Bread – Fast Easy Homemade White Crunchy Bread Recipe Quick – Simple Bread Recipe
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Bread – Fast Easy Homemade White Crunchy Bread Recipe Quick – Simple Bread Recipe

WELCOME TO BRITISH COOK [INTRO MUSIC] Hi! It’s British Cook. I’m about to
show you how to make bread with a bread Maker. Not really!! I’m going to show you how to make this Delicious Crunchy Awesome Bread! I REALLY wish you could smell this! It is SO GOOD! BAKING?!? Baking Bread. Sounds pretty hard, but it’s SO EASY, trust me. If I can do it, you can definatley do it! I’m going to be showing you a couple of
little extra trips tips and also methods which I use as well to make sure it
comes out absolutely brilliantly so please just keep watching and enjoy. 3 Simple Steps, 3 Simple Ingredients and 3 special tips. As always I’ll be doing
the measurements for the recipe in cups and then grams and the pounds and ounces
check the link below and that’s where the information will be. So the first
ingredients is FLOUR you can use plain flour or bread flour for this so 3 cups
of flour just roughly level them off so 3 cups of flour which is just over 400
grams about 420 grams of flour for this. Ingredient number two, is YEAST, I’ve got about half a teaspoon of yeast here here which is about three and a half
grams/half a sachet of instant yeast. In it goes! Tip number one and this is
where it gets a little bit cheeky this is activated yeast it doesn’t actually
need sugar but me being me I tend to put in normally about a teaspoon, a flat
teaspoon of sugar into there. So as soon as I start mixing it together the yeast does react quite quickly so we give this a quick mix on its own before
we add any other ingredients just mix of the dry ingriedients a little bit. This is going to go uplike a volcano when when you see what happens it’s really
really good. Next ingredient is salt, salt varies a lot by sort of salt you’re using .I
tend to use really basic table salt and the reason being it mixes much better
and gives more uniform taste. Gonna give that a little mix in as well. okay so
here comes the fun bit gonna put this into a bigger bowl it’s obviously been
weighing things. Okay water this is, really really important. The water needs
to be a lot hotter than you normally think it would need to be for bread what we
actually be doing is using 125 millimeters which is half a cup half a
British cup /European cup of boiling water just come off the boil so
literally boil the kettle and pour then. So 125 millimetres of boiling water and
250 millimeters which is a full cup of cold water .That brings the perfect
temperature for this recipe so you want one and a half cups of water and if you fill
the hot half cup of boiling water and then the 250ml full size cup with
cold water you have the perfect sort of temperature. So I’m gonna pour that in a
minute, (he says he pours it halfway all over the floor). It’s alright isn’t it. doesn’t that look beautiful (laughs). Mix it together it will form
quite a strange sort of dough. What you’re looking for really is consistency so it’s actually quite hard to work. but it’s firm to work. Okay that’s pretty
much it so you can see it’s pulling the flour off the side it’s damp and that’s
perfect that’s just where we want it how easy is that a few stairs a spoon it’s
all done so all we’re gonna do now is cover with cling film and you need to put some really quite
warm to proof. If you’ve got an airing covered thats actually turned on. Somewhere nice and warm and
what we’re gonna do is let that prove now for you can prove it within about an
hour and a half personally I prefer to leave it for three hours I think it develops a little bit of a different texture and a little bit more
of a taste so meet the somewhere warm now to prove. So this is the moment when
you decide not to make a mug or a cup of coffee but a whole saucepan full of it!
In goes the sugar should be a tasty coffee MUSIC Okay so what I was saying to me will
leave anywhere you give them some metallic Dutch oven or casserole dish. This one’s been very well used unfortunately, not unfortunately it’s
used all the time, which is why it’s in a bit of a state. The reason you need something metallic, is beacuse it’s going into the oven, at 235c minumum and it’s going to be sat there for quite a while So plastic, or metal coated plastic, will most likely melt. So make SURE whatever you have got is resisitant to a lot of heat. okay so so the breads been proving I think I’ve
left it there for about three and a half hours as I said any between about an
hour and a half three hours would be awesome .You don’t need to be with a much longer at all .So it’s pretty much tripled in size it’s really good
some nice bubbles there, a bit of airation. what I’ve done behind it. Is I’ve laid some clingfilm down. The reason I do that is because I’m lazy .If you ask me it’s
easier to me to put flour on this I suggest you try this at home so much
quicker cleaning up, so put the flour on the cling film Then what you’ve got is a surface that you can literally pull the edges off fold over without having to mix water and
flour which is never a great idea so look at this absolutely lovely and then
if you can see the UM the texture of that that’s when you’re really great. Pop
this out. SILENCE you get this little piece out lovely piece of dough for bread…. So I’m
gonna call it really easy bread it is ridiculously easy. So what you are doing
flatten the bread down and just pull it and fold it over…flatten bread down pull out that way and fold it over. What you doing is getting
the air into bread so pop it in for a second time to prove pull out flip it
over do that about seven or eight times really not a lot
certainly not kneading that in the traditional sense just literally pulling
out and fold it over so you fold over 7 or 8 times. making it into a round shape…. But hang
on a second I said three tips didn’t I? So tip number three, possibly not a great
time to be doing this but this is how I’m going to do it ….Olive oil . A good tablespoon of decent Olive Oil. The taste makes it really good and makes it lovely and
crispy on the outside so that’s what we do this is tip number three if you want
to use it you can. I’m going to chuch this back in here and put a glug of oil in there and give it a
roll around…. quick little sprinkle of flour on top, just a little bit roll it in (rolling dough) ( Moves Olive oil and says “Out the way”…..So what we’ve got here is tip number three which is with olive oil. so just scrape it all around you, get all that goodness in there. goodness in there. This is why I can’t
really call it no need bread because I suppose this point kneading a little bit… Right so the Olive oil in there that’s in there on to the next part. So into your bowl a goes a piece of greaseproof paper pop that in there
what needs do is turn your main oven on the one which you’re gonna be cooking in…at two hundred thirty five degrees Celsius which is around about 450 400
degrees Fahrenheit telling you on as soon as you turn your oven on you need
to grab your dutch oven, your casserole pot and just pop it in get that in there
that’s really really essential okay so what I’m gonna do now I’ve got the grease proof paper in there, we cover it with a damp tea towel stick this somewhere
warm for about 35 minutes and this is gonna make such a big difference that
the outcome of the bread it really does excuse the hands-free so when I show you how much this is risen look at that there’s big air bubbles all way through
it the olive oil me awesome okay so the oven’s been on now for about 40
minutes with the casserole dish preheating inside it so I want to do is
I get it out and as quickly as I can get this lovely looking dough inside it The casserole dish is going to be rediculiously HOT when you take it out In fact this ones changed colour Absolutely SCORCHING so we’re going to do is take the lid off ….might be a bit of smoke going to then lift this in to there. Awesome okay and
then time for the secret weapon keep this one for free. I’ll chuck some ice down the side of it it creates the steam get that top on as quick as you can be REALLY careful when
you’re handling this because those metal dishes get pretty hot…. so there is in the oven The magic’s happening right now you need to
leave it in the oven heated at 235c Celsius with a lid on for
around 30 minutes so if you leave it 30 minutes and then we’re gonna take it out…..And then the world’s quickest cleanup. Check this out ….SO much easier than trying to wipe it down with water, you just end up making dough.. so simple so quick, you know, great…… done Ok, it’s been in there for about 30 minutes,what I’m going to do is lift it out a minute. Take the top off, okay we’re looking
pretty good we’re nowhere near finished yet need to
get this out so take this off for a second Pop this one ( casserole dish) in cold water or somewhere safe to let it cool down. this one move it across not quite
finished… Unwrap this little beauty you can see. It’s got a shape and size so… Look at the bottom of that…. Back in the oven for about 15 minutes same heat…… Okay 15 minutes are up
let’s see what’s going on down , bear with me a second just going to…. Here we go…….. How does that look?….
that looks pretty, pretty good doesn’t it! turn the oven off …..THAT is gonna be
so tasty…. Quite a lump as well quite a decent size! THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU! I really wish you could smell this it
smells so so good. The best smell the world is freshly baked
bread ….The hardest thing about this now is waiting for it to cool down it’s
gonna be so good I’m going to be trying it with some of my butter which is in a different video which I did and also eating it was from my honey
roast ham Oh Listen to that! ….. This is bliss ….crunchy on the outside lovely and light on the inside really What you think pretty good? The crust on the bottom and the top starting thick and crunchy and this so
soft and tender lovely nice big air holes through all the way through it
looking really good so what goes with bread butter made some delicious
homemade butter earlier today there’s another video than that ham lovely hand
homemade ham cheese I didn’t make that let’s be honest I didn’t make this
either however what I’m gonna do is really really enjoy taking some of this
butter I made a couple of hours ago spreading on my delicious warm hot bread here You know I’m stood here and there’s one thing which I know I’ve nearly
forgotten but I haven’t quite homemade chutney look at that okay
might not look great on me thank all but it tastes really really good. Homemade
chutney, homemade butter, homemade bread homemade ham! This is the way forward!

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  1. How my brain works:
    I see the first clip filmed in vertical mode… when the bread comes into frame and the image turns to fit the frame (vertically), I think, "Wow! A good looking bread like that on a cutting board would make a cool kitchen wall decoration."

  2. Okay, I do make bread this way (mostly, I'm going to try the olive oil and ice cube tricks next opportunity!), but we can never eat it all before it gets moldy (mouldy?). So if I wanted to make half this quantity, what would I do about the baking time? Or am I consigned to freezing half of it or feeding the birds?

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