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29 thoughts on “Book Selling: What the Baker and Taylor Shutdown Means For Authors

  1. Look at you! You beat me to info I didn’t even know. Your end screens are the best. 😂

  2. Ok, I guess I'll wait til next week to finish my upload to Ingram. I started a few months ago but had to figure out how to pass their file standards. I figured that out, then got busy. I was going to get to it tomorrow. Today I uploaded 4 books to PublishDrive. First eBooks, now paperback.

  3. Really not sure if this is good or bad. IngramSpark definitely seems more valuable. Kinda like the Trump tariffs on China. Android is basically banned from future Huawei phones, but it just might actually help the U.S. economy in the long run. I don't like less choices. I'll just focus on good content for now and try to get into every catalog

  4. I am just over 21,000 words into a non fiction autobiography of a 2000 mile walk to raise awareness for the plight of our homeless veterans. Though I have a way to go to finish, I would like to know if there is anyway I might be able to send you a paragraph or two for revision to see if the book is worthy of publication. I seek counsel as well for publishing. I wish to give proceeds from the sale of the book to help our homeless veterans. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Blessings.

  5. Good to know. I love the way you do your videos – fun, good information and I personally enjoy the outtakes. Who doesn't like outtakes! I'm hopeful to hear from you after applying yesterday 🙂

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