Boy ran over by school bus
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Boy ran over by school bus

IN MOORE COUNTY. THE BOY HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL– AS THE BUS DRIVER IS FACING CHARGES. MORGAN NORWOOD HAS THE STORY. Serena Thomas/ Zion’s Mom: “He could’ve died.” BRUISED AND ALL BANDAGED UP, 12 YEAR OLD ZION BAKER SURVIVING A BRUSH WITH DEATH AFTER A SCHOOL BUS RAN OVER HIMH. IS MOTHER FURIOUS TONIGHT. Serena Thomas/ Zion’s Mom: “A bus driver is supposed to make sure that her kids are supposed to be safe. I don’t send my son on a school bus to get hurt.” THE NORTH CAROLINA STATE HIGHWAY PATROL SAYS IT HAPPENED HERE AT THE INTERSECTION OF AMERICUS ROAD AND WALKER STREET. TWO GIRLS HAD ALREADY GOTTEN OFF THE BUS AND CROSSED THE STREET, WELL THE MOMENT ZION STEPPED OFF, THE DOORS CLOSED ON HIS BACKPACK. Zion Baker/ Ran Over by School Bus: “She pulled away and so it drug me and then I fell. SHP ESTIMATES THAT ZION WAS DRAGGED ABOUT 10 FEET BEFORE HE WAS ABLE TO BREAK FREE FROM HIS BAG. BUT THEN, THE BOY WAS RUN OVER BY THE BUS’ BACK TIRE. Zion Baker/ Ran Over by School Bus: “It hurt really bad, there were tire marks on my arm. My veins turned red.” TONIGHT THE BUS DRIVER HAS BEEN CHARGED WITH CARELESS AND RECKLESS DRIVING. THOUGH ZION’S MOTHER DOESN’T BELIEVE IT WAS INTENTIONAL, SHE DOES THINK THE BUS DRIVER WAS NEGLIGENT. Serena Thomas/ Zion’s Mom: “She should’ve just watched the kids, you watched those little girls. You don’t get paid for thinking. You can’t me that you thought my kid made it safe, no you said you thought all the kids made it over safe but you never verified if Zion made it safe.” MOORE COUNTY SCHOOLS RELEASING THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT TO EYEWITNESS NEWS, SAYING IN PART — QUOTE — “THE EMPLOYEE IS NOT CURRENTLY DRIVING A BUS.” WELL IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYWAYS BECAUSE ZION SAYS HE WON’T BE RIDING ONE ANYTIME SOON. Morgan Norwood/ Reporting: “Are you afraid to ride the bus now?” Zion Baker/ Ran Over by School Bus: “Yes.” Morgan Norwood/ Reporting: “Why?” Zion Baker/ Ran Over by School Bus: “Because I don’t want anything else to happen.” –TAG– AGAIN, THE BUS DRIVER FACES CHARGES OF CARELESS AND RECKLESS DRIVING. AUTHORITIES HAVE FOUND THE WRECKAGE OF A SMALL PLANE THAT DISAPPEARED IN NORTH CAROLINA ON FRIDAY NIGHT.

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