Bread Kulcha Recipe – Baked Kulcha Recipe
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Bread Kulcha Recipe – Baked Kulcha Recipe

Welcome to Today we are going to make bread kulcha. The
bread kulcha made at home are very tasty. They can be eaten in the morning or in the evening as snacks. So come, let’s start making bread Kulcha. 2 cup maida 2 tbsp oil 2 tsp Kasuri Fenugreek (Kasuri methi) 1 tsp instant dry active yeast ½ tsp salt (namak) or as per taste 1 tsp sugar (cheeni) To prepare bread kulcha, firstly we will prepare the dough. Add instant dry active yeast to the bowl in which there is maida. You don’t need to make it active by adding it separaetly in hot water. Add sugar, salt aand 1 tbsp oil. Mix everything well. Knead the dough using warm water. Keep adding little water and knead. Keep mashing the dough till it does not become smooth.
Keep kneading the dough for 5-6 minutes. Apply oil on your hands when you feel the dough sticking
on your hands. Raise and shake the dough in this way. Our soft and smooth dough is now ready. When you press the
dough you will see it rises and comes up in this way. You are not able to feel the sugar grains in it.
Apply oil on top of the dough and make it smooth. We have used less than 1 cup water to knead this much dough. Cover the dough and keep it aside for 2 minutes, it will
become fluffy and rise. Then we will make the bread kulcha. 2 Hours are over and now our dough is fluffy.
It has doubled after getting fluffy. In winters the dough takes more time to rise, so for this we will cover and
keep the dough in an almirah and next to it will keep a bowl of hot water. You can also do the same in the oven. The heat
of the water will heat the environment around. And the dough will fluff quickly and will be ready to use. Take a little dry flour in your hand and mix it.
Now we will roll it to make Kulcha. We can make 4 balls from this much dough. We will make a long ball as we want to make a long kulcha. Wrap it around dry flour and then roll it out.
We will roll it out lengthwise. Spread a little kasuri fenugreek on top of it. Roll
it so that the fenugreek sticks to the kulcha nicely. We have rolled out and prepared a long kulcha. Before putting the kulcha in the baking tray
apply oil on the tray and make it smooth. Spread the kulcha in this way. Roll out the kulchas in the same way. Roll out the other kulchas in the same way. Cover the tray and keep it aside for ½ hour so
that it becomes fluffy and then we will bake them. Preheat the oven on 180c.
Now we will bake the kulcha bread. Put the baking tray in the oven. Set the oven
on 180c for 10 minutes. After this check. Our kulcha is golden brown in colour. Bake the other kulchas in the same way. It takes 10 minutes for the kulcha to bake. In fact this will take
different time in different ovens depending on the temperature. You should keep checking the kulcha when you bake it for the first
10 minutes and then set the time according to the speed of baking. Bake the kulcha till it does not get golden brown in colour from both sides. Make bread kulcha, eat it and share your
experiences with us at We will meet once again with a new recipe. Do subscribe to our channel.

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  1. Hi Nisha Ji. I really like watching all your video. They are simply easy. You are the Best . Thanks

  2. this is what i was searching ,ek bat aur ,jab bhi aap se kuch seekhta hoon lagta hai ke jaise Lata Mangeshkar ji ya Asha ji se seekh raha hoon aap ki awaaz hi itni madhur hai ,meri Mother 85 yrs ki hain aapki banayi kai cheezein unhe behad pasand hain.

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  4. Nisha jee, Please show us the Recipe of DELHI Soft Spongy Kulcha which you get in DELHI… Is this same or that Kulcha is Different ???

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  7. hi mam agar dry active yeast na mile to normal yeast add kar sakti hu. kya usse taste m koi farak parega.please reply me soon.

  8. hi
    mera yeast danedar tha last tak dough me..aisa kyu
    and one more thing bake hone k baad andar se to soft hai kulche but upar se hard crust ho gya

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  10. Hello Nisha ji.. thank you very much for a nice and tasty receipe. You are so sweet and nice personality.

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    2in step one u added flour 1/2 tsp sugar, yeast, and salt. In mkt u get granuals should I grind and then add.
    Pls let me knw

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