boiling water while camping to make omelettes

  30. I appreciate your trying out the recipe but your comment about most home cooks not being able to cook sous vide literally made me laugh out loud. A trained monkey can produce great food sous vide and there are far more immersion circulators in private home than in restaurants.

  31. Actually on the chefsteps recipe they suggest 3 eggs plus 1 egg yolk, fill with water until 2'' and the instructions for cooking are these:
    When the water has come to a boil, stir to make a little whirlpool. When you have a definitive divot in the water, drizzle in the eggs as you would if you were to make a mayonnaise—a thin stream. They will begin cooking instantly.* TURN OFF THE HEAT* Pop the lid on the pan and let the eggs cook for 20 seconds or until the lid feels very hot to the touch. Lift the lid. There should be no raw slicks on the surface of the eggs. Take the pan off the heat.
    Using a fork, gently hold back the raft of poached eggs while you tilt the pan and pour out most of the water.

  32. After adding the cheese, fold it place it for five minutes Chinese steamer, this is very similar to what my Chinese family make in georgetown, malaysia.

  33. I like this channel but the fads should be left to the jokes and clown channels. I am sure they also have a boiled jello vid that is amazing. Take jello, make jello, once setup in fridge, take jello, boil jello and strain jello through a paper towel. Pour onto plate and enjoy your futile attempt at making more garbage in today's edgy culinary world.

  34. I Tried this recipe and it's all about the cloud like incredibly fluffy texture which my only piece of advice for anyone wanting to make it is use more cheese than you think and salt and pepper or butter the hell out of it after you drain the water off

  35. Just subscribed to you today after watching your vinegar making videos.

    Happened to see this video as a next up to the Chef Steps video. I am definitely going to try this. I wonder what the taste would be like if you salted the water first? I look forward to watching your new videos and binging on your past ones.

  36. It looked like they also brushed it with melted butter. The white Wisconsin is waaaaay more appetizing than a slice of kraft.
    Good job!

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